Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 60

Inn, Suite Room 2

(Haku’s Point of View)


I sighed in admiration.

“Truly… that was satisfying.”
“Fufufu, I’m honored to hear that from Haku Ane-sama! My inn’s A-Rank dinner is my pride.”

Hmm, with those contents, calling it simply an A-Rank dinner feels a bit insipid.

“Rokuko-chan. That collection of dishes, is there a name for it? It would be sacrilegious to just call it an A-Rank dinner with those contents.”
“… [Stu—]… No, that’s not it… umm, it’s the [Avarice Meal]!”

It answers the desire of [I want to eat a lot of delicious food], so that’s it?
To give a larger sense of satisfaction, it gives a great diversity in small amounts. What a wonderful naming sense.

“[Avarice Meal] is it? Quite a good name to go with [Cave of Desires].”
“Right? Oh, Haku Ane-sama. Is it fine if I take your flag. I’m collecting them.”
“Oh my, it’s fine with me. Here.”

I took out the small flag that had been placed in the [Omelet Filled with Rice] and passed it to Rokuko-chan. Taking the opportunity, Chloe’s as well. When I took a closer look at it, the pattern on it was different.
I didn’t understand what they were for when I was eating, but I see now. They’re collectibles huh? To go so far as stimulate the desire for collecting things, incredible.

“So Haku Ane-sama, have you entered the hot spring? It feels ama~zingly good!”
“I haven’t given it a try yet… Right, it’s been a while since I’ve been in a hot spring. There’s a bath in the castle, though.”
“… There’s a bath where Haku Ane-sama lives!? Amazing~!”
“Oh my, but isn’t there a hot spring here? We’re the same then.”
“Ah, that’s right! Fufufu, I’m the same as Haku Ane-sama~”

Rokuko-chan looked delighted as she smiled cheerfully. Just seeing her melted my heart.

“Want to enter the hot spring with me? Haku Ane-sama.”
“Oh my, that sounds good.”

A hot spring… hmm, good, really good.
Although having a personal bath in your room is also good, having a large bath to go together with Rokuko-chan is better after all.
We just finished eating, but we decided to head there immediately.

“I’ve even used the indoor bath made by the hero, so I’ll teach you the proper way of using an indoor bath.”
“The proper way! I’m looking forward to it!”




It was a splendid bath.

“… You really don’t wear bath clothes in an indoor bath?”
“Oh my Rokuko-chan, are you getting dizzy? Your face is turning red?”

Still, bathing wear is worn in the public bath in the imperial capital.
But this is a hot spring, a bath made by Kehma-san, a person from another world. It’s probably correct to conform with the other world’s manners… I was able to see something wonderful.

However, there was another person there and we weren’t able to be alone. It would’ve been just the two of us if that human didn’t exist… yeah, I’ll just reserve it next time, fufufu. I’ll enjoy myself next time I come.

“So then let’s get some sleep… Does Rokuko-chan want to come with us?”

Come to think of it, we haven’t slept together up till now.
Though dungeon cores don’t need to sleep to begin with. We only have a pseudo-human metabolism… It does speed up recovery from fatigue, though.
When we went back to our room, Chloe was already laying on her bed.
… What is this child doing. To go to sleep and leave her master alone… moreover, still wearing her butler clothing.

“…Ha—!? H-Haku-sama…—!”

With a single word, she suddenly jumped out of the bed and onto the floor into a [Seiza].
… That pose (seiza) is a time-honored method of apology handed down, the first step to a [Dogeza].

“… Well, it’s fine, sleep is necessary for you.”
“Please forgive my rudeness…!”

However, it’s fairly unusual for Chloe to make a blunder. I wonder what caused it?

“… In truth, I decided to check to see how good the bed Haku-sama would be sleeping in was, but… it’s a wondrous sensation and before I noticed it, I…”
“Hmm… it seems to be enchanted.”

If it’s the cause of a magic tool or something… I don’t want to think about Chloe, a succubus, succumbing to a charm though. Succubi are specialists in charm and so advanced in it they shouldn’t be effected by them.

“Chloe, feel free to continue sleeping on that one. There is another bed after all.”
“Yes—, thank you.”
“Heeeh, that’s unusual. It’s the first time I’ve seen Chloe like that. Well, the beds certainly do feel good though.”

Rokuko-chan clapped the bed Chloe was resting on just now with her hand.
… Despite how strong it looks like she’s hitting it, the sound is soft isn’t it?
I also slowly touched the bed.

… Gently, my finger… sank…?

What is this? Cotton… no, it’s not?
I pressed my palm into it without thinking. It was soft, and yet elastic… oops, I almost fell into the trance as well. I moved away from the bed for a moment to look at it.

It was decorated with some tasteful engravings, it seemed to also have worth as a work of art. Just by being a design from another world, it’s probably worth around fifty silver. I myself kind of want it if that’s about the price.

But still, with this thin cover to sleep under, wouldn’t you get cold?
… Oh my. It’s warm… the temperature from Chloe, who slipped out of it, still remains.
Contrary to how thin and light it is, it has excellent heat insulation.

Hmm, I could see why Chloe would lose herself in this. It’s in a succubi’s nature to be particular about their bedding.

“Haku Ane-sama, it’d be too hot to sleep with two people under this cover, so here’s a [Towel Blanket] to use.”

Saying that, Rokuko-chan brought the cloth that felt good from over by the [Massage Chair].
… I could get used to this. Perhaps Kehma-san… doesn’t want to start a fight?

“Ane-sama, here, here~”

Stepping into bed before me, Rokuko-chan opened a place for me to lay and pat it… I felt an indescribable happiness that couldn’t be expressed in words. Comfortable feelings arose in my body that caused me to tremble.

I entered the bed as Rokuko-chan invited me to, and like close sisters—in truth, we really are sisters with good relations, at least I think so—and cuddled. This will be an unprecedented happy sleep.
The bed felt amazing, but honestly laying down together with Rokuko-chan was the most important part.
Dungeon cores do not require sleep. However, I haven’t had the ability to sleep together with Rokuko-chan until now.
Despite making it so that god’s vanguard wouldn’t find her, for her to live a life like this… Well, what I want to say… Kehma-san has my gratitude, maybe. Well, for now.
I will absolutely never forgive you if you make Rokuko-chan sad, you know?

For sleep like this, even one hundred gold coins wouldn’t be enough… w-well, this is different than the lodging expense assessment, so many I should give a tip as a special? Maybe I should directly pass Rokuko-chan some DP to have some pocket money.



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