Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 57



Receptionist-san went outside to the tent that was currently acting as a temporary branch office.
I released Rokuko from the absolute commands and prepared to dive into the dungeon. By that, I obvious mean preparing just for show.
At any rate, I have a map too. I am the dungeon master after all.

“Well, will you rescue them?”
“I will. Otherwise I won’t be able to come and go from the dungeon as I want, it’s a good thing those small fries went in first…”

It doesn’t have enough fighting strength, so it would’ve been destroyed if some big shots suddenly showed up. The boss golem? I’ll make it little by little, a super armored haniwa.

Furthermore, Uzoh and Muzoh are still safe. It looks like they’ve already searched today and are taking a nap, so I’ll draw up plans for the super armored haniwa.




Well, it’s been ten days since Uzoh and Muzoh were confined. They haven’t been able to find a way out and have slowly stopped moving around as much. The DP we’re getting from them has lowered a bit because they’re weakening.

I brought Ichika with me into the dungeon.
Their stomachs were empty as well, so I brought some white bread as a present.
It was my dungeon, so it obviously didn’t take that long to reach the test room.

“… Oooi, I came to help! You guys there~?”
“Uu… what… a-a rescuer? W-we’re here, we’re in here! The two of us, we’re still alive, please help!”

Muzoh’s desperate voice came from the other side of the needle wall.
Well, I knew that from the map though. I also knew they were both alive because I could use the monitor.

“Well Ichika… how do you think we should open it?”
“… … It’s ‘kay to break it?”

Yep, the needles blocking the way are very strong, but they’re going to open the moment I arrive. It’s somewhat amusing.

“Well I’m going to smash it open with magic… Alright, opening it nooow! Move away from the entraaance!”
“G-got it, we’re moving, please wait… … We’ve moved, go for it!”

He called back out from inside the room. I checked the map to confirm that they moved away. After that, I remembered [Fireball] that I learned from the scroll from before.
… The chant for it is, “Flame, become a ball and pierce my enemy.” … … Such a language cheat—!

“Flame, become five balls and pierce my enemy—[Fireball].”

I noncommittally decided to make it five, but five fireballs really did appear and launch themselves at the needle wall.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! The fireballs hit the wall one after another… Yep, guess that much isn’t able to break the needle wall. I wonder if my magical power would be able to make a hundred or a thousand balls?
… Looks like I can still shoot more. Let’s change it up a bit on the next one.

“Flame, burst and… eeeh… explode for the time being, [Fireball].”

Fwoom. A ball of fire appeared and slowly moved to the wall.
Ah—crap. My magical power dropped a ton from that chant. It decreased so much that I’m feeling cold.

“Goshujin-sama, I think this’s dangerous. We should move away a bit yah?”

I moved a bit away being pulled by Ichika and we waited for the ball of fire to hit the needle wall.
Kabooom! The moment it collided, an explosive sound blasted through the air as white light engulfed us.

However, the needle wall was alive and kicking.

… … O-okay, it didn’t break! As expected of the needle wall, that wasn’t dangerous to it… rather, it actually would’ve been pretty strange if fireballs did anything to the iron. Dangit, thought I’d be able to do something to it.

“… Can’t be helped I guess, I’ll just directly tamper with it so that it can be broken.”

I should’ve just done this from the start. I used [Create Golem] on the needle wall, easily making some cracks… It was already filled with my magical power before I even intentionally tried. I wonder if it’s because it’s a trap in my dungeon? Well, it was easy to alter.
… But I’m already tired from that [Fireball] from a bit ago. Let’s leave the grand demolishing to Ichika.

“Ichika, I made it fragile so do it showy.”
“Nn, got it. Leave it to me~”

Ichika stood in front of the needle wall and brandished her carving knife golem… There’s a water golem hidden in the center to absorb impacts and is made even more impact resistant by the three-layer structure of iron that covers the exterior of the sword. Its magic resistance has been improved (I think) as well, an experimental type blade golem. If it works let’s name it the second generation.

“… Slash! … ish?”

Ichika attacked the wall with movements like she was using [Slash] while avoiding pincushioning herself on the needles with nimble movements. The needles were destroyed.
The needles that broke were thrown inside very showily as they made loud ringing sounds.
… Uzoh and Muzoh didn’t die from that right? They’re safe right?

A fake slash huh. Though she normally had assistance by the [Slash] skill, it was being reproduced by the maid clothes golem’s assist function. Since it wasn’t a skill, it might be lot weaker… It looks like you can memorize skills even if you don’t use a scroll, but you can’t learn the real [Slash] and use a fake slash huh. I need to experiment on that.

“Y-you saved us… Oi, Uzoh, we’re getting rescued!”

Hmm, he couldn’t stand properly on his feet by himself.
Ichika and I went into the test room. Then, the needle wall began to quietly restore itself.

“O-oi! Wait! Don’t come in!”
“Hmm? Why… oops.”

The needle wall restored itself behind Ichika and I, locking us in like a beast’s mouth.
Seeing that, Muzoh’s face looked like it had drained of hope.

“A-aah… shit, why…”
“Oi oi, this is a [Safety Zone] right? Why are you panicking so much?”
“We couldn’t destroy that trap even though we used a magic sword on it. It was no good… from the inside, it’s resistant to attacks to the point of being bizarre…”

Though I already know about what happened, I’ll pretend to be surprised for now.

“Oi oi, hold up. What happened to the magic sword?”
“… Uzoh.”
“Here. This thing cracked.”

I accepted the magic sword and took a look at it… Yep, it definitely broke. It wasn’t a golem anymore, just a ordinary [Broken Iron Sword]. Rather, it did well being able to break one of the needle trap’s needles.

“… Looks like it can’t be used. It can’t be helped, guess I’ll use my magic sword… Ichika, give them the bread we brought.”
“Ye~s, Goshujin-sama… Here ya go~?”

Ichika took out the bread and gave them each a share of it.
We brought plenty enough to eat so make sure you eat properly!

“… T-thanks. Right, did he say Ichika just now…? O-oi, Uzoh. This bread, it’s white. It’s the bread we ate at the hotel!”
“… … Are you an angel?”

While Ichika was handing out the bread, I took the chance to approach the pedestal. I first tried inserting the broken blade golem.
… Yep, no reaction after all. Looks like the pedestal doesn’t recognize the blade golem in its current state.
While I snickered inwardly at being able to take in some valuable data, I inserted the blade golem I brought just now into the pedestal. Then the needle wall made a sound of metal sliding across metal as it perfectly withdrew itself.

“… Huh? W-what did you do?”
“You can’t leave this room without inserting the magic sword back into the pedestal… Moreover, I used the magic sword I brought since the broken magic sword didn’t work.”
“Magic sword!? I-I see, so it was like that from the start… dammit…”

Muzoh was getting seriously depressed. Let’s make it so that even a more or less broken magic sword will open it if it gets stabbed back into the pedestal. Well, let’s continue with some devilish words.

“You need to reimburse me properly you know? One magic sword.”

… Right, everything up to here has been an act for these words! She said it: “Please discuss the reward with those concerned.” Since it was a rescue commission, I used the strategy of sacrificing a magic sword to draw out a lot more money.
How’s that, dreadful isn’t it…!? Tremble in fear as you live the rest of your life in debt!

“… Yeah, sorry, you had to use your valuable magic sword…”
“Definitely. You helped to the point where you lost your magic sword, we will pay you back.”

H-huh? What’s with that mutual agreement, oi.

“It was a magic sword you know? It’s pretty expensive you know?”
“… We’ll definitely repay you even though it’ll probably take some time to pay back. I wonder if the guild would help?”
“I-I want a new magic sword if possible…”
“Got it. In two years, no, we’ll somehow do it in one year… We’ve lost a bit of confidence from this, but we’re still C-Rank adventurers, we’ll manage it somehow.”

These guys are crazy obedient.

“… Ah, how much is your rescue fee? If possible, we’d appreciate it if you left us behind with enough money to take on another commission.”

Eh, they want to pay me even more? What is this deliciousness… Though, I’ve already demanded a magic sword, demanding too much is just cruel. Alright, let’s overcharge for now and lower it to see their reaction.

“Eh, ah, ummm, let’s seeeee… t-two gold coins, I guess?”

Ah, sorry. I guess one gold coin per person is too much after all? Alright, let’s cut the price down now! I want to get as much as possible out of them, though!

“Isn’t it great that’s so little!? We’re saved!”
“Yeah, with Muzoh and I that makes four gold huh? We’ll pay it when we return to Sia.”

… … Eeeeeeh?



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