Cheat Discovered


“Come to think of it, Ichika uses a carving knife as a weapon right?”
“Daggers, spears, I can even use traps, but my main weapon is a carving knife.”

Carving knife, carving knife huh… Yep, let’s make one.

“Ichika. Please get me a tree branch.”
“Understood. But, why do ya want a branch?”
“To make Ichika a weapon.”
“… With a branch of wood? I said I could use a lot of stuff, but clubs aren’t my strong point y’know?”
“Just bring me a tree branch to use. Oh, it doesn’t have to be large. It’s just going to be the hilt.”
“Nn, I’ll bring one immediately.”

While Ichika went to pick up a branch, I took an iron ingot out of [Storage].
With this, I can use [Create Golem]. Guess I’ll make a carving knife blade golem from the iron ingot this time? Well, I can do it.
Meanwhile, Ichika returned holding a branch. I used the life magic [Dehydrate] to take moisture out of the branch. I made the hilt after kneading it, affixing the two together to make the carving knife golem. Furthermore, it was an all-purpose carving knife.
Finally, I made it so that the blade golem would vibrate at an ultra high speed when you poured magical power into it… the magic sword carving knife golem was complete.
Even if I’m saying it myself, it’s really good. I’m fond of it.

“Alright, is this carving knife good?”
“Eh—, ah—, un.”

Ichika, who was watching me manufacture it, receipted the carving knife golem with her mouth hanging open.

“Huh? Eh? How?”
“Kukukku, this is my magic, [Maker]…! A magic that can make anything! I can easily make something like a carving knife if I use my magic!”
“Whaaaa—, I haven’t even heard of that… is it a unique skill!?”

Oops, I was just saying it as a prank, but it looks like Ichika seriously believed me. Surprising.
I corrected her in a panic when I noticed.

“Sorry, sorry. I was just showing off a bit. It’s really just me using [Create Golem].”
“Huh!? Wait a sec, there’s no way [Create Golem] can do stuff like that!? You made a golem with magic!”

Her getting more and more surprised despite me correcting myself was amusing.
Still, it went beyond Ichika’s permissible range of comprehension as expected. In the end, she said there’s no way it could do it.
In other words, I’m pretty far away from common sense.

“Eh? But this is a golem you know? It’s a carving knife-type one though.”
“U-umm, Goshujin-sama. Golems are humanoid… legs, arms, head, body… umm… ahhh I don’t get it… I know ya don’t follow common sense, but this…!”

I wonder if the skill normally isn’t used like this? It’s such a good idea though.

“It is… but, it’s mostly just talked about. Kinda like how ya can make hot water by shooting a [Fireball] at water… To apply a skill to somethin’ different, just those mages that specialize in skill research can to that. Even with that, some of the less skilled ones would take their entire life to make a single skill… un, Goshujin-sama, it’s not a bad thing. Ya should call it [Maker] instead of [Create Golem] now. Ya could hand it down in yer family as a unique skill like a secret or somethin’.”

Huh? Then wouldn’t the incantation change if I did that?
Right now, the incantation is more or less, “Soil, change your shape, become my servant and obey me, [Create Golem].” Ah, the soil part would change to what’s being used. It’d change slightly depending on wood, stone, and iron.
Though it’s a bit harder if the materials are mixed, I guess the magical power consumption is a bit better when I say the correct material. Still, for some reason the consumption becomes huge if I say tree branch if the actual material were stone.

… Ah, so that’s it. It’s fine to move the words around a little, so I guess changing it’s fine? Let’s give it a shot.

“Tree branch, change your shape, obey me, [Maker].”

Ooh, it worked. Its shape changed when I filled it with magical power. The bark peeled down the branch as it turned into proper strings.
Then I successfully made a sheath (sheath golem) from the tree branch.

“Magic is pretty openly used huh… ah, but [Create Golem]’s a bit easier on magical power, I guess it’s because I’m used to it? Might be a problem of experience.”
“No no no, I just said to call it [Maker], but to change the incantation and the keyword!? Rather, how the heck did you change them!? Magic words are cryptic!”


“By cryptic…. do you mean you don’t normally understand what the incantations mean?”
“I-it’s pretty much the language from an ancient magic civilization, I’ve heard stories about it, but no one really knows what the incantations mean.”

Oh. Oooh, I see, so that’s it. I get it now.
Apparently, even though I’m hearing them as normal words, it seems that that’s due to Translation Function-san doing his best.
And he’s properly translating the meaning of what I say into the incantation.

Holy crap, the ability to understand words I got from Kami-sama was a cheat.

… Isn’t just that enough to survive? No, it’d be bad if I stood out as something like a dungeon master, rejected, rejected! Let’s just use this cheat for myself.

“Ah, so how’s the carving knife? I can personalize it for your grip.”
“… You don’t need to do anything, the hilt feels perfect in my hand like I’ve used it forever. W-what’s with yer masterful technique? Amazing…”

Though all I did was reproduced a carving knife from my memories, looks like the hilt’s ergonomics would be its selling point. (It seemed that this world’s carving knifes and swords were adjusted by winding a leather strip around the hilt.)

“So try and cut a branch while pouring magical power into it.”
“Eh? Magical power… no way, this’s a magic sword!?”

Ichika raised her voice in astonishment.
Eh, it’s not you know? It’s a magic sword (self-proclaimed).

Ichika poured magical power into it, activating the carving knife golem.
She quickly brought the carving knife towards the two centimeter thick branch I had set up, swinging it in a meticulous manner.

“Wooah, there almost wasn’t any resistance.”
“Good, again. Three this time.”

Though it could easily cut a single one, with three branches… it was still cut through like tofu by the carving knife golem that was filled with magical power.

“This is… perfectly a magic sword huh.”
“That so?”
“Weapons that have special effects when you pour magical power into them are called [Magic Swords]. And some have [Increased Sharpness]… it didn’t look like it earlier, but it has an amazing sharpness doesn’t it?”

If that’s how it was, the magic sword blade golem was definitely a magic sword. Not just self-proclaimed, I did it huh.

“Magic swords… are unexpectedly really easy to make huh…”
“Gaaaaaaaah! This is—! Magic swords are normally gotten from dungeons! Although there’re artificial magic swords, they have way worse effects, and it takes master blacksmiths and mages many days to make one! There’s absolutely no way ya just made one in yer hands with that tiny amount of time y’know!?”

Woah, I feel sorry for some reason.

“Uuu, if I had this carving knife when I was C-rank, I could’a reached B-rank… wouldn’t this be worth a lot of money if it got sold? Without a doubt it’d be worth more than me, a lot of gold coins.”

I heard something good. It was something that was free that could be used for a lot of money.
… I could also arrange it as a dungeon treasure huh.
I could sell it for myself too… ah, that’s no good. I’d definitely stand out if I suddenly showed up with some of these.

By the way, when I looked into the DP catalog for normal magic swords, they started at 10,000 DP.
It looked like there were various effects, but one around the same as the blade golem’s was around 20,000 DP.
… Since high grade magic swords couldn’t be bought with DP either, wouldn’t it be a problem if I revealed a number of these?

Haah, the blade golem and shield golem might be fine though. If it constantly vibrated… hmmm, it’d probably be pretty strong… maybe I should do that…? I don’t get it that well. Might be useless to think about.

At any rate, it’d be great if I can prepare some eye-catching stuff myself.
It would be good if I could use some other functions too… like using magic.
Next time I might try and see if I can make a golem that uses magic. Yep, next time. Eventually. I won’t forget about it.

… She said it was worth a lot, but I wonder how much it’d actually be worth? I’m afraid there are still some drawbacks to the blade golem though, so I don’t really care about it.



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