Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 50

This and That


Five days after returning to base (dungeon).
I wonder if I should head back to Sia tomorrow or not?
Though going to the human village is pretty troublesome, I said that I’d show up once per week. I made that meat skewer promise, too.
Right, let’s take the opportunity to do a rank up… as well as taking an [Ordinary Cave] investigation commission if there’s one there.
Well, I won’t have any DP remaining when preparations are complete so it’ll be plenty if I say, “It’s turned into something amazing.”

I was able to finish the inn. Next is the dungeon’s interior, but since I came up with an idea while I was sleeping, I’ll be starting immediately. I’ll be making a room to place this dungeon’s eye catcher, the [Blade Golem], on the third underground floor.
There will be golems wandering the labyrinth equipped with [Ordinary Clay Swords] and [Ordinary Stone Swords]. Well, even though it’s an actual blade golem, it’s real shape? It’ll turn into a golem if it’s used. It’s really just a normal blunt weapon.

Incidentally, I was a bit bothered by something and converted a blade golem into DP. If a magic sword was worth 20,000 DP, I should have gotten at least ten percent of that with 2,000 DP.
The result was… 10 DP.
… When taking into account the iron used for the blade portion and the other materials, I guess there was about 5 DP profit each? It’s not a deficit, but now it’s already at the point of being a side job… I don’t get it. Guess there’s still some other shortcoming to it.
Ah, it looks like monsters summoned from the spawner won’t become DP even if they are defeated without leaving the dungeon. Since it looks like their corpses will remain, I’m a bit troubled at what to do with the golems’ materials… Iron golems maybe? It’s 500 DP per so one spawner is 50,000 DP huh… I won’t have to be troubled about iron anymore if I make one of them.

Oops, my train of thought wandered a bit.

Well, I set up the magic sword room. To get to the room, one has to get past the first floor, escape the large labyrinth on the first and second underground floors, run up stairs before breaking through to the riddle area on the second upper floor, descend the spiral staircase and break through three floors after that, this method can’t be found if one didn’t search through the third underground floor. It says the route.

Even so, we’ll be in a pinch if adventurers make it this far. I haven’t deployed a boss in the boss room on the fourth underground floor, which is currently the lowest floor, yet… I’ve thought about making an awesome golem and placing it there, but other than looking cool it’d be useless.

Well, no one will actually make it to the fourth underground floor for a while. We’ll avoid that with the eye catcher.
In order to advertise the magic sword, I prepared a room to try out the magic sword on the second underground floor.
Like sample food, or maybe more like a beta test.
Though the magic sword is magnificently stuck in a pedestal in the room, there’s a mechanism in the room.

When you pull the magic sword from the pedestal, all of the doorways become blocked.

You have to return the magic sword to the pedestal to leave the room.
In other words, you can’t keep the magic sword. If they can figure out another way to take it out of the room, then at that time it’s fine to give it to them as a reward for showing their wisdom. If the same method is used to take it from the room another time, it’ll self-destruct.

Furthermore, jamming the entrances open won’t work. Using pincushion traps, the passages connected to the room on all sides close up with needles, perfectly sealing the exits.
My condolences to anyone who stays in the openings there when it happens, but since anyone who approaches the magic sword will also get skewered with needles when they try, well, yep, better be good at escaping I guess?

Well, I tried it out with some of the dummy wood golems (non-magic stone genuine golems). It might even be a great place to use as a training area.

Fundamentally, things were still the same as when we had the dungeon battle. Re modelling this time, the riddle room was improved and afterwards was the spiral staircase. On the second underground floor, I added more trial rooms. Well, we should manage for a while with this.

And so, my long day of remodeling finished.

“Aaah, I worked so much~…”
“Thanks for your effort, Goshujin-sama.”

Meat was giving me another massage.
It wasn’t a stepping massage though. Yeah, for some reason I thought it’d be better to only do it once in a while since it would be too much paradise for me. A moderate patience is a very important thing to have going through life. If you don’t endure the wait, it’s somewhat harder to be satisfied.

“Goshujin-sama, why so modest~. Even though I’d be fine with it no matter how ya wanted to use my feet.”
“I want to, but you know… to put it a way that Ichika will understand, if a person who has grown fat and a person who hasn’t eats [Cooking Made by a Second-Rate Chef], they’d respond differently. The first: “This is bad. Something like this isn’t food.” The second: “Oh, this is great!” And he loves it, counting his good fortune. I think I’d feel happier as the latter.”
“… Yeah. Even I think it tastes better when ya don’t keep eatin’ the same thing.”
“Yeah, that feeling of happiness is important. If you can’t feel happiness it becomes impossible to satisfy yourself, so there’ll be nothing but misery from there.”
“That’s right, I also feel like that. Ah, can I have a [Cheese-flavored Karie Roll] today?”

… This girl doesn’t have any self-restraint… Ichika.

“… We won’t be here tomorrow and the day after right? It’s fine then. I’ll even enjoy the delicious meat skewers.”
“That’s right but—oooh, aah, there, there. Just now was great, do that again.”
“Yes, Goshujin-sama.”

Meat’s hands stimulated a vital point. Uooofu, I let out a strange sound.
Since Meat was skillfully making use of the gloves golem’s power assistance, there was no problem even if it wasn’t a stepping massage.
To start with, why are my shoulders so stiff… well, I’ve been working a lot~. Definitely, definitely~.

“Kehma, you’re going back to that human village again right? Bring me back some kind of souvenir.”
“… We can buy anything the human village has with DP, though. Ah, come to think of it, have you used your 10,000 DP yet, Rokuko?”
“Hmmm, I haven’t used it yet… I thought about giving gachapon a try, but I could do the 1,000 DP gachapon a few go’s, or maybe I could try out the 10,000 DP gachapon once you know~”
“Did you say [Gachapon]? … What’s that charmin’ sound? Is it somethin’ hard to learn?”

… Come to think of it, Ichika told me that she built up a gambling debt in addition to her being a gourmand huh.
A person like that could use up all of our DP in a single day by playing gachapon though…



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