Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 480

Judgement of the Goddess


​ And so Rokuko, Soto, and I arrived at [White Beach].

​ “… So you came, Kehma-san.”

​ Standing there was the Demon King referred to as the White Goddess awaiting us.

​ I didn’t want to. I really, really didn’t want to. What’s with that black aura?

​ “Good morning, Ane-sama!”

​ Good morning, Rokuko-chan. And a lovable one at that.”

​ Haku-san switched her attitude as she turned toward Rokuko. Like she had to make sure none of that bloodlust made its way to her. I feel like I’m going to throw up, here.

​ After hugging Rokuko and patting her on the head, Haku-san turned and smiled at Soto.

​ “… So, this is the extra core I’ve heard about?”

​ “N-N-Nice to meet you, Aunty Haku!”

​ “Aunty… hmm, I do suppose you being Rokuko’s daughter would make me your aunt. What’s your name?”

​ “Y-Yes! It’s Soto! I-I’m v-very pleased, t-to meet you!”

​ “… Why are you performing a dogeza?”

​ Ah, that’s sneaky, Soto! Now that you’ve done it, I’ve missed my timing! Guess there’s no choice but for me to do it together with her…

​ “Stand up. You’re my niece, after all. Your head isn’t so cheap that you can lower it so easily.”

​ “O-Okay!!”

​ Soto stood up so forcibly it reminded me of a jack-in-the-box.

​ Seeing that, Haku-san smiled… sh-she forgave me… oh, it was just Soto? Please don’t kill me…

​ “Come.”

​ “Y-Yes, Aunty.”

​ Beckoned over, Soto was sandwiched between Rokuko and Haku-san. I’ll take my thoughts about this sight to the grave.

​ “Fufu, your eyes look just like Rokuko-chan’s. What a cute girl.”

​ “Uwaaah, how beautiful… ahh, no, I want it… I need this person’s socks…!”

​ “Her black hair is similar to Kehma’s!”

​ “Mmm, I suppose that point is a demerit.”

​ “What!? I’ll dye it, then! Red, blue, white, gold, anything! Papa, there are things that do that, right!?”

​ Oi, come on. I got this hair color from my parents!

​ “… Papa, is it. Yes, Papa… Kehma, san?”

​ GEH… Haku-san finally turned toward me, a smile frozen on her lips.

​ … Alright, I missed my timing earlier, but now is the time to whip out the dogeza.

​ “Kehma-san. Could you explain the situation?”

​ “… Well, there was an unexpected accident, umm, how can I put it…”

​ “I see. So you failed in using contraception? For the crime of dodging Misha and Dolche’s sight and soiling Rokuko-chan by impregnating her—let’s see, what shall I do?”

​ GEH!?!?!? The bloodlust was getting stronger! Haku-san released an aura that came with hallucinations of very precise methods she’d use to kill me…!

​ “Wait, Ane-sama. What do you mean by impregnating?”

​ “Oh? I mean where you make and raise the child in your belly. This child, Soto… was here, yes?”

​ “Hyah, that tickles, Ane-sama.”

​ Haku-san patted Rokuko’s belly.

​ “In that case, the one who got impregnated was Kehma, Ane-sama. It was his [Storage] rather than his belly, though.”

​ “Hmm?? Isn’t Kehma-san the father?”

​ Haku-san tilted her head to the side.

​ “Aunty! Papa told me to call him Papa because human men are called Papa! He’s actually Mama!”

​ “… Hmm? Oh?”

​ Haku-san tilted her head over to the other side… and then.

​ “Rokuko-chan. Could you tell me through what method this child was made?”

​ “Eh? Well, Kehma got a Dungeon Core from Otou-sama a while back. He kept warming it up, and then…”

​ While listening to Rokuko’s explanation, the aura of bloodlust slowly went away.

​ “… Oh, right. As a human, you wouldn’t suddenly be so big… So it was through the method as you were taught before… I see.”

​ “Do humans make children differently?”

​ “You don’t need to know that, Rokuko-chan. You’ve already made a child, right? Hmm?”

​ I see. So I guess having Soto call me Papa was a mistake.

​ Haku-san recognized me as the [Father] in Rokuko’s message and, because [I am not a god], took it to meant that we had a child through the human way of doing it. She’d come to the conclusion I’d overstepped my bounds in order to get married or something.

​ “I see… Kehma-san, you didn’t know how gods make children, did you?”

​ “I didn’t.”

​ “No response from my lie detector, either. I understand, I’ll forgive you this time… in deference to Soto-chan.”

​ Thank you, Soto. I’ll give you Ichika’s socks later! Kinue-san’s too!

​ “Ah, thank you very much!”

​ “The torture equipment I’d prepared will be wasted, though.”

​ “Ha, haha…”

​ With that, Haku-san dropped a painful-looking weapon out from her [Storage] and onto the sand. It was a warning that she wouldn’t show any mercy next time.

​ “Wow, that looks delicious. Aunty Haku, could I eat it?”

​ “Eh—…? It’s not food… but alright?”

​ “Yay, I’m gonna dig in!”

​ Saying that, Soto put the torture device Haku-san had taken out inter her [Storage].

​ “Oooh… it has magic in it! So tasty… loaded with energy…!”

​ “Hoh, so that’s the [Storage] dungeon… I wonder what’s going on inside it?”

​ “Want to go in? Fufufu, if it’s Aunty Haku, I’ll let you in specially! Ah, the admission fee are the socks you’re wearing… those tights will be fine!”

​ “Eh, tights?”

​ Oooooiii Soto!? Don’t be rude, what if you cause a certain parent of yours to hang!?

​ “Do you play with them? Hmm. Wait a moment… … … Here, is this okay?”

​ Somehow, Haku-san took her finger and slid it along her legs through the slit in her clothing to unabashedly take off her tights right in front of us and handed them to Soto!

​ “W-waaaaah!? Really!? Ultra Divine Class Legendary Rare! Part of the Hall of Fame! Thank you, thank you! I’ll make it a family heirloom!”

​ “I-I don’t quite understand what you mean… but could I go in now?”

​ “Yes! Yes, please, enjoy yourself! It’s a small dungeon without much in it though!”

​ “Alright, I’ll be heading in now then.”

​ Haku-san entered the [Storage]. Soto threw her tights into her mouth as soon as Haku-san looked away, eating it immediately.

​ With [Weak Replication], Soto didn’t have to restrain herself to only eating food. Instead, she could eat whatever she wanted and enjoy herself with it by duplicating it later.

​ “~~! Ppuah! So, so good! Too good—I-I can’t feel my hips! I’m falling! Mama, hold me!”

​ “Eeeh? Come now, really. You really are Kehma’s kid.”

​ Why’re you saying it’s because of me? She’s your daughter, Rokuko.

​ “… Actually, why isn’t Haku-san stopping? Normally, isn’t it not safe to go in?”

​ “Oh yeah, she’s moving like normal, huh? Even though time’s still stopped. Meat Onee-chan stopped when she went in yesterday though?”

​ Oi, what all were you guys doing while I was asleep?


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