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“Alright, have to go do the [Dogene] today as well~”
“Kehma has it hard huh, having to do the [Dogene] every day… for twelve hours even. Well, Meat not working while she’s being a hug pillow just makes more work for me though.”
“Hmm? Rokuko doesn’t want to work either? But the golems take care of most everything, you just need to take out the food right?
“… I wasn’t thinking that the golems were reliable enough to do it themselves you know. Really.”

Putting on the specially made gloves and shoes clay golems made for the inn’s odd jobs, I cleaned some dishes with [Cleanup] while making sure to listen to what Rokuko and Ichika said.

“Meat can use [Storage], so it’s alright for me to not bring people food.”
“… No, it’d be weird if Meat worked in the dining room to begin with since she’s a hug pillow. Right?”
“Yes! I am a hug pillow!”

Her doggy ears perked up and her tail wagged while she gave that great answer.
You really don’t want to work huh. As expected of my hug pillow.
When I stroked her head so that I could hold and feel her amazingly good feeling doggy ears, she closed her eyes and her body quivered.

“Mumumu… then properly praise me too!”
“Hmm? You truthfully have my thanks for everything you know? I wouldn’t be here if Rokuko wasn’t here.”

Thanks to becoming a dungeon master, I’ve gotten more time to sleep than when I was in Japan.
I don’t even have to worry about food because I can buy it with DP.

“I’ll be relying on you from here on too, Rokuko.”
“T-that much is normal! Fufun, well I’m fine even if I don’t rest!”

Rokuko left in a good mood.
… Being fine even if you don’t rest huh. That’d be seriously dreadful. There’s no way I could stand that.




“Well, that guy’s pretty good huh!”
“Yeah. If only they weren’t with that betrayer…”

The dungeon master of the [Flame Cavern], the red dragon Redra. And Dungeon Core No. 112, Ontentoo.
The two were currently talking about their two neighbors that suddenly made an appearance.

“Also gave me a new name, Ontentoo huh.”
“Eeh, but this one likes the name she gave you better!”
“Haha, looks like it’s hard for humans to say though. Well, the name I got from Redra is more important.”
“You saying that makes this one happy! You’re this one’s lovely Danna-sama after all, [112]!”

Redra called Ontentoo [112] in draconic, but unless you knew the language you would probably just hear nothing but roars if you didn’t have a translation skill.
Although it was a hard for humans, Redra could speak it fluently even when she changed into human form.

“But this crystal figurine’s so cooooool with its sparkles isn’t it!? Fuehehe…”
“It is, though I’ll have to go through some trouble now.

Seeing Redra’s face slacken from obtaining the treasure she’d set her eyes on, Ontentoo let out a small puff of flame in satisfaction.

“… Yeah, we’re doing a dungeon battle. Have to show signs of a [Transition Phase].”
A [Transition Phase], according to what was taught to other dungeon cores before, dungeons would drive the obstructive humans away during a dungeon battle. That way, even if the structure is entirely different after the dungeon battle, they won’t question it. Ontentoo was aware of that.
Increasing the amount or traps, somewhat narrowing the passages, increasing the amount of monsters and the appearance of monsters that didn’t normally appear were all signs of a [Transition Phase]. Even so, it was a convenient cover story for a dungeon battle.
… Then again, the origin of the rumor came from Dungeon Core No. 89 the [Betrayer]. Ontentoo couldn’t figure out why she started it. He was just impressed that there were people that fell for something that was too good to be true.

“Now then, how about adding more traps and monsters?”
“Hey hey [112]!? It’s this one’s turn to do it right!?”
“… Yeah, make sure to do it properly yeah?”
“No problem…”

As for Ontentoo, he just wanted Redra to summon monsters.
Even if she was the dungeon master, she was his dear wife. Then again, since she herself said that she [Wanted to rage], he hesitated. In truth, this [Flame Cavern]’s biggest strength was the boss, Redra. There wasn’t a reason for her to not make use of her.

“… Since the boss room is going to get made on the fifth floor, wait for them there. We’ll lose if Redra is defeated ye know?”
“It’ll be fine, this one is an authority on dealing with small fry!”

Kakaka! Redra laughed cheerfully. Seeing the way she looked, he couldn’t imagine her being defeated at all.

“Kukuku, you’re having fun. But that Kehma fellow, his face said he had some kind of plan… Well, at worst even if we lose he’d get to the fiftieth floor, there’s no way he’d get half the mountain yeah?”




All of that was happening in the [Flame Cavern] and was seen by the crystal knight golem.

“I see, so the boss room will be on the fifth floor… and the fiftieth floor, huh. I see, so the crystal golem’s mark is around there.”
“Muu, I wonder how many traps were added. I don’t know that well since the number one hundred and twelve is moving on the menu.”

Concerning the menu, only I can see it unless I decide to show it, so I understand. I didn’t expect that much to start with though.
Ah, by the way, this video is a recording. In reality I was asleep when this happened. I was unconscious due to the [Dogene]. I had to lie face up, face down, and even turn sideways. I was really busy after all. Busy.

“… Kehma, can you win against a dragon?”
“Well, I don’t know since I’ve never fought against a dragon. I have a plan though.”

Even if the dungeon itself is somehow made countermeasures, the dragon doesn’t understand them at all. Maybe the air-headed red dragon is just that strong?
Well, our win is decided so let’s just rest.

I don’t have to renovate this time, so it’s fine to just take it easy with the preparations. Suggesting for this to be a defensive battle was the right call after all.



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