Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 6

Let’s Use Magic for the First Time


Since I ran out of DP by adding rooms, I also ran out of things to do.
That didn’t change even after I slept and woke up again. I still didn’t have enough DP…

On that subject, what of the restroom and my meals? I’ll say this.
I eat three meals a day, each set of bread and water (5 DP). By the way, the bread that comes out isn’t hard brown bread. I can choose from pastries or simple prepared breads. I choose the largest portion of bread whenever possible and share it with the goblin to eat.
Though next is the restroom, it’s the corner of the room… Well, I should have toilet paper prepared and have it partitioned off right? However, it can’t be helped since I don’t leave the master room.
Since the dungeon core absorbs all of the trash and excrement without even leaving a smell behind, I’m really thankful. Rokuko puts on a reluctant expression when she absorbs poop though.

“… How would you like to watch someone poop in your heart, oi?”
“Hahaha, a girl saying something as improper as poop. Isn’t it fine? There’s also goblin poop, isn’t Rokuko’s goblin fetish crying from happiness?”
“Hey, do you really think that about me!? Do you even see me as intelligent life!?”
“Oh, well, an enigmatic creature… kind of. Oh, but I have said before that just your feet are highly rated. They have a light complexion and absolutely healthy.”
“Nooo this master is scary.”

Even so, I haven’t been in a tub or entered a shower to bathe in several days.
I wonder if my hair is going to start smelling soon… then I saw the goblin next to me. It had its ugly face and large fangs as usual. Clothes? It wore just a rag wrapped around its waist. A wild style.
If such a wild guy were neglected for a few days wouldn’t he start to smell like a dog? … Is what I thought. However, he was clean. Does he have some kind of secret?

“Oh, I used the life magic [Cleanup] on him.”

It was magic. Right, this is a fantasy world.

“Magic huh, if it’s magic there’s no helping it then. Then could you use it on me as well?”
“Eh, you want me to clean you?”
“… Oh, the goblin gets better treatment because of your goblin fetish huh.”
“That’s not it! I didn’t know the dungeon master wanted [Cleanup]! Rather, use it on yourself!”
“No no no, what’s with the assumption I can use magic?”
“Eh, you can’t use it?”

According to her, everyone seems to be able to use magic. Even humans.
Even the bandits used it when I wasn’t watching…
Can I use it too? I’ll ask how to use it.

“Just charge magic power and simply use [Cleanup].”

I don’t get it at all. What do she mean by ‘charge magic power’? ‘Simply use [Cleanup]’ she says. She’s the kind of person that wouldn’t write down how many teaspoons or grams of salt to use in the recipe book. I’m not one of this world’s magic humans, oi! Even beginners are beginners!

“… Kehma, can’t you use the menu? It’s the same thing as that alright?”
“Seriously? [Cleanup]… Oh, it worked.”

Along with the sensation of being completely covered by a membrane of carbonated water starting at my feet, my body was cleaned.
With this, I’m free to sleep in peace of mind that my body is clean. I’ll use it immediately after waking up so that I can feel refreshed and go back to sleep comfortably.
I wonder if something like MP is expended? There’s even a pleasant tired feeling. Isn’t this the most optimal magic in order to sleep? This is wonderful.

“By the way, though manifesting life magic only requires a mental image and magic power, those aren’t the only requirements. For stronger ones it’s no good unless you use scrolls to memorize them you know?”
“Yeah, though you can theoretically learn to manifest it by yourself, that’s at an [Unrealistic and Impossible] level. That’s what researchers are for. Well, I normally learn magic by using scrolls. I don’t have any to use though… Ah, aren’t they in the DP catalog?”

Examining it when she said that, there were treasures and items like [Scroll of Fire Ball (500 DP)] and [Scroll of Ice Barrier (700 DP)].
The attributes were the standard four elements: earth, water, wind, and fire. There seemed to be special attributes like light, darkness, and space-time as well.
Furthermore, they were each divided into ranks: bottom class, low class, middle class, upper class, top class, emperor class, and divine class. Fire Ball seemed to be classified as low class fire attribute magic.
Meanwhile, I’m interested on this middle class earth attribute magic.

[Scroll of Create Golem (10000 DP)]

I’m very interested. If I use this, wouldn’t I have a servant that’ll do whatever I say?
Well, even Rokuko is in a servant-like state that she does whatever I say. All the same, since I’d feel awkward if it’s a little girl, I want something like a robot.
Though I want that item soon, I wonder if I should go with that or use that DP for the [Heavenly Pillow]…


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