Let’s Build an Inn


“If I assume Goshujin-sama’s a dungeon boss, it makes sense… Not wanting to stand out, the secrets, and yer hidden background.”

Honestly, Ichika’s train of thought was on the right track.
The dungeon master is the dungeon’s ruler, in other words you could call them the boss.
Still, dungeon masters don’t exist in the [Study of Dungeons]. Instead, there were things called dungeon bosses. They were strong monsters summoned by the core itself to be bosses—Rokuko was a human-type, but there were other kinds like dragon-types too—it was that kind of thing.
Additionally, you could say I am a monster (?) that Rokuko summoned. You wouldn’t be too off saying that I’m a dungeon boss now.

“Hey, what would you do if I’m the demon king?”
“I’d do anythin’ if you give me delicious stuff to eat! How ’bout destroy Sia? Ah, that’d be a waste of good food huh, let’s make it a conquest.”

There’s a woman that would betray the human race for tasty food right here.

“No, I want to have good relations with the town there, I don’t want them to die.”
“That so~. But, if ya conquer the world it’d be an all-ya-can-eat of tasty food y’know? It’d be great… How ’bout we do it soon?”

Correction, rather than betray the human race, she would embark on world conquest proactively.

“World domination… t-that sounds amazing!”
“Right~? I want to eat all the things~”
“Kehma! How about making our dungeon’s goal world conquest!?”

And now the dungeon core’s pumped herself up.

“No, what would we do after the conquest…? For now, we play it safe. Don’t think about unreasonable things like that.”
“So yer reservin’ strength?”
“Those that stand out are killed. So, rejected.”

I don’t know when god’s vanguard (the hero) will come.
If they’ve gotten one or two cheats from Kami-sama, the hero probably equals death.

“Well, how about we take a rest after that run today? We’ll be remodeling the dungeon tomorrow… to be exact, building an inn… ah, right. How about some food?”
“Oooh~…. wait a sec, in here? There a kitchen or somethin’?”
“Hmm, something like that… my power, let me show you it.”

I pretended to gather my strength and quickly took out a [Sweet-roll Assortment (5 DP)].
To this dungeon that’s getting 100 DP a day now, this is already just small change—err, DP…!
I showed off the [Sweet-roll Assortment (5 DP)] with a flourish.

“What’s… this? Bread?”
“Fufufu, Meat-san. Please eat some.”

Meat tore off the plastic wrapping from the curry roll.
A spicy fragrance particular to the curry roll drifted through the air, stimulating her appetite.

“What the!? My drool isn’t stoppin—! This bread, the heck… mugu—!?”
“It’s a [Karie Roll]. It’s spicy, but tastes good.”

Ichika was gagging a bit violently from Meat shoving the curry roll into her mouth.

“Oh—, t-this is… mmm, mmm—… haah, t-this smell, dangerous, my mind’s goin’ blank…!”
“Here, go ahead and eat more without holding back. This is Goshujin-sama’s affection you know?”
“Mmm, nom, nom—… mmm, aah, sho gewd, this, this is, the besht~…♪”



As for Ichika, since the curry was spicy, or maybe it being delicious despite being spicy, was melting into a smile with teary eyes.
I get the feeling that eating shouldn’t be like that.

“I was born to come heeere…♪”
“That’s good. If you follow Goshujin-sama, you’ll get a lot more than that, you know?”
“I-I-I’ll do anything for Goshujin-sama… so, mooore.”

Looks like she’s already finished them off.
E-even though I expected it and am happy, I still didn’t expect her to be that fast. Let’s up the level a bit.

“… There’s various other things you know? Rolls aren’t the only thing.”

“Aah… so unfair… now that I’ve tasted something like that, there’s no way I could be satisfied by normal things…”
“It was just a normal roll, a roll!”
“Ichika, how about my favorite, the [Hamburger]?”
“Reaaally? Aah, I’ll do it somehow… ehehe.”

As for those still thinking in one way or another, am I the only one?
When I caught a glimpse of Rokuko, she was ignoring us and chewing on a melon roll.

“… I-I won’t give it to you you know!?”

Ah, yep.




Noon the next day.
Hmm? Why didn’t I get up in the morning? I comfortably went back to sleep.
Time to fire myself up. Let’s make an inn today.
It’ll be right next to the cave entrance. I had the manufacturing golems, Tester included, dig holes for its foundations starting last night.
Since I’ll be building an inn this time, it’ll take up a lot of space… Ah, even though Ichika was being treated as an intruder on my map, I was able to increase the dungeon’s range without any problems from in the core room.
I guess it counts as a different floor? I need to look into it.

“Alright, so then… guess I start with its foundations?”

I won’t be able sleep peacefully unless its foundations are done right. Since it’s going to be my bed, I’ll get fired up and make it.
I pulled coarse stone out of [Storage].

“Stone, change your shape, become my servant and obey me, [Create Golem].”

While pouring magical power into the stone, I recited the incantation I had done many times for the dungeon battle.
Even though I could have done it without the incantation and just use the keyword, properly using the incantation makes the magical power consumption a tiny bit better.
[Create Golem] is amazing, all kinds of materials can be processed into shape. It can be used for human-type things or even boards, whatever you want. Its shape can be morphed like clay by pouring magical power into the raw materials, able to be handled without directly using your hands. You could even knead several copper coins into a copper ingot… I wouldn’t do it since it’s cheaper to just buy the ingot though.
Though it more or less turns in to a golem, it just stays as a normal object if you don’t order it to do anything.
This time, I kneaded the stone into a single huge slab, covering the surface of the ground and filling the holes.
I don’t really know how to do actual construction that well, but this is a replacement for concrete for now. Piercing it with iron golems to turn it into a replacement for reinforced concrete, I made the foundation making sure to not mess up the mix.
… Since I’ll also need to make a bath, I’ll need drainage pipes too… well, it’ll be fine if I force a golem through a hole afterwards. It’d also be fine to just make a new area for bathing. I’ll make it for now so nothing breaks though.
I had a normal clay golem help out after that, laying out board-type wood golems and affixing them. I built the hotel as though I were assembling a block… Since I bonded the materials using [Create Golem], I didn’t need nails. It was completely bonded together, so it was very sturdy.
I nailed in some nail-type golems to make it look like there were nails from the outside.
When the walls progressed somewhat after working for a while, Ichika and Meat came out from the cave. Looks like she taught her where the traps were.

“Oh, what’re ya doin’ Goshujin-sam—wait, seriously the heck are ya doin’!?”
“Eh? I’m just building an inn.”
“No no no, that’s ridiculous, too ridiculous. Even just gettin’ golems to help you, they weren’t here when we came yesterday… a dungeon master huh? They can even do things like this…?”

No, dungeon masters have a construction function… there’s a [House (200,000 DP~)] in the DP catalog. It looks like there’s an inn too, but we don’t meet its requirements for now.

Ah, I briefly explained what a dungeon master was to Ichika for now.
Though I say that, I’d just said [I can do various things by using my dungeon’s DP]. For more detail…. well, I was going to speak more while we ate, but she was like ‘that’ yesterday. I could only speak a bit after she settled down, and I was tired from the exercise too.

“Oh right, Meat. It looks like we’re running out of wood, so please go and cut down some trees and bring them back.”
“Wai—, Goshujin-sama, what about a tool to cut the trees? How ’bout an axe or a saw?”

I silently pointed behind Ichika.
When she turned around, Meat was holding a golem blade horizontally next to a tree that was thirty centimeters in diameter.
When she slowly pressed the blade against it, it let out a loud chainsaw-like sound, cutting through the tree.
Once, twice, three times. After the third time of cutting the tree from its opposite side, it fell.
The fallen tree was simply collected by a golem.

“Woah, what the… I’ve never heard of magic swords bein’ used to cut down trees.”
“Convenient right?”
“No, even though that’s right, t-that’s bad. Don’t ya know… magic swords can break too?”
“Yeah, it’s actually happened a few times now. It’s fine already now though since she figured out how to do it.”
“Seriously!? … Nooo, wasteful!”

That being said, the blade golems were just self-proclaimed magic swords, and weren’t actually magic swords.
They just had a vibration function with increased sharpness, it couldn’t be compared to the actual magic sword (spear) that Chloe used in the dungeon battle. Real magic swords could use magic by way of keywords.
It was very cheap since it just cost its materials, so I could just make more if and when it breaks. Its materials didn’t disappear. I could fix a broken blade in ten seconds if it broke.

“How should I put it… how many magic swords has Meat-senpai used?”
“Ah, with the two completed versions Meat and I have… I guess ten if you include the inferior versions?”
“That many!? C-could I have one too?”

… Right, come to think of it, I haven’t made a weapon for Ichika huh.



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