Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 47

Plans for Ranking Up


On the third day of the inn construction… I decided to make into a rest day to recover my magical power.
I didn’t really need to recover it though. When I was chugging down the crazy number of mana potions to use [Create Golem] for the dungeon battle, I hardly felt my magical power being used making the golems. I felt like I’d been working a ton recently, so I decided to take a break for my mental health.
Ah, it’d be great if the drill golem struck a hot spring while I’m resting.

There’s still something to make. Even if stocking up on ingredients to eat uses DP, I shouldn’t use that as an excuse to not prepare something. I’ve been thinking about making a garden. Fortunately, the beet-radish field I made with the experimental golem Tester a bit ago has been turning out well. Let’s add to the vegetable garden.
Well, if I buy vegetable seeds with DP, I should just need to instruct the golems to construct a fence surrounding the field.

Since Ichika and Meat have also been cutting down an amazing number of trees these past two days, they’re also taking a break with me.
When I dried the felled trees with the life magic [Dehydrate], Ichika stared with her eyes opened wide… but the trees cracked from drying out all at once from [Dry].
I used [Create Golem] to mend them back together though, so there was no problem.

Well, when I placed down my bed in the master room, Ichika started to speak with me.

“… Come to think about it, Goshujin-sama’s F-rank right? No matter how ya look at it, this is an E-Rank dungeon, and if there’s magic swords it’s probably even D-Rank so ya can’t enter right?”

… Didn’t think about that.
Crap. It’s not something uncool like I wasn’t going to go back to it despite it being my dungeon. There’s also the possibility of me getting excluded in general and being unable to return. Normally, there’d even be the possibility that I’d get locked out and be unable to return.
Even though I haven’t finished the inn somehow or another.

I wonder what the quickest way to raise my rank is? The requirement to improve ranks from F-Rank to E-Rank is to complete ten or more F-Rank commissions, as well as an examination done by the guild. A practical battle exam.

“Setting aside the exam, for the commissions… the only F-Rank commission I know about is the goblin subjugation one.”
“There’s not just goblin subjugations though? I did boar huntin’ at that rank.”

For this reason, my job is to remove the right ears from our summoned goblins as part of subjugation proof…
… Eh, as expected I can’t do something like that to ones I summoned myself. Compared to the goblins living in the wild, summoned goblins like Gobsuke even have my gratitude from saving the dungeon core. I can’t do something so brutish.

“Have to search for wild goblins huh…”
“If you want goblin right ears, why not just use DP?”
“Hah? Rokuko, you, that’s… possible?”
“It should be? Are’t there treasures like dragon claws?”

Now that you mention it, there isn’t any reason for there to not be. I looked through the treasure list. But, it wasn’t there. As expected, it’s pretty hard to call goblin ears treasures.
I looked through the other pages without giving up… There it is. In the alchemy material list.
Goblin’s right ear. One for 6 DP. Five for 30 DP. Thirty copper each. It didn’t exactly match up to the reward.

“Since we’ve already finished one before… forty-five of them huh? 270 DP…”

Around two day’s worth of our current DP income.
Ah, Ichika’s here right now so our daily income is 160 DP.
That is to say, it went up by 60 DP per day. Going through the simple calculations, that meant she had the strength of around three bandits? As expected of a C-Rank adventurer, incredible…!

“Rather, goblin right ears are alchemy materials, what are they used for…?”
“Hmm. It doesn’t really need to be the right ear, but they get scattered across fields as fertilizer. The guild was originally troubled on how to dispose of the right ears they collected from subjugation commissions, but they came up with a recipe to get rid of ’em.”

Adventurers could resubmit ears that were discarded as-is, so it looks like they had to use them somehow. There are people like that after all… wait, I’m one of those people too for trying something like this? This is a brand new right ear, but I can’t really say I did the commission honestly. The original purpose of it was to root out the goblins in fields.
Well, yeah, it’s fine. Time is worth more than being frugal here. The only thing written on the commission ticket is goblin right ears, so it isn’t fraud.

“A trivial problem for my demon king Goshujin-sama?”
“I said I’m not the demon king.”

Then, it became a problem of where to hunt.
That is, I arranged goblin spawners in the dungeon. It looked like each goblin spawner could have up to five goblins at a time. It could spawn another at any time when one died if it had mana to use.
… I also want to install some golem spawners in the labyrinth… 10,000 DP each. It’s even five for one… golems are monsters that have magic stones, so that’s fine. They’re considered an income source for adventurers too, so it might be a good commodity.

And so, five goblin spawners on the first floor, with two more in the labyrinth on the third floor with three golem spawners. Now to make the fourth and fifth underground floors… well, they’re still not needed. I still don’t even know if customers will even come to a suspicious place like this.
… 20,000 DP remaining. Yeah, shouldn’t I be happy there’s still that much left? Losing my fortune isn’t good for my mental state, even more so when I’m resting.

“Ichika, do you know the conditions for becoming D-Rank from E-Rank?”
“Certainly… one hundred total commissions, as well as a guild examination. They will look at your one-on-one fighting skills. Well, it’ll be an easy win for Goshujin-sama and Meat-senpai.”

… One-on-one combat… it’d be bad if I didn’t have a plan.
Fortunately, Ichika is a former C-Rank. If the clothes golem learns Ichika’s movements in detail, it’ll be a considerable power up.

“Ichika is skilled enough to raise her rank up to C-Rank solo huh. So that means you’re pretty strong? Perhaps you’re strong enough to be a knight commanding officer?”
“No waaay, though I think I’, be stronger than an unskilled place’s commander…. well, going head-on against a minotaur would be hard.”

So you can’t be C-Rank without that much… No, saying it another way, you can only do it if you have the skill?
That is, skills other than magic. A strong slashing attack like [Slash] or something. It’d probably be good to learn that.

“Want to practice a bit? … With Meat.”
“What about Goshujin-sama?”
“I’ll be watching, it’s an important role.”

I’ll make sure to watch them through Menu-san’s surveillance monitor so that I can record them.
Having the golems practice and master the movements until they’re natural is an important job.
As for their one-on-one sparring partners, I just have to make a golem that’s even more human like than the standard human-type golems, there’s no problem.

“Ah, but well ya can just go through a dungeon and don’t need to go through a rank up solo or anything y’know? It’s easier to go through ranking up with party rank and not solo rank. So long as everyone’s together ya can be recognized as that rank as long as ya have a fixed party like that, that is. We could be a C-Rank party if I’m in it.”

Party rank. Feels like a system with a condition attached. Ah, come to think of it, didn’t Haku-san say her party were all S-Rank yesterday?
I wonder if it’s a system meant for mages and support-types not good at personal combat, or maybe it’s for aristocrats?
If a big shot person wants to dive into a dungeon but doesn’t have the rank for it, they could be considered a C-Rank party if they included a guard. Something like that.
It seems the written exam also gives credit based on the party, probably for being able to bring muscle-brained warriors into dungeons.

In any case, looks like we’ll be able to rank up easily with Ichika, who’s a former C-Rank.

“Well, Meat-senpai’s fighting strength is better than a C-Rank’s~… un.”

Eh, are you pulling my leg here? … I had the feeling, but okay then.



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