Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 398

To the Demonlands


​ It was early morning when we arrived at the imperial capital.

​ Our first order of business was heading to the castle to have an audience with the emperor. This time, we were seen without having to wait for a day.

​ I briefly wondered if it was another [Rokuko Effect], but just went with it and quickly wrapped up audience and greetings.

​ My audience with Emperor Lionel was just me bowing and us exchanging a few words like [Learn everything you can]—oh, Rokuko? She went off with Haku-san for tea.

​ It was also decided that we’d be send on a delegation carriage toward the Demonlands the following day… it almost felt like they were trying to rush us out the door.

​ “Looks like we aren’t the only ones going on this trip.”

​ “Yeah. There are some magic tool technicians coming along to study as well. Just like how the Empire also accepted people other than Aidi.”

​ “Oh, did it?”

​ And so Haku-san was on board our carriage.

​ Rather, we were in Haku-san’s carriage. The carriage was a three-seater with me, Rokuko, and Haku-san in it. Meat and Ichika were on a separate carriage.

​ … Yeah, definitely won’t be able to have another lap pillow like this. Let alone that, all I could feel sitting next to Rokuko across from Haku-san was a constant pressure on me. Oh, the seats were actual seats with armrests so we were sitting around forty centimeters apart, yeah?

​ It wasn’t a distance close enough to accidentally touch from the sway of the carriage or anything, so we’re safe there. Not like the carriage swayed in the first place anyway.

​ “Come to think of it, Aidi said that she’d just come over to have fun and everything else was just a freebie.”

​ “Really?”

​ “Yes. She said she’d learned a lot about our administration methods over here. She said she particularly noticed the Adventurer’s Guild.”

​ Come to think of it, instead of an Adventurer’s Guild, there was a Hunter’s Guild in the Demonlands, huh. As more or less B-Rank adventurers, we’d have the equivalent of a fairly good position there, I guess?

​ … Of course as the Hunter’s Guild required strength, I’m told there’s a high chance we’d have an according amount of challenges coming our way. Really it’s more like Rokuko and I are particularly weak looking.

​ “Actually, does the Adventurer’s Guild exist in any countries outside of the Empire?”

​ “Daido, the Holy Kingdom, and Wakoku all have Adventurer’s Guilds. They are a bit different in the Holy Kingdom, though, as they’re closer to a Dungeon Conqueror Guild.”

​ “Oh! Right, that Saintess Alka from a while back was from there, was she in that guild in the Holy Kingdom’s?”

​ “Yes, it’s as you said, Rokuko-chan. She’s at their top level—their equivalent of S-Rank, Saintess. She’s no longer able to enter our country, though.”

​ Looks like her various heavy-handed actions regarding [Cave of Desires] earned her a ban from the country. That’s good with me…. If we’re ever going to meet Saintess Alka again, it’ll likely require us going to the Holy Kingdom ourselves. That or she’d have to smuggle herself into the country.

​ In other words, I won’t have to talk with that Saintess who just can’t stop being so absurd anymore! Thank you, Haku-san!

​ “So, Rokuko-chan. I know it’s late to ask this, but are you really going to the Demonlands? You still have a chance to decide against it.”

​ “I’m going, Ane-sama. Aidi came here, so now it’s my turn to go to her. We’re friends and that’s what friends do, right?”

​ “Oh, you seem so happy… fufu, I’m so moved that you think so deeply of your friend, Rokuko-chan… but don’t get along too well with her, okay? The Demonlands and the Empire are currently at war, after all.”

​ “Kaaay.”

​ …. By the way, am I going to have to sit like this the whole way to the Demonlands? Any chance I could move to another carriage? No? Figured…

​ “By the way, Haku-san, could I sleep in this carriage?”

​ “Yes, you can lower your backrest if you want to sleep. Would you like a blanket? Or maybe you don’t need it as you have the [Godly Beddings]?”

​ “Well, both the [Comforter] and [Blanket] are Rokuko’s, so I’d like a normal one.”

​ “I see. Come to think of it, you yourself only have the [Alarm Clock].”

​ Saying that, she snapped her finger and Chloe-san appeared out of nowhere with a blanket. Just as I started wondering where the heck she’d been listening in from, Chloe-san once again disappeared… Maybe there’s a hidden compartment in the carriage? Seems likely for one of Haku-san’s carriages…

​ “Alright, I’m going to get some sleep then. Rokuko, feel free to talk with Haku-san however much you want. You won’t be able to while we’re on this trip, after all.”

​ “Alright… Ane-sama, can I join you in your chair?”

​ “Eh? But my chair is a one-seater… unfortunately.”

​ “I could just sit on your lap then?”

​ “…!? A-Are you sure? O-On me?”

​ “Yeah, excuse me, Ane-sama.”

​ Ooh, Rokuko’s on the offensive. Has she increased her attack power recently?

​ Seeing Rokuko sit on Haku-san’s lap, I took the opportunity to lean back my chair and get some sleep. Sleeping right in front of Haku-san was like sleeping in a very dangerous place, but… now that I mention it, Chloe-san’s a succubus, huh? I wonder if Haku-san uses her as a guard at night just like why I keep Neru, the ring succubus, with me?

​ Chloe-san could probably tell if someone only pretended to get to sleep around her. Guess there’s no choice but for me to make sure I get to sleep, then… Rokuko is stopping Haku-san physically, so I guess that’s a huge weight off my mind? I’ll be relying on you, Rokuko.

​ … Let’s sleep the whole way to our camping spot. Good Night.


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