Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 477

What’s Inside My [Storage]


​ I decided to organize my [Storage] for the first time in a while.

​ My [Storage] was filled with a good number of dangerous things. Black balls that explode on a given keyword, a purple Dummy Core, a pure Dungeon Core I got from [Father], and an orichalcum blade. Those were just the icing on top of the cake that was my treasure horde. There were even a few unused spell scrolls I figured I’d get around to reading eventually.

​ “Huh?”

​ … At least, that’s what should have been in there.

​ When I turned my [Storage] on its head to dump everything out, nothing came out. Only that dungeon core I got from [Father] came tumbling out. That’s it.

​ “… What’s going on?”

​ Fortunately, I was wearing my godly beddings—the [Godly Pajamas] as my jersey and [Godly Alarm Clock] as my wristwatch, so those weren’t missing. The [Godly Comforter] and [Godly Blanket] were held on to by Rokuko, so those were safe as well.

​ Still though, where’d everything go? There weren’t any of the dishes Kinue-san prepared or the blade golems I’d made in it either.

​ I put my arm into [Storage] to fumble around and try to find anything else, but there wasn’t anything there. I was usually able to feel whatever’s inside just by thinking about it though.

​ I tried looking inside. The open mouth to the [Storage] was just black space, but maybe I could see inside if I put my head in…? It might stop time to just my head, though, causing a bit of an issue with the rest of my body. IT’d be dangerous to try it alone.

​ Looks like I’ll need someone to stand by and rescue me.


​ “Which is why you want me to be here, huh.”

​ “You’re the person I can rely on for things like this, Rokuko. I’ll be moving my hand as I stick my head into the [Storage], so pull me out immediately if it stops moving.”

​ “Got it.”

​ Which is why I decided to have Rokuko be my insurance as I take a look inside.

​ … Hmm, I put my head in, but I couldn’t see anything.

​ There wasn’t any sound or light.

​ Suddenly, light returned to me. It appeared that Rokuko pulled me back out. Moreover, I was a bit startled by feeling soft taps on my shoulder alongside a weird sensation of me also being hit there at the same time.

​ “Owah…!? Wait, why so soon? It hadn’t even been five seconds.”

​ “Are you okay, Kehma? You stopped moving. For about fifteen seconds.”

​ “Eh, really?”

​ I didn’t feel like I’d stopped doing it, but I guess I wasn’t even able to realize I stopped? It’s a good thing I decided to get Rokuko first.

​ Also, it seems like she’d tapped my shoulder several times without me responding.

​ Wait, was it that the sensations from her doing that built up and came to me all at once? Like the sensations were frozen in time and were recognized collectively after I backed out…? It was hard to describe how strange and weird it felt.

​ “It’s unexpected dangerous… [Storage], that is.”

​ “You got that right.”

​ But like, where did everything else go off to for just that Dungeon Core to be left behind?

​ It shouldn’t be possible for a hole to open up in the [Storage]… No, I don’t really know how it works at all, so maybe it was possible?

​ “Hey, Kehma. This is the core Otou-sama gave you, right? You still had it?”

​ “Hm? Yeah. If all I want to do is raise the level of [Super Transformation], Dummy Cores are enough for that.”

​ Rokuko spoke while petting the extra Dungeon Core.

​ “… Maybe your stuff is in this?”

​ “Eh?”

​ “I just mean that, well, I have a Master Room, right? Maybe this core has one too!”

​ Rokuko slapped her hand down onto it. Her reasoning was sound enough.

​ “… I see. It’s not a Dummy Core. It’s an actual core.”

​ “In that case, it could be convenient since there would be more space to store things… That said, looking inside might be a problem.”

​ As if trying to get inside, Rokuko poked the Dungeon Core as she spoke.

​ I wonder if another core could enter? … Is what I thought, but then I recalled it being in Orange’s Dungeon Core. I guess so, then?1

​ “I wonder if I can’t enter by just imagining a door opening? Kehma, you try too!”

​ “S-Sure.”

​ I put my hand on the opposite side of the core that Rokuko did, matching her… Picturing the feeling of entering Rokuko’s Master Room, I pushed a small strand of magical power into the Dungeon Core.

​ Wait. I’m trying to pry it open, maybe I should use more?

​ As I continued to increase the amount of magical power I was pouring into it, the while light shining from the core visibly magnified.

​ … Is that it? That’s all?

​ “Hmm, I feel like we just need a biiiit more~”

​ “I’d at least like to get back my orichalcum sword.”

​ When Rokuko also put some of her magical power into it, the core’s light turned to a soft golden hue.

​ It feels divine… but also like there’s something wrong with it. I mean, this doesn’t happen when I enter Rokuko’s Master Room or anything, right?

​ “Hey, Rokuko?”

​ “Hmm?”

​ “What should we do now?”

​ “Eh? Umm, of course we should… uhh… I wonder?”

​ Rokuko tilted her head to the side. Oi.

​ Just then, the Dungeon Core’s light intensified.

​ “… Maybe we should stop?”

​ “How strange. I thought so as well and I’m still trying to stop, but it won’t let me?”

​ “… I can’t take my hands away!?”

​ It was like a vacuum cleaner sucking my hands onto it, making it so that I couldn’t pull away. My magical power was flowing freely into it. It was just a tiny amount, though.

​ “Rokuko, are you okay?”

​ “Ah, yeah. There’s nothing wrong with my hands, I just can’t move them. By the way, it’s a bit sudden, but I’m getting the urge to bathe in the onsen, can’t we?”

​ “We can’t.”

​ What are you saying when you can’t even move your hands? What side are you planning on entering, the men’s or women’s? There’s no mixed bathing at our inn.

​ “Mmm, no good. What should we do then?”

​ “… Ah. Maybe you could leave with the dungeon function?”

​ “There’s also your [Super Transformation]. Ah, but, umm… maybe we could stay like this a while longer? Look, we can’t leave each other~?”

​ Her hands still on the Dungeon Core, Rokuko moved her face closer to mine.

​ At that moment, the Dungeon Core suddenly shined brightly.

​ “Uoh, so bright!?”

​ “Hyah!?”

​ As soon as I moved my hands to shield my eyes, the Dungeon Core let out a popping sound. It seemed to float up into midair. It then promptly fell right into my [Storage] I’d left open.

​ A freakin’ godray of light rose from my [Storage] before settling down.

​ “… There’re no marks on the ceiling… What the heck just happened…?”

​ “No idea… maybe your [Storage]’s stuff is back though?”

​ “Everything but the core was gone from the start though… but maybe?”

​ I put my hand into my [Storage].

​ … Mmm, there’s a soft and warm feeling. Hmm?

​ —Just as I thought that, I felt something slimy tickle my hand.

​ “Whyah!? W-What!?”

​ “Eh—what’s wrong, Kehma!?”

​ “Th-There’s something in my [Storage]!! It licked my hand…!?”

​ “Eeeh, but [Storage] stops creatures from moving? Let me try too.”

​ With that, Rokuko put her hand into my [Storage] and—

​ “Wawawah!? Wh-What is it!?”

​ “Wha—!? Wha—-!? There’s something in there!!”

​ “What’s this, what’s this!? Eh, there’s something smooth. Hair?”

​ Rokuko felt around my [Storage].

​ “!? It grabbed me!? K-Kehma, help!”

​ “I-I’ve got you!”

​ I pulled Rokuko back forcibly. With that—

​ —A black-haired girl who was gripping onto Rokuko’s hand appeared from my [Storage].


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  1. Doesn’t actually say if he’s wondering about Rokuko being able to enter it or if he’s wondering about the pure or purple core. So… dunno.
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