Haku-san’s Visit


I entirely forgot to ask Ichika about the rescue fee beforehand.
Being asked by Muzoh to please help him in that situation, let alone all of their money and possessions or something, it seems they couldn’t complain even if I demanded half of their selling price as a slave.
They’d be left in a pretty hopeless spot if I did that though, so it was good manners to leave them with something…
But the market price for a C-Rank is around four gold each.

“As expected of Goshujin-sama, yer ability to see through people is amazin’. Now they’ll owe you a magic sword in the future, so you left ’em with some funds to get it. When ya add in the magic sword, isn’t it pretty delicious? Weeell, they’ll also owe ya a favor, profitable profit!”

Well let’s just take it as something good.
Still, I didn’t even have to return to Sia. I was able to receive the money from the adventurer guild’s branch office… Four gold coins. Delicious indeed. Those guys said something like they were going to use their savings on the A-Rank meal. Three of the gold coins were Uzoh’s though.
… It’d be 4,000 DP if I converted it into DP. Nah, it’ll be fine to use it as is. Maybe I should get another employee (slave)?

Uzoh and Muzoh spent another night at the hotel, this time they both enthusiastically ate C-Rank meals. They also treated Ichika and me. As well as Meat, who was my party member, while they were at it… I could’ve wrung more money out of them… Well, it’s fine I guess.
Right now our C-Rank meal is a special one for our opening, the [Steak Meal]. They heard from Ichika that it’ll be our B-Rank meal after this, so they couldn’t eat it as casually as they were doing just before and now ate it with sad and complicated expressions.
The next day, after reporting the commission to the adventurer’s guild branch office, they left smiling and waving.

This time, when I put together the income we were able to get from Uzoh and Muzoh, we got 2,650 DP, four gold coins, twenty-nine silver coins, and five copper coins. There was probably a margin of error when working with small amounts of DP from the dungeon, but it’s fine.
… This is worth 4,290,500 yen. Woah, it’s a good thing I didn’t kill them! I wouldn’t have been able to get their savings if I did. Getting a new magic sword is much more delicious.

Then there was the investigation and rescue commissions from the guild… Though even if it was an investigation commission, I didn’t have to give them any essential information. Adventurers like me don’t go so far as [Lying] to gain an advantage, but it seems concealing some information is standard… Well, there are magic tools that can see through lies, so yeah.
The information I gave: [Goblins at the start, golems appearing after descending the stairs][Uzoh and Muzoh were on the floor immediately after the stairs][Once the trap is sprung, it doesn’t seem you can leave]. As well as the stuff Uzoh and Muzoh will report.
Incidentally, the method to release the trap… [Return the magic sword to the pedestal], telling them that information netted me an additional ten silver reward. Along with the original five, Uzoh and Muzoh seem to have asked, “This is their information, so please add it to theirs.”… They’re some pretty upright fellows.
After that, I drew and gave them a map of the area around the entrance and of the first floor. They bought it for eight silver. They paid quite a bit for it… they’ll probably have an easier time investigating now.
A total of twenty-eight silver good. A good haul. Receptionist-san’s five days of stay amounted to around 600 DP and five silver coins.

With this our surplus DP has risen quite a bit huh… Our remaining DP is… 19,532. It hasn’t went over 20,000 yet because I’m using it to pierce a tunnel through the Tsuia Mountain. I’m taking control of the drilling from time to time.
… Hmm, we can probably afford a few expenses for a while if our DP’s like this, so we’re probably fine. I could convert the gold coin at any time, but let’s reserve it for now.

“Isn’t it so delicious that we got so much income right at the start? … It was a bonus, but in just eleven days’ income we could make three hundred and fifty goblins.”
“… That’s amazing! But why did you convert it to goblins? Mmm…”

Eh, isn’t Rokuko just too easy to get? She was smiling sweetly.

“Well.. you’re easy to understand but… you shouldn’t be so happy with that!”

I patted Rokuko’s head.

Investigation commissions are used to measure the difficulty of a dungeon before it is opened to general adventurers.
The results were that C-Rank and E-Rank adventurers were able to return safely, so I wonder if I didn’t set the difficulty too high? It’d be good if the dungeon becomes popular for low-level adventurers since our DP income would stabilize… and I wouldn’t have to worry about being able to defend the dungeon.
… Most of all, even if the dungeon core is set up inside the dungeon, if adventurers ever make it to the final floor it’ll be fine if I just use castling on the dummy core in my room, so I can sleep peacefully.

Dungeon investigations? Yep, do as you like. It’s fine, since there’s nothing there even if you go inside. You’ll just feel tired from the stress.
… Ahhh, maybe I should remodel the dungeon if we get more DP~?




Several days later, the dungeon’s new name was finally decided on.
It’s new name: [Cave of Desires].
You’ll probably die if you lose to your desires, at least, that’s why they gave it that name. Even though I’d prefer it if they weren’t so vigilant and just relax their guard…

It’s requirement was E-Rank. Classified as an ordinary low class dungeon. Well, it seems that when I saved the C-Rank adventurers Uzoh and Muzoh, I announced the method to escape.

“Congratulations Rokuko-chan. You were given a name suitable for Rokuko-chan’s charm.”
“Thank you so much, Haku Ane-sama!”

Haku-san was the first one to arrive with the news. She was gently caressing Rokuko’s head.
Chloe-san was standing behind them off to the side a little, wearing the same butler clothing as usual.

“… So, why are you here, Haku-san?”
“I heard that your dungeon was made public, so I came to be the first to stay here you know? I rushed over to be Rokuko-chan’s inn’s first guest.”
“Sorry, but Haku-san is the fourth.”
“What did you say…!? … Three people have already stayed here? I won’t be the first one then?”
“Please stop, you can use our number one room. Please pardon us, you’ll be our suite room’s first guest.”

The suite room… that is, it’s a room I just made to entertain A-Rank adventurers for now.
The bedding in the suite is elaborate. It was a higher rank of the [Bedroll (5 DP)], the [Foam Mat (200 DP)]. I combined it with a wooden frame I made myself with some high class sculptures on it, turning it into a bed that overflowed with the feeling of luxury. Additionally, it has a [Duvet (100 DP)]. It’s just amazing, I can’t help but praise myself.

I added some other pointless furniture for relief, like a light magic tool that looked like a candlestick. There’s even a curtain that covers a window I made with the potion bottles’ glass. It’s pretty great.
Moreover, there is a bath and restroom attached to the room. They were private stalls, not like an all-in-one you know?
The bath was made of cypress wood, bringing about a luxurious feeling from the style of it… probably.

It also had a massage chair in the room. You could easily fall asleep in it after a bath with the included [Towel Blanket (5 DP)]. 1
You could even press a button to have a meal brought to you so that you didn’t have to come down to the dining room to eat, our service is impeccable.

… I only made this so that we could say our inn can entertain A-Rank adventurers, but only Haku-san is going to use it!

By the way, it’s fifty copper coins to stay the night in a normal room. Since meals have been set to cost quite a sum of money, the specially rated suite isn’t my room. After all, with its cost people would be like, “How the heck’s an E-Rank adventurer staying there…!?” It’s different if it’s just my reputation falling, but I’d like to avoid suspicion. Dang it, I wouldn’t have to worry so much if they didn’t make that guild branch office, I would’ve stayed in the suite whenever there weren’t any guests…!

“So, how much will it be? I don’t count as a first customer that wouldn’t need to pay money, so I assume I’ll pay properly?”

There’s no such rule as that!

“… Aah, we haven’t decided on the fee for the suite yet…”
“That room’s the best. I also helped making its interior you know… Haku Ane-sama, how much do you think would be good for a night’s stay?”
“Oh my, I wonder? I’m looking forward to it. Hmm, then I’ll pay a fair price when I leave.”

I’m thankful for that. Unfortunately, I don’t know what price would be fair since I haven’t stayed at a high class hotel.

“Oh yeah, we prepare A-Rank meals. The [Setting] is that Haku-san delivers ingredients to Rokuko with [Storage], so we look forward to working with you.”
“I understand. Ah, of course, it will be another world’s cuisine right? Here, this is two gold coins for Chloe’s portion as well. I’m looking forward to it.”

It would’ve been fine without that though… well, it’s fine. Accept what you can accept. Paying in gold coins… I wonder how I should say it? This person’s values are off. Well, they’re probably off by two orders of magnitude.

… Still, it’s a bit late to say it but I can’t see the A-Rank menu we arranged to be worth a million yen at all.
Maybe I should change the menu to a three course Chinese meal or a French styled full course after all?



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