Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 396

Before Studying Abroad


​ Since the fairy’s name was decided on, I went into the menu and gave it the dungeon management menu authority.

​ It’s not like I could grant it everything possible, though, since it was a newcomer.

​ Let’s leave the rest to Rei. Man, I’m feeling really nostalgic for some reason, it really wasn’t a mistake for Rokuko and I to summon Rei. Yeah.

​ “… Oh, come to think of it, tomorrow’s the day that Misha’s coming, huh? We should prepare for her… maybe we could put her up in the suite?”

​ We’ll leave the dungeon to go study abroad after she arrives, that’d be for the best.

​ Moreover, although it’s normal enough to go studying abroad, it’s strange for a Village Chief—and one of a small, remote village at that—to be going as the representative of a country. The villagers didn’t seem to be wondering about that at all, though.

​ In fact,

​ “Oh, Village Chief! Almost ready for your honeymoon?”

​ “Hey, wait up. I’m going to study abroad, study!”

​ “Hoh, Founder-sama. Traveling with the wifey, eh? Having fun’s good and all, but make sure to come back safe and sound!”

​ “Oi. Who’s whose wife? I’ma shank you, oi.”

​ “Kehma-dono, use this. It’s a talisman that may not be necessary, but it is blessed with fertility. Please use it.”

​ “Yeah, thanks for the thought, Cid-dono. But I’m still single.”

​ For some reason, we were being treated as a married couple even though I haven’t even had a wedding. Why though?

​ “Milord, your wife is callin’~”

​ “You too, Ichika!? Is this your doing!?”

​ “Just jokin’, Goshujin-sama. Only said it since I heard about it yesterday.”

​ Keh, why’d this happen then?

​ If Misha hears about this, Haku-san will as well… kuh, what caused this? It’s not like I’m only going with Rokuko, both Ichika and Meat are going as well!

​ “Well, Meat-senpai and I are just maids, yeah? It’s really like just you two’re goin’, so of course this’d happen.”

​ “But it wasn’t like this when we went to the imperial capital…”

​ “Because Wataru and Team Bacchus and even Shikina went too.”

​ That’s true… Hmm? Come to think of it, what will Shikina do while we’re out studying abroad? When she came by while Aidi was here, she normally just did combat training with her and Meat.

​ “Ooh, that, well she’s gonna be treated as Mai-sama’s guest and’ll probably be a nuisance to the Tsuia family. Rokuko arranged it ya know?”

​ “… Right.”

​ It’d completely forgotten. It was thanks to Rokuko.

​ … Huh? I get the feeling that Rokuko’s been more on top of things than me lately… I’ve gotta get it together. It feels like it’d be dangerous to fall behind there.

​ Why do I get the feeling that I might die if I don’t take this trip seriously? I can’t be negligent just because I have an extra life through [Super Transformation].

​ Alright, let’s focus!

​ With that, I walked up to Rokuko’s room. Let’s see, Ichika said something blatantly suspicious like “Don’t knock!”, so…

​ “… Hey, Rokuko! I’m coming in.”

​ “Eh—ah, w-wait!”

​ I closed the door I was about to open.

​ Fufufu, being careful just saved me.

​ “… Why didn’t you come in?”

​ “Huh? You just said to wait. Should I have entered?”

​ “Geh… no! But even not, you still should’ve, you know?”

​ “Yeah, what? Are you good now?”

​ After waiting for a bit longer, I started entering again. Rokuko was sitting in a chair facing me.

​ “So what were you planning?”

​ “U-uhh, well, it was related to you, but nothing you have to worry about!”

​ The heck was she doing? Wait, there’s manga scattered about the room… including lewd manga with chance encounters. Right. So that’s it?

​ … Wait, no way. You’re the one that’s been spreading rumors, huh. Would you like to try 4koma skits while you’re at it?

​ “Rokuko.”

​ “Yeah?”

​ “I’ll get in trouble if rumors of us being married gets to Haku-san’s ears. What were you thinking?”

​ “… Kehma, Haku Ane-sama is kind. It wouldn’t be that bad, you know?”

​ “That may be true for you, but she’s not like that to me!”

​ Rokuko puffed out her cheeks. I poked them, causing air to escape her mouth.

​ Yeah, so she didn’t deny anything. She most likely was the source of the rumors, then.

​ “So, why’re you talking about us traveling as a couple?”

​ “Well… I saw a honeymoon in a manga!”

​ I don’t recall seeing any erotic manga in the catalog, so I’m guessing she read a story about a pure honeymoon trip.

​ “You don’t want to go on a honeymoon?”

​ “After I’m married, probably.”

​ “Alright, Kehma. Let’s get married.”

​ “Haku-san’s scary, so…”

​ “Hey! That’s why we have to fill it from the outer moat! Do you know them? My hardships!”

​ “Yeah, but what you’re filling up is the inner moat! You get permission from Haku-san first, not me! Then we can get married or whatever!”

​ “You said it, Kehma! As long as I get permission from Haku Ane-sama for us to get married, we’ll get married, right!?”

​ Huh!? Why does it sound like she planned this?

​ “You heard, right Misha!?”

​ “Yes~nya. I heard it with these ears of mine, Rokuko-sama.”

​ Just then, Misha appeared from a place I couldn’t see due to the door. Her cat ears were flicking back and forth.

​ Just when did she… wait, no, she said she heard? What. Why. For what???

​ I was confused as all heck, but I pretended to be calm as I greeted her.

​ “H-Hey Misha, you were already here?”

​ “Heya~nyan. Fufufu, I got here early.”

​ I felt a chill go down my back as Misha put her hand out with the [Nyan].

​ “By the way, Rokuko-sama. What does filling the outer moat and inner moat mean?”

​ “It’s an idiom from Japanese, another world’s language. It’s hard to explain, but, well… it’s basically like have double the moats around your castle. Then it feels like burying it makes you lose your defense.1

​ “Oh, so it’s like an idiom for breaking down walls. That was a learning experience, Rokuko-sama.”

​ Okay, but more importantly… what Misha heard and would report to Haku-san was my intention to marry… ah, but just now it was Rokuko doing the proposing, so maybe I’m safe?

​ “One step at a time! Fufufu, now if I get permission from Haku Ane-sama, I can marry Kehma. What do you think of my splendid plan, Misha!?”

​ “Oooh, yeah. I think it’s good~. Good luck, Rokuko-sama. I can’t help you with it, but I guess Kehma-san’s going to have to hurry and prepare himself?”

​ …. Ah, I’m about to be erased, aren’t I?


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  1. I’m even worse at Englishifying this than Rokuko, as I’ve never heard of the idiom…
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