Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 46

The Inn’s Program


… The story about the slum’s dark slave trader is horrible.
Well, I’ll just bust apart the slums then! Free all of the beastkin slaves! I have no intention of doing any of that. I don’t feel like taking responsibility.
If I can do away with all danger I’ll do so, though to start with I don’t think I can do that. Hero, I beg you, be an unparalleled soft-heart.

Meat was doing her best to liberate herself from Ichika’s chest. She was starting to suffocate.

“Oops! Sorry, Meat-senpai. Ya alright?”

She seems a bit dizzy, but it looks like she’s fine.

“Ah, Kehma. Our conversation wandered a bit, but please give me more details on that [Setting] thing from a bit ago.”
“Hmm? I was just saying I’d put Rokuko in charge of the slaves to deal with adventurers. I would…”

I decided to talk about the inn’s program.
Though the reason I wanted to build an inn in the first place was to secure a place to sleep, the Ordinary Cave suddenly turned into a better dungeon than the average one. What now?

Answer: Something that isn’t suspicious.

That being the case, I decided to explain it to them in order to get us on the same page.
First of all, the matter of Haku-san actually being a cooperator.

“The owner of this inn is Rokuko-san, the younger sister of the A-Rank adventurer, Haku-san. It was made so quickly because we had the help of Haku-san’s adventurer acquaintances. So far so good?”
“Certainly, if Haku Ane-sama’s acquaintances helped out an inn could be built in a day. Like it was brought from somewhere. Though it was actually Kehma.”
“Right. Well, even though me building it is a secret, it’s a hassle.”

I got her agreement. Haku-san gave me the conditions for the situation of Rokuko being the [A-Rank Adventurer Haku]’s [Younger Sister].
I had to pledge that Rokuko wouldn’t be against her social position. Though there may be people who would attack Rokuko due to a grudge against Haku-san, this is a dungeon. We could just retreat to to the master room if it gets dangerous. We could even be there however long we need.

“And since I just happened to be nearby and ran into Haku-san, I decided to lend Rokuko, who was Haku-san’s younger sister, some slaves to work for her. Then, I became a good-for-nothing adventurer that just sleeps all day after renting out one of the inn’s rooms. That’s the [Setting].”
“Kehma just wants to sleep… that [Setting] is really just…”
“What’re you talking about Rokuko, in reality I would be the dungeon master.”
“Ah, that’s right!”

Well, I didn’t lie since I didn’t say that I won’t be the dungeon master!
Besides, slaves work to comfort their owner. In a sense it’s how it should be.
Though it looks like things such as inn repair and dungeon administering are things that only I can do…

“Hmm? If that’s how the [Setting] will be, how’s Kehma gonna do anythin’?”
“I made the room to be easy to sneak in and out of. Could I do my work as a dungeon master in front of other people?”
“That’s true…”

Well, there might be some various other things that stand out.
However, they’ll just let small inconsistencies slide with [Well, it’s because he’s an A-Rank adventurer]!

“It’s perfect!”
“Right? I can sleep soundly then~”
“Hey… Goshujin-sama and Rokuko-sama, the A-rank adventurer… do you really know Haku, the [White-Winged Goddess]?”
“That? Yeah, there’s no problem since we’ve gotten permission from her. She said we could use her name as much as we liked if it’s for Rokuko.”
“S-seriously? If so… well, un, there’s a tsukkomi to toss in there but it’s ‘kay. The [White-Winged Goddess] is an A-Rank that’s friends with the higher ups in the imperial capital. Her partner, the [Black-Winged Devil] Chloe, and the other four of her party members, the [Four Kings], make up the S-Rank party known as the [Dungeon Busters] when they are all present. They have so much power that ya have no choice but to accept it no matter what.”

Ichika was saying that it would probably be alright.

Incidentally, the reason the inn was set up at the dungeon here was Haku-san’s whim. She transferred ownership to Rokuko, a relative that she trusted. That was the setting I asked Haku-san for in advance.
It was a setting where she could drop by and visit the inn on the pretext that she was coming to see her younger sister.

Most of all, Haku-san oversaw the making of this setting… you could even say it was more or less Haku-san’s idea.
After the dungeon battle, Haku-san asked, “What will you do from now on?”
I answered, “Make an inn.”
But then, “Ah, then how about making Rokuko its owner…? That way, it’ll be fine to give my cooperation. You can use my name as an adventurer, but in return, do it properly alright?”
She’d given me the green light.

I didn’t think that far ahead though.

Though I wanted a hot-spring hotel, it wouldn’t have just been at the level of suspicious or out of place if an inn just suddenly sprung up next to a dungeon. When I was wondering what to do, I got an excuse by using an A-Rank adventurer to bulldoze the problem.

Or rather, Haku-san even went past my expectations as an adventurer… even their nickname was awesome, the [Dungeon Busters]. Did they destroy dungeons? Well, other than her own [White Labyrinth] I guess.

“But since Rokuko-sama is her sister, the [Dungeon Busters]’ leader is a dungeon core. The irony is hilarious y’know.”

Hahaha. That’s right huh? Just the fact that the leader is a dungeon core is enough.
Ah, Ichika still doesn’t know about Haku-san’s identity. Even if she’s a slave, I don’t think it’s something to just lightly say to her though.

… What? It’s fine yeah? It’s alright like this you know?
Really, I’m just taking Ichika’s detailed common sense from this world and condensing it down to the finer points, I think it’s fine…?
To say it myself, I think my persuasiveness is flawed~.
I don’t need to think about being something like Haku-san’s mysterious earth mage acquaintance, Narikin, right? Doesn’t seem necessary… [1]

… I don’t actually need to go and make a secret disguise right?



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  • Narikin means ‘Upstart’. Well, it both does and doesn’t~Return
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