Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 51

A Quick Rank Up


“Right! The 10,000 DP gachapon is romance you know!”
“See? It’s best to go out in a big bang!”

As a result of conversing for exactly thirty seconds, how Rokuko would use the DP was decided.
Oi, is that really alright? Well, I did tell her she could use it however she wanted.

“Here I go! I’m going to use the 10,000 DP gachapon!!”
“Oi hold up! Don’t do it in my room! Do it in the master room! We’d get crushed if a dragon somehow appears!”

However, Rokuko was already finished emptying her DP by the time I shouted. A magic formation unfolded with a low humming sound… Oi, is my room going to be safe!? The formation’s bulging out to fill the room!

“Oooh, as expected of 10,000 DP!”
“A huge thing’ll come out, something big’s commin’…!”

I prayed that the inn (my bedroom) that I built at such great pains won’t get crushed.
Rokuko and Ichika were bursting with excitement. Meat stood in front of me to protect me.

“D~ Ra~ Gon~! D~ Ra~ Gon~!”
“A dragon!? Yay! Steak tonight!”
“You don’t eat it you know!?”
“… It’ll regrow the tail if it’s just that though?”
“The f*ck!?”

And then, the magic formation finished humming and stopped rotating. It was the size of the room.

“Oh, it’s shrinking?”

The magic formation gradually became smaller.
I felt relieved and pat myself on the chest as I breathed out. It looks like the inn won’t be destroyed with this.
Then, it became even smaller.
… Yep, then even smaller than that.

… … Yep, now it’s about the size of being able to be held in your arms.

“A-a failure? Is this one a fail?”

Rokuko and Ichika’s tension visibly dropped.
Meat still stood vigilant in front of me.
Then, the magic formation disappeared, leaving behind a palm-sized box.

“… What’s this?”
“Won’t know without openin’ it yah? Do it Rokuko-sama, do it.”

“… An egg?”
“Make it into an omelette? It’d definitely be crazy good…”
“Not that, you know!? … What is this thing. Hmm, I’m sure it’s something great!”

My room is safe for now.

“So, what now? Did a manual or something come with it?”
“… … I think we should keep it warm for now?”
“That’s pretty vague… It took our hard-earned 10,000 DP, don’t waste it okay?”

As for what she just got, I couldn’t figure out.
For now we’ll heat it with the hot spring’s extra heat. Not so that it would become a hot-boiled egg, but more like body warmth, like an incubator.




We finished the dungeon’s preparations as well. Let’s hurry up and head to the human village.
I also have that meat skewer promise to fulfill.
Well, I prepared a vehicle for us this time.

“Hey, Goshujin-sama. What’s this thingy?”
“… A wagon golem, I guess?”
“No horses! No wheels! There’s feet!”

Right, this time I prepared a box-shaped golem that had six legs and could run along the bad roads.
I used the mana potion bottles to make a windshield for the front. Well, that wasn’t needed since it was automatic though.
I used horse legs as reference so they are awesomely fast.

“Weeeell, I guess it’s ‘kay? It’s quick and easy…”
“We can even move fast inside the forest because we’ll be completely covered by a box. When it’s not being used I’ll put it in [Storage].”
“… Meat-senpai can also use [Storage] huh. I also want to leeearn it…”
“It would be a food storage for you huh. Well it’s fine if we have extra DP, but it’d be bad if we don’t get adventurers to come.”

It’s essential that we only get enough adventurers to come that it doesn’t make us famous. Making allowances for that’s difficult.

Well, using the wagon golem, we were able to reach Sia in around two hours.
Dismantling it into separate parts to some degree and placing it into [Storage], it took us two hours despite moving the last of the way on foot. Wonderful. We might have to be careful and take a roundabout way so as to not attract attention in the future when there’s more adventurers coming this way.

“Oh, it’s been a while.”
“We’re still just secluding ourselves at the mountain though.”

Paying three copper coins to the same guard that’s always there, we started by heading to the guild.
The meat skewer promise will be waiting for tomorrow, for now I want to do the rank up.
Though we arrived earlier than usual this time, the morning rush hour should be over. There won’t be many people.
The usual Receptionist-san was sitting at the counter. I say always, but she really is a hard worker.

“Hello. It’s been a week, hasn’t it. What business do you have here today?”
“Ah, first of all, please take this.”

Saying that, I took out the forty-five goblin ears… they were bought with DP though. I passed them over.

“… I heard it from Ichika, but with this we should be able to rank up right?”
“Goblin ears… hmm, there’s no problems with any of them. However, this many goblins… going to the mountains for a week, just how did you hunt this many goblins? Or was it a goblin colony?”
“Something like that. Since it will likely take some time, could we go through the formalities for the rank up examination?”
“… Please wait a moment.”

After receiving two silver and seventy copper coins as the goblin subjugation reward, Receptionist-san moved away from the counter in order to process the rank up examination.
When she came back a short while later, she told us that we would be taking the examination today.
Though it seems that it normally took several days depending on the examiner’s circumstances, since we had an exclusive receptionist it looks like being able to immediately take it is one of the preferential treatments.

Receptionist-san took us to the training area.
Thereupon, a stern-looking Jii-san was waiting there… the Guild Head was waiting for us.

“… Guild Head?”
“Umu, been a while. My grandchildren.”

In front of his forged muscles that weren’t suitable at all for an elderly person, I hesitated entering the training area.
… I don’t think I’d win even with the golem’s assistance.
And I’m definitely not your grandchild.

“Eh? What, what? Goshujin-sama and Meat-senpai are the Guild Head’s grandchildren?”
“The story is just that because our hair is black, there’s a possibility.”
“Hahaha, so reserved. You can just call me Ojii-chan you know?”
“I’ll refrain… So, since the Guild Head is here, that means…”
“Yeah. I’m your examiner. What, I used to be quite the adventurer in the old days.”

Seriously… well, it’s just the promotion to E-Rank, it’s not like we have to beat the Guild Head or something.

“I’ll produce a monster with magic, you just have to beat it.”
“… Make a monster with magic?”
“It’s a slightly rare skill, but it’s called [Create Golem]. It only makes a clay golem with a magic stone though, but it’s a useful opponent for examinations.”

Ah, I know that skill well. I use it a ton.
Or rather, it uses a normal magic stone, and moreover just a clay golem?
The magic stone’s size is around that of a marble, I guess around 20-30 DP worth?

“It’s a bit rushed, but who wants to go first?”
“Well, I’m up for it, ‘kay Goshujin-sama?”

Ichika stepped up.

“Yeah. Show off the carving knife.”
“—That ‘kay? Understood.”

Ichika took out the carving knife magic sword golem that I made.
The Guild Head took out a magic stone, placing it on to the bare soil on the ground.

“Done with your preparations? I’m starting… Mass of clay, change your form, abide me and become my servant, [Create Golem].”

After the Guild Head’s chant, the magic stone shined as clay swelled up from the ground.
Around two seconds later, a normal clay golem appeared… Pretty fast. It takes me around ten seconds each one… I wonder if it goes faster after you use it a lot?

“Then, begin!”

With the Guild Head’s go-ahead, Ichika’s carving knife crushed the magic stone that shined in the clay golem’s chest.

“… …”
“That good?”

The clay golem wasn’t moving. Rather, it looks like it was turning back into dirt.

“You were Ichika? Promoted to E-Rank…”

Oi, that’s it?



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