Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 483

Dungeon Site


​ It seems like they don’t have any greenhouses, so there’s definitely got to be a dungeon behind the production… So… where’s the dungeon?

​ “I wonder if I could do some research with the map function?”

​ “Oh, that’s a good idea. Well, assuming it’s in the town.”

​ Agreeing with RokufaRokuko, I quickly opened the map.

​ Even if I was just possessing Narikin, I could still open the map as expected. I just had to give Narikin the permission to do so.

​ The area around Sunstar appeared on the map.

​ There was a ton of farmland. Wheat fields, orchards,

​ … and a place called dungeon site. It was a bit suspicious that it was in the plaza, but according to NaanaToy,

​ “As its name implies, it’s the site of a dungeon’s destruction. Like a memorial park, it’s a tourist attraction.”

​ … is what I’m told. A couple could break a white, round urn that mimicked a Dungeon Core together.

​ “It seems like they couples break jars in a similar fashion in the Light God’s Decree as well. My lady, perhaps you should go try doing it with the lord?”

​ “Sounds great! Let’s go, Kehma… I mean Narikin!”

​ “Yeah, wait? Did you forget what we came here for?”

​ “We’ve already gathered a ton of information from the Commerce Guild, so can’t we just let the rest of today be free time?”

​ “Lady, perhaps I could gather information on my own?”

​ “Sure, I’ll allow it. See you tonight.”

​ “Oi, Rokufa, don’t just go and allow it… but I guess a single day is fine.”

NaanaToy released TranNarikin and ShibaRokufa from the bird cage. Unlike ordinary birds, they obediently stopped on my shoulders.

​ “I will take my leave and—”

​ “Wait, Naana. Take Tran with you just in case.”

​ “—understood, my lord.”

​ I had TranNarikin go accompany NaanaToy as she1 was about to leave so abruptly.

​ “Alright, how about we try going to the orchard, then? I feel like there’s profit to be found pairing what you pair hearing stuff like [Where what this harvested? I’d like to see the place it was borne] and the fruit we bought earlier.”

​ “That too, but let’s go to the white urn first!”

​ Yeah… but it’s meant to represent a Dungeon Core, are you sure you want to??

​ At any rate, Rokuko’s obstinate desire led us to the dungeon site.

​ … Well, this’ll also serve as information gathering.



​ Now then, the dungeon site park. There used to be a dungeon here.

​ As for what kind of dungeon it used to be… it was twelve floors in all with a small hill at the entrance, the enemies that appeared were mainly quadrupedal animals.

​ “At least that’s what was so kindly written on the sign at the park entrance.”

​ “It was probably from before I was born.”

​ So I guess you wouldn’t know what core number it was then?

​ Still though, it having a signboard like that means this place must be a pretty popular commemorative park or sightseeing spot. There was a reception desk in front of the cave at the dungeon’s entrance. If you paid the entrance fee (adult: 10 copper, child: 3 copper), you could even sightsee inside the dungeon.

​ In other words, the former dungeon was now a popular tourist spot where you could enjoy the feeling of conquering a dungeon.

​ “Are you alright, Rokuko? Isn’t this basically the corpse of a Dungeon Core?”

​ “Hey, I’m Rokufa. Don’t mistake that.”

​ “Whoops, sorry… so, are you alright?”

​ “I don’t think there’s anything special about this place. Once a core’s been shattered, it turns into any other sort of hole in the ground without the protection of a dungeon.”

​ Guess that’s just how it is.

​ At any rate, the area around the dungeon was a grass-filled park. Let’s try heading straight to the former dungeon’s reception desk.

​ “Welcome, two people? … Will you be alright in such light gear? We could provide rental equipment if you wish.”

​ Looks like that’s part of the attraction.

​ “No thanks. We’re adventurers, have whatever we need in [Storage].”

​ “Oh, my apologies then. Still, there are accommodations inside that can provide you with snacks and rest, so please use them.”

​ “Accommodations?”

​ “Yes, as there are twelve floors.”

​ I see, it’s not as if they could just use [Deployment] or something to let people check out the twelve floors. In addition to the twelve sets of stairs, there’s also the floors’ areas to take into consideration.

​ It was the kind of place you’d go to to stay overnight, I suppose.

​ “Hey, I’d like to break the urn.”

​ “Oh, it’s possible to do that here, but it’s particularly best to do that in the former Core Room on the final floor. The price for doing it here is one silver coin, or five silver coins in the final floor.”

​ “Hmm, so it’s four silver more to do it inside?”

​ “It’s due to the transportation costs.”

​ That makes sense. Carrying a fragile object the whole way would be a hassle, plus you’d have to add in the fact that the former Core Room a special place. The price fit it.

​ “Let’s go with that one!”

​ “Hm? Ah, yeah.”

​ It’s not like four or five silver was anything compared to the amount the inn makes. Splurging should be fine.

​ “The route is over there in that case. Please take your time and enjoy yourselves.”

​ I paid the twenty copper entrance fee and we went into the former dungeon. It was a cave-like dungeon illuminated by light magic tools arranged at regular intervals. Still, they’d added reinforcements by way or wooden pillars or bricks here and there.

​ With the Dungeon Core damaged and its influence lost, it was easier for the walls and floors to collapse. It seemed like they were trying to prevent that from happening. At least, that’s what the sign hanging on the wall at the entrance said.

​ “They really did go and make a dungeon into a tourist attraction~”

​ “Yeah, there are even signs on the walls… Hmm.”

​ “Kehma? Looks like that’s the way further inside.”

​ … Whoops, so that’s the route?

​ It also looked like a bit of a staff-only place, but let’s try going all the way in the normal way. If we get found out, we’ll just sneak in later. Maybe I could summon a spider with DP and let it go in?



​ Still though, I didn’t easily get tired even after walking for a long while.

​ Even without the Golem Assist, Narikin’s body was much harder to fatigue. It was originally a Living Armor, after all.

​ On the other hand, RokufaRokuko seemed tired.

​ “Haah, haah… can’t we take a break?”

​ “… Alright. Just in time, there’s a rest place up ahead.”

​ It looked like a coffee shop, one where we could also get snacks.

​ The Safety Zone was marked with green wallpaper even. How polite.

​ “For there to be a coffee shop just at the time Rokufa, who has the endurance of an adventurer, feels tired… I guess that’s what they want. There seems to be a good number of people in it, too.”

​ “Either way, let’s go in. I’m tired.”

​ “Sure.”

​ I led RokufaRokuko into the coffee shop.

​ … Unexpectedly, it was like a normal coffee shop inside. Despite being inside what used to be a dungeon.


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  1. Actually have 0 idea if Naana(Toy) is a boy or girl. Huh.
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