Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 48



The fourth day of the inn’s construction.
We have plenty enough timber, so lets have the mock fight between Ichika and Meat.
Meat and Ichika were clothed in the [Clothes Golem Version 2], the maid clothes golem.
For weapons, they had a wooden dagger and wooden carving knife respectively. Just the shapes.

“Uooh-!? What’re with these clothes, even though I’m not putting in any strength there’s such an incredibly power… heeeh, so this was the secret of Meat-senpai’s strength. The mobility efficiency certainly doesn’t match how it looks, I can move however I want!”
“For Goshujin-sama’s sake, try out various movements.”

My job is to spectate the mock battle… though I say that, the monitor I opened up from the menu is properly recording it all.
If I substitute the repeated practice of those movements with having my clothes record their movements, it will fully complete the clothes golem’s movement assistance function.
It’s easier than going through the motions one by one myself. If it were a robot I’d have to go through and program things like the angle of the feet and arms myself after all.

Even if I can’t do anything, it’ll be fine with these two strong people. This is a really good plan for the party rank. To begin with, I didn’t want to be an adventurer. I just want to sleep in peace.
Nevertheless, I’ve been feeling that I should do more things recently. I don’t get it.

Alright, well! Let’s rest this day away with gusto! So, I spread the bedding out on the tatami mats in my own room of the inn as the two were having their mock battle recorded outside.

“Kehma! We hit an underground water source! Moreover, it’s warm!”

… And just when I tried to take a nap.
Well, this is also good. We found a hot spring…

“Well let’s make it into an onsen right away then I guess?”
“By the way, what’s an onsen?”
“Something like a warm pond. It’s pleasant when you get in it. It helps your blood circulation and is great for your health.”
“Eeeeh, so, it’s fine for me to get in too right?”
“It’s fine, but does a dungeon core that can move day and night without sleep and doesn’t even need [Cleanup] even need to?”
“I’m the owner, so I want to properly go and confirm how good it is!”

Rokuko was chattering away in high spirits.
It’s good that she’s so motivated. Work hard so that I don’t need to.

“Ah. It might be smelly depending on the quality of the onsen.”
“Stinky!? Humans have changed, getting into smelly water deliberately… I wonder if [Cleanup] removes the smell?”

Yep, sorry. Honestly, it feels so good that you’ll want to sleep when you soak in an onsen~. I’m not the only one that thinks that.
Though there are some people that think sulfur smells good, I just can’t get accustomed to it like those formidable people. It smells like rotten eggs to me…
… Sulfur springs would probably have a negative effect on weapons. It might be tricky to lure adventurers to the inn?
Well, I’ll see if it’s a true onsen after checking it out.




The area where the hot spring was struck was one hundred meters underground. It was found shallower than I thought.
I established the onsen’s water source as part of the dungeon, putting a little of the water into a bucket I made out of wood golems. (After all, onsens have to have buckets. I made them with that kind of feeling.)

“… Looks transparent. It even has a pretty high temperature, and doesn’t smell at all.”

Even though I haven’t given it a taste, it seems like it could be drank as is.
Hmm? Hold up, didn’t Ichika say she was good at poison tasting?
She didn’t say that she could tell by drinking it, but she might be able to tell if there is any poison from doing so.

“Ichika, suspend the mock battle for a moment and come here.”
“Hmm? Got it, be there soon.”

I called Ichika, who was battling with Meat, from the window. She headed over immediately.
For the time being, I looked at the hot water inside the bucket.

“I want to consult you about the hot water in this, is there poison in it or is it safe?”
“Hmm? Let me see.”

Ichika took the bucket into her hands and started to suddenly began to swig down the water inside of it.

“Wai—, Ichika, what are you doing!?”
“Puhaaah—. Ah, I don’t think there’s any poison in it if I’m still going for another two hours!”
“What’ll you do if there’s poison in it!?”
“Aah, don’t worry don’t worry, at worst I’d just empty my belly. From the smell, look, and taste of it I can roughly understand… Kufufu, were you worryin’ about me? Thanks~♪”

Ichika was smiling as though she were feeling embarrassed.

“… H-hey. I wasn’t worried even a little you know? It just would have been bad if my fifty silver was poisoned and died.”
“I see, I see~. I think that if I serve ya devotedly and have good relations with ya I might be emancipated before long~.”
“… Unfortunately, it’s impossible for me to release you since you know about the dungeon now.”
“Even that’s fine, Goshujin-sama feeds me delicious things after all. Well, I’m gonna return to the mock fight~”

Ichika waved her hand while laughing as she went outside.
Two hours later, Ichika was still lively and wasn’t having any troubles. Looks like there’s no problems with the water.
… Well, I didn’t think that she would suddenly drink the water. Seriously. It startled me.




I filled the onsen with the hot water. There was a ton of steam, it was still hot.
I like to take long baths in hot water… let’s try and enter it slowly later on.

Because I was able to make the onsen with this, the inn was finally completed.

Since it would be troublesome if Rokuko or I had to use [Collection] every time the hot water needed to be changed, let’s just use a thirty centimeter large drill golem to drill out the onsen’s future piping. I’m not worried about anything collapsing, though.
I still can’t afford to spent DP on it, so I’m still looking for a way of getting rubber to make a pump. I’ll throw the water I got with [Collection] into the stone golem tank in a little while, it should be fine if I make sure to use the hot water that accumulated so that it doesn’t cool down. If I need to I can fix it by shoving in a fireball.

The DP spent on the hotel, onsen digging included, was 5000 DP.
I also installed a [Water Source (1000 DP)] for the inn’s water services. Mainly digging the onsen was 4000 DP… Huh? Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just set up the [Water Source] and heat it with something… no, I was able to get a natural onsen, so let’s treat it as a good thing.
I was able to finish it all much more cheaply than building a house with DP (200,000 DP~), so there’s around 15,000 DP remaining… no, let’s do this slowly and in detail.
There is 16,390 DP remaining. The amount needed for the dungeon’s fourth and fifth underground floors, as well as the amount I gave to Rokuko to use freely from before are excluded from that.
Still, if I don’t pay attention to our income and expenditures… aaah don’t wanna don’t wanna! I want to hurry up and earn, sleep, and spend!

“Hey, Kehma. This onsen thing, how do you use it?”
“Ah, first you take off your clothes, then enter after washing yourself off.”
“… You take off your clothes? Having your underwear seen is embarrassing… aah, so that’s why there’s a wall that keeps people from seeing in surrounding it.”

Rokuko nodded in admiration.

“No hold up, you have to take off your underwear too you know?”
“You don’t bring any clothes into a bath… that’s common sense.”
“Wait a second… This, people don’t enter alone right? Are humans that composed?”
“… Right, I forgot about the difference in culture.”

Let’s ask Ichika about baths, despite it being a bit late. Please teach me, Ichika-sensei~

“Hmm, there was probably a bath in the imperial capital. I think they entered it after changing into some simple clothes?”
“Washing your body is a serious matter… no, did they use cleanup…!?”

Kuh—, even though I also diligently made a space to wash your body!

I should have asked first… even though I made each and every faucet and shower (no hose wall installation type)… I’ll just be asking for grief if I dwell on it…

“… No nudity?”
“Aah, umm… the hero used a towel in the nude when he was at the public bath, I guess? … Well, that was more Hero-sama’s preference, not the inn’s.”
“… I get it, if that’s the case we’ll use clothing… We’ll sell or lend the bathing wear to recommend the bath.”

Well, for now I just wanted to get into the onsen, so it’s fine.

“Ah, Meat-senpai and I are slaves, so there’d be no problem if we entered together in the nude? How ’bout it?”
“… The women’s bath and the men’s baths are separated. Ah, Ichika. Please teach Rokuko and Meat on how to enter the bath, the women’s bath.”

Well, it’s not like I don’t want to watch. I’m anxious for feet and legs though.
In addition to the large public baths, I also made a [Footbath] that you’re originally meant to wear clothes in. I’m allowed to watch there. Fufufu.



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