Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 5

Let’s Make More Rooms


“Ah, that was a good rest… is still hard to say. I want a better bed…”
“Morning. You really sleep all day… don’t you get tired of it?”
“Well, please explain… though I want you to, check out the DP.”

When I opened the menu to check it out, there was 857 DP.

“Hmm? Oh, it went up all of a sudden. That was dangerous.”
“You knew?”
“Yeah? Ah, I heard it more or less. What happened?”
“… Adventurers attacked.”

From what I heard, the bandits standing guard seemed to notice adventurers heading towards the dungeon. They ambushed them in the passageway from a blind spot in the room.
They then killed the four adventurers. It appears the bandits were uninjured.

“So then the bandits took off the adventurers’ gear and took care of the corpses. Then they pushed ’em against the dungeon core. Even if they didn’t do that I would have absorbed them. It seems they understood when I absorbed a corpse they didn’t do that to though.”
“I see, so they attacked inside the dungeon huh. Aren’t the bandits smarter than Rokuko?”
“What’s that supposed to mean!?”

Of course it means what I said you know?
Rokuko, who had been grinning, was now sulking from hearing that.

“But why? Why did adventurers come that is.”
“You… even though you yourself said that adventurers come once or twice a month…”
“Oh. Come to think of it, I did say something like that huh?”

This cave is probably used to train adventurers while fighting against small fry like the goblins or something. Without destroying the dungeon core, and with what they call this place, it’s probably used to train rookies. Probably to come and see a real dungeon core.
Well, the result of whether rookies could come to such an [Ordinary Cave] like this and fight eight bandits… are as you can see.
The bandits, as well as five goblins, couldn’t lose against what looks like were six rookies. Since they didn’t think they’d lose, they robbed, they killed. Because they’re bandits.

“Well, with this, the steel helmet and letter from yesterday… have had an effect on them.”
“Bandits want money. So long as we act friendly and demonstrate it is in their interest, using items to satisfy their greed for cash cash, they’ll cooperate with us. Therefore, in order for the bandits to stay in the cave I showed them the steel helmet and letter… then, they would procure adventurer corpses for us to turn into DP.”

In the case they fought outside of the cave, they probably wouldn’t have brought the corpses back to the place they slept since they don’t seem to have the fetish for that. But if they could make corpses disappear without a trace… absorbing them into the dungeon core would decrease their chances of being found. They would even get treasure, too. So they’ll probably bring them back here.
Besides, even if it leaks out to the adventurer guild, they’ll realize there’s not even anything to gain from removing the bandits from an [Ordinary Cave].
Therefore, with thoughts like [I want to be in this cave] and [I want treasure], even if they call it the [work of bandits], adventurers will definitely be gotten rid of. That they ambushed them inside the cave was a pleasant bonus.
Though if you thought about it, the best thing to do would be to run away without fighting… but yeah, they don’t seem to have thought of that. It’s good they’re idiots.

“… Kehma, isn’t if fine even if the bandits go away?”
“No, it isn’t fine. We can’t massacre them if they run away. Then wouldn’t the DP I got at great pains be wasted? Being wasteful is no good. I have to wring earnings from them.”
“… Though you’re a human the same as them you call them DP. Kehma, I respect you a little~.”
“Thanks, then I’m going back to sleep. Good night.
“You just got up and you’re already going to bed…”

Are you stupid? I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep if I didn’t just wake up.



Even though it was my plan to kill adventurers, my conscience does’t feel anything from it.
Well, the bandits did kill them on their own when I was sleeping, and I didn’t see the said corpses either. I wonder if I’ll wind up directly killing someone here before long? What’ll I think then?
… Whatever, it’s fine since I’ve already become something called a dungeon master. I feel refreshed from going to sleep. Our DP also increased a little.

“Increase the amount of rooms. Buy another box too. Is there still ink?”
“Eh- yeah. There is? But, to make a room that costs 850 of the precious DP?”

Rokuko replied in disappointment as she looked at the DP catalog of monsters that could be summoned for 800 DP and below.
Hahaha, is this blonde-haired loli learning?

“Well, adding rooms… let’s see, though I am able put items down when there’s invaders, I can only take monsters out from the dungeon core and can’t add rooms. Then how will I get the bandits to go out…? They don’t look particularly easy to defeat either… Well, go ahead write what I say.”




“Bossss! A box appeared again!”
“Oh! What’re you waiting for, move!”

The bandit’s boss jumped up from the floor. No, he literally jumped up to open the box.
Inside of it is… what’s this? His head tilted as he saw what was inside.
“… A pillow? But magic items are…!”

Despite giving me a steel helmet for five goblins, what’s with this shabby thing for four adventurer corpses? Was the number the important part?
While the bandit’s boss thought that, an underling read out the words written inside the box.

[You saved me! You’re pretty strong! I want to–thank you! Since they–were–in the–dungeon–present–quickly. I am–adding–rooms. Since it’s–dangerous–everyone go–outside. Please–go outside–soon.]

I see, so the present is more rooms? Since it was definitely small when all eight of them entered, it might have been taking that into account.
So, agreeing with that, they all went outside the cave.
As soon as they left the cave’s entrance, there were immediately crunching rock sounds echoing from the cave.
About ten minutes went by. Going inside shortly after the noises stopped, the dungeon core that was on the floor until now was missing and there was a passage which lead inside along with a wooden door. A little flustered, they went inside and saw one more room on each side of the passage. Two more rooms in total were added, with the dungeon core in the room on the right.
In addition to the two added rooms, there was the same room that was part of the cave since the start. It felt strange that the place they called a hideout had a wooden door.
It only took ten minutes for the cave to expand. Would it probably have taken about a month if it were done by manpower? No, if there was a skilled magician it might have been done at the same speed.
Three rooms in all. It simply increased to three times the amount until now. Moreover, there seems to be a single bed installed in the left room. Was the pillow from the box put there for this?
Was this prepared for me? What’s this, aren’t you a cute fellow.
The bandit’s boss muttered so.




“… Dammit… why, why did you spend 440 DP for a guy like that…!”
“Oi oi, 10 DP for the box and pillow, 20 DP for two wooden doors, 10 DP for a bed… that’s altogether 40 DP used for the bandits, what are you talking about?”
“Hah? That room was 200 DP you know.”
“That’s a stupid thing to say. That room is different from the steel helmet, it can’t be taken from the dungeon to be sold for money. It’s our fixed asset.”

Rokuko stupidly tilted her head to the side when she didn’t understand what I said.
Yeah, this is a dungeon core in another world, and her appearance is different than her age… this blonde-haired loli is probably younger than she looks. Almost definitely.

“I expanded the dungeon because it was necessary. I’ll teach you the advantage in having more rooms… if we can have six goblins per room, with three rooms you can place up to eighteen of them.”
“Wow, that’s incredible! Let’s add more rooms!”

Yup, you consenting to that is even more incredible.

“… Wait, huh? T-this is serious! Though there was 860 DP it’s gone now!”
“Oh, it’s because I used it…”
“Eh? W-what did you use it on!?”
“Look, this.”

I showed the dungeon map from the menu.
I left the entrance momentarily, and outside of the passage I had made a cave similar to the original cave a bit of a distance away. 200 DP for the room, 30 DP for five meters of pathway. Though since I didn’t have to make a pathway outside of the cave, I made it close to one kilometer away. It ended up quite cheap, though it used the rest of the DP.

“… Hah, I never would have thought about extending the dungeon outside of the entrance. That’s a different way of thinking. Well, why did you do it? Isn’t it an obvious waste of DP?”
“Ah, be glad. This is your heart’s desire, the goblin room!”
“Yay~♪ … Eh, my heart’s desire?”
“Aren’t goblins your favorite?”

Isn’t she always with the ‘send a goblin send a goblin’?
That’s why I though that Rokuko liked goblins. To be surrounded and served by goblins.

“… No, I don’t have any feelings like that.”
“I don’t mind. To each their own. You are unrelated to your goblin fetish, partner.”
“No, what do you mean!? What’s with that ‘I understand’ face!?”
“By the way, I’m not a lolicon. I have a foot fetish. My evaluation of Rokuko’s feet is good.”
“No no no! Really, what do you mean!? Moreover, you’re looking down on me!”

For the time being, the DP was exhausted, so I went to sleep for the third time.


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