Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 49

Just Out of the Bath


I chugged down a coffee milk (5 DP) with my hand firmly on my waist just after getting out of the bath.
My clothing was obviously a yukata. I was wearing trunks as underwear though.
(The yukata was one set for 10 DP. For now I bought four people’s worth including mine for 40 DP, cheap.)

Mmm, the hot water was great.
My first bath since coming to this world.
Looks like I’ll rest soundly tonight.

Then, when I sat in the massage chair (chair golem), I was already dozing off.
Still, the materials for this massage chair were just wood and a bedroll. Really inexpensive.
I’m sitting on the chair, getting massaged by a golem… adjusting [Rub] and [Drum] was pretty difficult though, so I’m only able to use the vibration function for now. Viiiiiiiiiiin… the vibrations rushed through me in waves. This is pretty comfortable.
It’s made to work for five minutes after putting a copper coin in it. This’ll be popular and become our showpiece~… mmm…

I opened my eyes when I felt something ticklish, Meat was laying a thin blanket over me.
Meat was also in a yukata. There was an entry to buy a version that had a hole in it for her tail with DP, as expected of this world.

“S-sorry—, I woke you up…”
“Faaah… Fuu, aah, well, it’s fine. I’ll be heading back to sleep…”

Getting down from the chair with a grand yawn, I headed towards my room attended by Meat.
Hmm, maybe I should think about measures to take if a customer falls asleep in the massage chair.

“… Nnn, there’s no feeling of satisfaction afterwards if there’s just vibration… Ah, right, Meat. Do you know how to massage?”
“…! Yes, Ichika taught me, though.”

Oooh! When’d she have the time? Meat is so studious.

“Well done, Meat. So then, what kind can you do?”
“Ah, t-that’s, ah, I can do, a s-stepping massage…”
“A stepping massage…!?”

A stepping massage. That is, a massage done by her feet.
Chiefly lacking the strength, children would have to use all of their body weight to give a good massage.
The method was simple. They stepped down with their body weight to make you feel pleasant, that’s it.
—Yeah, they stepped down on you. With their feet.
You could feel the curve of their foot as they stepped down. It was nothing but a grand prize to a foot fetishist like myself!

“I don’t mind, rather, please do it by all means—”
“Eh, y-yes, umm, then, lie face down.”

I laid face down onto the bed. Come on! Hurry up!

“Ah, u-umm, I-I’ll start.”

Meat timidly put her feet onto my back.
I was able able to more or less feel the temperature of Meat’s feet through the thin yukata… Warm.
She was earnestly holding back as she stepped down, but it was really ticklish—crap, I’m waking up despite feeling like dozing off.
It’s not like her feet were bad or anything like that though.

“Ofuu… please step down a little harder, it’s too ticklish.”
“Y-yes, excuse me.”

Oh. Compared to a moment ago, the strength she put into her feet suddenly shot up. It’s much more pleasant now.
The soles of her feet were pressing down on all of the spots that felt stiff and I wanted her to focus on.

“Even more, press your heels and toes against the stiff spots…”
“Yes—, l-like this?”
“Aah, good, that’s good… fuoooh, feels so good…”

Trying to press into me with her feet, Meat stepped on me as though dancing on my back with her heels.
Aah, truly a stepping massage.
A stepping massage while sleeping. This is bad, I can’t feel it while I’m dreaming…!

“Ah, it’s fine to stop when I fall asleep.”
“Yes… Ei—, yah—”
“Oooh, yes, that stomping is good too~”

My lower back was getting trampled gently by the soles of her feet.
Faah, her regular rhythm was making me feel sleepy… not good, I’ll still getting it… mmm…




When I woke up, Meat was being my hug pillow as usual.
She smelled faintly sweet.

“… Ah, good morning…”

Meat opened her eyes as though matching mine.

“M-morning… Hmmm, that was a good sleep. It’s rare that I feel this refreshed.”
“… If I was able to help, I’m glad.”

Meat smiled slightly.
… I gently stroked her head.

“I’ll be relying on you for more massages.”
“Y-yes, please leave it to me.”

Now then, I feel full of energy and ready to go thanks to Meat’s massage.
What to do~. I finished the inn’s construction too, so I guess today will be the dungeon’s interior~.

“Ah, right. I’ll give you a reward since the massage felt great. Is there anything that you’ve been wanting?”
“Fueh!? … S-something like that, u-ummm, is it alright?”
“Yeah, feel free to say whatever. It’s fine so long as it’s within the range of what I can do as a reward.”
“What, doubting me?”
“! I-I would never—”

Meat shook her head back and forth in a panic. Maybe I poked a bit too much fun at her?
I’ll wait for Meat to tell me her wish. Well, I wonder what she’ll say? Maybe all-you-can-eat hamburgers?
Just a bit, Meat opened her mouth.

“Umm… please step on me—”

Eh, what did this child just say?

When I heard the rest of what she had to say, it seems that the act of trampling another—despite it being for a massage—is considered integral to hierarchical relationships, and originally belongs to the person with the higher rank… trampling me seems to have greatly upset her mentally. (She was still able to step on Ichika without reservation because she is her junior as a slave or something.)
Well, she said that she wanted me to step on her to keep her emotions balanced.
Though it seems that I don’t have to do it if I don’t want to, it seems that she wants me to.
Moreover, it seems that she wants me to step on her face if possible.
And if possible, kick her flying… it seems.

There’s no way I could go that far!
And so, I pardoned myself by going to the extent of patting the back of Meat’s head with my foot a little.

Meat raised her head, she looked pleased.




“As I was saying about this morning; is that what beastkin are usually like?”
“That’s right, in general.”

Troubled by Meat’s common sense, I went to consult Ichika-sensei, but it looks like that was the norm.
Beastkin trouble themselves quite a lot over hierarchical relationships, and moreover since Meat grew up as a slave she was trained to believe she was on the lowest level. It was probably natural for her.

“More than that physical part of it climbing on someone and stepping on them, that’s just how beastkin emphasize the peckin’ order. Famous proposals like [I want you to be below me] or [I want to be below you], that kinda thing.”

Wait, a proposal?

“Even common proposals. [I want to feed you what I hunt and catch every day], or [With my fists, I will fill your belly] are pretty emotional things.”

I can’t keep up. I’m not troubled by the appeals being for food. That’s probably just Ichika filling in the subject with her own take.

“Others are like [Please brush my tail] or [You are the only one who can touch my belly] or somethin’.”

“By some chance, is Ichika talking about the old days?”
“Ahahaha, nothin’ like that. There was a beastkin guy that got treated as an adventurer’s younger brother, I liked to tease him a bit.”

Hey, didn’t the subject switch here?

“Rather, doesn’t it just mean Meat-senpai likes Goshujin-sama a lot? Isn’t it ‘kay?”
“Well yeah, but something like that’s…”

Ah, come to thing of it I asked for another massage didn’t I?
But it really did feel good… yep, I’ll have her do it again.
I just have to step on her again as the compensation… Ah, is that alright?

… Huh, wait, isn’t there the chance that Meat is a kindred spirit (foot fetishist)…!?

No, no way, hahaha… I’ll go and prepare some hamburgers as a reward.



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