Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 397

To the Imperial Capital


​ I guess I’ll have to collect 100 GP sooner rather than later or get Haku-san to approve of it through some other method… alright, I’ve given around a hundred bribeshamburgers to Misha, so let’s go! On to studying abroad!

​ “Still though, being able to move Meat and Ichika using the dungeon functions is convenient.”

​ “Seriously, slaves are items, after all.”

​ “Yep!”

​ And that was all that was said about that. Haku-san didn’t say much on the topic of Meat and Ichika being transferred either though, so it might’ve been ordinary.

​ Aidi and everyone hadn’t asked to be moved, so I wonder if Dungeon Cores can’t be installed by other cores’ [Establishments]? Maybe it’s different for subordinates like Orange, though?

​ By the way, as far as anyone else was concerned, we were picked up by way of Haku-san’s [Teleport] (separately from Aidi’s pick up).

​ “Alright, we’re off.”

​ “I’m leavin’ everything to you, Rei.”

​ “Yes, Instructor Ichika, Meat-senpai! Leave it to me! Master, Rokuko-sama, take your time!”

​ Within the Master Room, Rei’s fairy subordinates saluted us.

​ Rei immediately started delegating tasks to the fairies.

​ “Alright, Rokuko. If you would.”

​ “Ye~p.”

​ With a snap of Rokuko’s fingers, we instantly moved to the beach.

​ A pink slime with tentacles similar to a sea anemone’s… a tentacle slime named Ten-san welcomed us.

​ Him waving his tentacles was him welcoming us. We’re going straight to the imperial capital, though.

​ “Hey, oioi, cut~it~out~. Rokuko’s watching, yeah?”

​ “(Wiggle wiggle♪)”

​ I pet Ten-san like he a good dog. He reluctantly separated from me.

​ I returned to Rokuko and the others while using [Cleanup] to remove Ten-san’s slime.

​ Hmm? What’s up with Rokuko? Her face is all red.

​ “Kehma, you’re on such familiar terms with Ten-san…?”

​ “Huh? Yeah. I mean, I come here every so often to play with Ten-san.”

​ Sometimes when I feel like taking a nap while listening to beach sounds, I come here to sleep.

​ Whenever I do, I end up hanging out with Ten-san, sleeping on his body like a water bed, and throwing a ball to play with him.

​ … When I said that, I saw Meat wagging her tail in an envious manner. Yeah, I’ll play with Meat next time as well. Yep.

​ “Well, we have to head straight to the imperial capital, so see you next time.”

​ Ten-san waved a tentacle slowly when I said that.

​ “What a cute boy, hahaha.”

​ “Goshujin-sama, ya understand what Ten-san’s sayin’…”

​ “Of course? He’s easy to understand. Like Meat’s tail.”

​ After that sort of thing happening with Ten-san, we appeared next in [White Secret].

​ It was a hut-shaped dungeon built on a sandy beach, one of Haku-san’s villas.

​ “I’ve been waiting.”

​ A silky, the caretaker, bowed her head. We’d be renting a carriage here and head for the Imperial City.

​ As expected, using [Teleport] on four people would consume too much magical power… it wouldn’t have been strange to be picked up by Haku-san, but she seemed to be having her hands full with things relating to our trip.

​ “I wonder if Haku-san already knows we’ve arrived?”

​ “Yes. She is busy with work and can’t make it here. Will you be leaving now?”

​ “Yeah. Let’s hurry up and head to Haku-san.”

​ And so we rode a fairly up-class aristocratic carriage to the imperial capital.

​ …. Actually, isn’t this an imperial carriage? It’s such a great ride. Maybe I should lie down and get some shut eye?

​ Our coachman was the silky… Haku-san should be able to send her back when we reach the capital via her dungeon functions. Yep.

​ “Kehma, want a lap pillow?”

​ Rokuko suddenly spoke up as I was sitting with her, Meat and Ichika all facing each other. Hoh.

​ “You sure? Alright the—oh, wait, let’s not. This is Haku-san’s carriage.”

​ “No need to worry… it’s like an extension of a hug, yeah! Actually, it’s less intense than a hug!”

​ “Lap pillows seem more intense than hugs to me, though… Ichika, what do you think?”

​ “Ask me when we get there… I’m not feelin’ so good.”

​ There’s no point in asking when we get there.

​ “What’s Meat-senpai think?”

​ “The solution is for me to be the pillow.”

​ The seating’s too small for a hug pillow, even laying down…

​ “Then let’s take the middle ground and have Ichika give the lap pillow. I’ll sit across from you and watch your face as you sleep. Meat, come here.”

​ “Yeah~. C’mon, Goshujin-sama, want some~?”

​ “Understood.”

​ “Sorry, please wait. First off, I don’t think that’s what middle ground means here and how am I supposed to sleep with you staring at my face? Are we really doing this?”

​ Even while saying that, I changed seats in the carriage and went with putting my head on Ichika’s thighs… Oh, this is comfy. More so than I expected.

​ “… Ya look comfy.”

​ “No, well, yeah… it’s nice.”

​ The warmth of her body temperature and her skin’s elasticity combined without her unexpectedly good smell… the way she smells sort of but not entirely like curry is amusing.

​ “Meat, let’s do a lap pillow too!”

​ “Understood.”

​ With that, Rokuko had Meat sit facing Ichika and put her head on Meat’s lap.

​ Facing me down on the lap pillow, our eyes met perfectly… Rokuko giggled.

​ “Ah~… this is good. Meat, you smell pretty nice. I wonder if it’s because Kehma’s smell has soaked into you from being his pillow for so long?”

​ “Eh, do I smell that bad? I’m getting in the onsen and using [Cleanup] every day though?”

​ “It’s soaked into your bed, so of course your hug pillow would be like that too.”

​ “… That so? Well, uhh, sorry, Meat?”

​ “I’m proud of being marked by Goshujin-sama though?”

​ Oh, she really thinks that, doesn’t she… He tail’s trembling as if it’s in agony being stuck between her butt and the chair.

​ “Hey, hey, Goshujin-sama. Can I ask somethin’?”

​ “Hm? What is it, Ichika?”

​ I couldn’t see her face, but she spoke while petting my head.

​ “Does this count as pillow talk? I mean, if you don’t count us slaves, ya two’re alone and you’re facing each other on your lap pillows. Isn’t that pillow talk?”

​ I didn’t think of that!?

​ “No, our seating is properly separated!”

​ “Oooh, ya shouldn’t stand up. The carriage is movin’, so ya might fall if ya get up~?”

​ Ah, I can’t move… she’s holding my head down…? Why does Rokuko look so happy about it?

​ “Ufufu, sleeping with Kehma…♪ Ichika, just keep on holding him down.”

​ “Understood~”

​ “Oi, Ichika, weren’t you supposed to be my slave?”

​ “If ya give me an order, yeah, Goshujin-sama… But Goshujin-sama doesn’t actually hate it either, right? … Ya can make an excuse sayin’ I forced ya to. So just keep layin’ down, okay…?”

​ Ichika spoke in a whisper that only I could hear.

​ Kuh, I can’t argue with that logic!

​ “Well, I guess it’s fine for now…”

​ “Ichika? Did you say anything?”

​ “Hm? I didn’t really say anythin’ in particular, Rokuko-sama. Just Goshujin-sama bein’ shy, that’s all.”

​ “Oh? Fufufu, sleeping with Kehma~”

​ “I keep saying we’re not sleeping together…”

​ … Ah, I made sure to wake up before reaching the imperial capital.


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