Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 44

Making an Inn and Employee Uniform

(Maid Clothes)


Now then, the inn is pretty much done.
It’s two stories tall, there’s even a room with a window. I made it from the leftovers of the potion bottles from before. I could only make one room with one since there wasn’t much left though.

… Yep, let’s make it my room.

“Goshujin-sama, there isn’t a kitchen nor a dining room?”
“I’ll add them.”

“U-umm, Goshujin-sama. There isn’t a restroom…”
“… I’ll make the plumbing.”

“Kehma! I want a reception room too!”
“I’ll make a separate kennel for you.”
“Why’s it just me that’s treated so badly!? I’m your partner!”
“Guess that went over your head, isn’t it because we’re partners that we say stuff like that?”
“I-is that so. Good then!”

While getting comments from my companions, the inn production advanced steadily.
Then, as it was getting dark, the inn was completed.

… No, not yet. The bath wasn’t sufficient. If you’re talking about a mountain inn, it has to be an onsen. [1]

For that, I added a small room onto the back of the inn for the bathhouse on the second day.
Perfectly surrounding the area with a wooden wall, I made an open-air styled building with just a roof held up by pillars. This part was easier than the inn, it took just an hour. With this, our sales might be enough with just taking the bath into account.

Now, the essential hot water…
When I checked the DP catalog, there was a [Water Source (1000 DP)].
Getting a golem to dig a hole, I planned to make an onsen by setting it up near a heat source underground.
Since Tsui Mountain was something like a volcano, there was the potential of being able to dig up a real onsen. If there was a waterway underground near a heat source, it could turn into an onsen just by digging it up… I’d have to leave whether or not I’d find one up to chance though.
So to hunt for an underground heat source, I dug into the soil with a drill golem that was around thirty centimeters in diameter.

This drill golem was a great idea if I do say so myself. It was better than a pickax or shovel that you’d have to use your hands with, this golem was made so that it could move itself. I wonder if I should call it a crawler then? It dug a tunnel with its personal drill, digging the hole efficiently.
Though I’d be troubled over how to deal with the stone and soil it digs afterwards if I was still in Japan, the physical labor gets resolved by having it collected by the dungeon. So long as Rokuko collects the stone and soil as resources in the dungeon’s area, it can just focus on digging.

… Hey, why didn’t I come up with this sooner? It would’ve been able to easily construct the underground labyrinth floor for the dungeon battle. If I made it before I made the drones with the potion bottles, I could’ve secured some more time to sleep.

By changing from pickax and golem to drill golem and golem, the mining speed for digging to the goblin room would also increase.
I don’t need to dig for golem materials anymore since I’ve already done that, but I think it’s fine to just let it be and have it tunnel to the other side of the mountain.
When the tunnel’s done, maybe I could set up a toll fee or something?

Fufufu, expand, my dreams! A dream I can see even when I wake up is good too.

By the way, I entrusted Rokuko and golems with digging holes in order to expand the dungeon’s floors downward. From the know-how they got from the dungeon battle, they were able to dig holes considerably efficiently and could maintain a rate of one floor per day. It’s fine if we just made the walls with golems or DP later on, so they just made wide spaces for now.
… Yeah, using DP for it would be dangerous. It takes 5,000 DP to add a floor… I want to make it deep before I open the inn though.
Right now there are two above ground floors and three underground floors (labyrinth on the second one), five floors total.
I want to add at least two more floors; I estimate it’ll be around 10,000 DP per floor with contents included… I should probably expect 20,000 DP to disappear.
So then it would leave 60,000 DP over huh? It’s going away, slowly but surely. I’m a bit anxious that it might keep going down until it reaches one digit again soon.




I prepared a clothes golem for Ichika.
This one was modeled after the [Navy Blue Set of Maid Clothes (500 DP)]. When I was looking for good clothes for a receptionist, they were just right. They were closer to cosplay than real maid clothing, but it included everything from underwear and shoes to gloves and the hairband, as well as the main part of the maid outfit. 500 DP for that was pretty cheap.
Oh yeah, there were thigh highs as well of course, a garter belt too. I won’t concede on this. It’s for efficiency you know? Really, really. They won’t be able to assist her that well without them going over her knees~.
I was a bit embarrassed when I was turning the underwear and thigh highs into golems, but I properly made all of the clothes golems with magic stones embedded in them.

Still, what’s with this world? I asked about it when Haku-san’s attendant was wearing butler clothing, but it seems there were maid clothes too. The cloth in this world covered a decent range of materials. There won’t be any problems… probably.

“These clothes are soooo cute! Is it really ‘kay for me to have ’em!?”
“Yeah, go ahead and wear them.”
“Aah, that’s so nice~. Kehma, give me some too!”
“I’m planing for Rokuko to be the owner, so I’ll be preparing some that look like the dress Haku-san was wearing for you.”
“Yay! Thanks, Kehma! I can’t wait!”
“I’ll be making matching clothes for Meat since you’ll also be an inn employee. Please make sure to wear them in the future.”

While worrying about Meat’s maid clothing’s size adjustments, I handed Ichika all of her maid clothes.

“Uwaaah, these’re lace underwear. So Goshujin-sama had those tastes…”
“My preference is more the stockings than those.”
“… Goshujin-sama is a leg person? Were somethin’ like beautiful legs and feet part of the reason for buyin’ me perhaps?”
“Come to think of it, he also told me that he valued legs.” [1]
“Hohoh… hey, Goshujin-sama. Wanna watch me put the stockin’s on?”
“… W-why would I?”
“A slave can’t deny their Goshujin-sama, y’know?”

Crap, I want to see it. Seriously, I really want to watch!

“… Wait, hold up. Why’re there magic stones in these clothes?”
“Eh? So they can still assist when you go outside the dungeon.”
“Sorry, I should’a asked somethin’ before that… these’re magic clothing?”
“Magic clothing?”

Though it was the first time I’d heard that term, according to her, it seems that it was equipment that displayed effects similar to magic swords when you poured magic power into them. So it was obvious that if there were magic swords you could do it with equipment too huh.
Since having increased sharpness was enough to make them magic swords, the movement assist and power enhancement was probably enough of a special effect.
Magic clothing wasn’t produced like magic swords were, and it looks like she’s never heard of something like cloth magic clothing.

… It won’t be leaked out if even she’s never heard of them. Alright, there’s no problem with using them freely, so let’s do that.



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  • Onsens are hot springs. Return
  • Feet/legs… in Japanese, for this, they are the same. Keima likes both. Return
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