Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 4

Let’s Deal With the Bandits Somehow


Two days passed since I was summoned.
Somehow or another my DP is even 179, no, it’s 180 now. I could summon nine goblins.
By the way, I know the reason why the dungeon core wasn’t destroyed. They used it as a hot water bottle.
The dungeon core shined faintly and was slightly warm.
The bandits’ boss made the dungeon core room his bed, I understood when he put his feet up on the dungeon core and fell asleep. As expected, when I wanted to see how things were going outside, I pulled up the app and saw the dirty soles of his feet on the wall.
He kicked dungeon core-san in the heart.

“W-well? Even I can earn DP if it’s these guys? It’s a win-win you know? Fufun.”

Knowing that her heart was being rolled around by some smelly feet, the blonde-haired loli dungeon core was almost in tears. I saw something adorable.

“Now then, is there anything to do…”
“Summon something! Summon goblins for a slaughter!? Ah, a 150 DP lizardman would be good! That guy would never forgive that boss, he’ll stab him over and over!”
“Idiot. Someone like that would just be stabbed instead.”

Seems that she was humiliated by her heart being treated like a heater after all.

“There are eight enemies, our war potential is overwhelmingly insufficient. If you didn’t summon a goblin to begin with, we would have saved a bit more on food expenses.”
“Hmph, I didn’t know about that guy’s maintenance costs… wait, didn’t you also use some of the DP to summon a [Bedroll]!?”

And another thing, it seems you can see anywhere inside the dungeon from the dungeon core. It was a function of the menu.
By the way, Rokuko didn’t know that. That makes sense, since it wasn’t a needed feature if you only had a single room.

“But, what do we do?”
“Ah, what… hey, what about letters? Can Rokuko write? Can the bandits read?”
“If that’s it… Yea, I can write. I wonder if the bandits can’t read? They seemed to read a book of their spoils, so if it’s easy.”
“I see. Then, please write down what I say out loud for a sec.”




“Booooss! Please wake up!”

When the bandit boss woke up in the cave, there was a box.
Was something like this here yesterday? No, there wasn’t. I would have noticed it before.

“What’s this? How’d it get here?”
“I dunno. But Rodriguez was on guard and said no one came in.”
“So what, did this just appear out of thin air?”
“So… what now?”

I checked the box, but it doesn’t look like there are traps set on it. When I carefully opened the box, there was a steel helmet in it.
This is a good item, and new at that.

“Hey, isn’t this pretty good? Seems like it’d sell for a lot. I might even use it.”
“Boss, there’s something written on the bottom of the box.”
“Hm? What’s this shit… writing? Oi! Braken, you should be able to read these, read em!”
“Yah! Lesseee?”

Showing the box to his underling to read it, it was read.
The content was unexpected.

[I–am–the–danjun–cor. Thank–you–for–defeating–goblins. This–is–a–gift. If–there’s–more–done, I–can–give–more.]

“Dungeon core…? Oi, this is a dungeon?”
“Eh, no, this place was called an [Ordinary Cave].”
“Ah, hold up boss! When I was an adventurer I heard this dungeon was named [Ordinary Cave]!”
“Is that true Johnny!?”

The bandit boss was startled.
There was something glittering from the ground, the warmth felt good when he placed his feet on it. Perhaps, was that the dungeon core?
He hadn’t heard of being able to talk with dungeon cores, but this was a letter from the dungeon core. To say this was someone’s trick… no one came in even with someone standing watch, and there’s this steel helmet no one could have prepared.
And according to the letter, the steel helmet seems to be a gift for defeating the goblins.
Perhaps it was the goblins near the dungeon core that he kicked out when he came to the cave. For a bandit boss, five goblins were nothing but small fry. To get a steel helmet like this just for beating some small fry…
“Oi oi are you serious…? I see my luck’s turning around…!”

Stories of dungeons are famous. There’s a dungeon called [White Labyrinth] in the imperial capital.
No, the imperial capital was made where the dungeon was already at after all.
As for the dungeon, there were monsters, but it was a place that produced various treasures, like magic armor. And this is a dungeon. However, there haven’t been any monsters so far. If I had to say anything, there were just the five goblins when we came here. And then there’s this treasure. This steel helmet.

“It seems I pleased this dungeon.”

The bandit boss grinned.
The dungeon produced treasure for the person who pleased it… in other words, it was the same as holding infinite riches.
[If there’s more done, I can give more.]
Come to think of it, the goblin corpses had disappeared before they realized it. They thought someone’s subordinate cleaned it up though…
So that means, in other words, it was something like that.
The box that had contained the steel helmet also disappeared before they realized it.




“Whyyyyyyyyyy!! Him-! Why-! Why did we reward someone like that guy-!?”

The blonde-haired loli was writhing about.
[Pen and Ink] was 5 DP, [Wooden Box] was 5 DP, and [High Quality Steel Helm] was 170 DP.
And spending the DP I had, we’re broke at 0 DP now.
I used all of the DP to give a [Present] to the bandit’s boss.

“Why!? It wouldn’t have been very difficult to summon goblins!”
“Then die when they fail? Hahaha, sorry. I don’t want to die yet. I want to sleep.”
“T-that’s why, you’re… a, a traitor!”
“We’ve gained some time with this for now. Since we’ll massacre them before long, calm down.”

Maybe because she was astonished that the word massacre came out of my mouth, but Rokuko exposed a goofy face.

“Why? You, since you’re human, didn’t you give a tribute in order to help them?”
“Hah? I just want to be safe in my bed. Even so, why should I leave dangerous guys like bandits alone?”
“Eeh… we-well then, shouldn’t you be hesitating in taking care of people of the same race?”
“I don’t know. I want to sleep. Besides, that doesn’t mean I’ll take care of them directly… Ah, since there’s nothing left to do today I’m going to sleep. Alright, good night.”

I took out the bedroll and laid down.

“W-w-wait up! Please explain a bit more!”
“It can’t be helped huh… then I’ll explain some more. Tomorrow. Good night.”
“D-don’t slee–!? …!”

As I fell asleep, I heard Rokuko’s voice fade out.
It seems the order from the first day is still effective. Good night.



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