Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 395

Extra: Rei’s Subordinate


​ Rei was troubled.

​ She was about to summon the customized [Fairy] she’d been entrusted to by Kehma, her master.

​ It would be her first subordinate. Thus, as she was looking through the custom options in the DP Catalog, she found one called [Division].

​ [Division]. The ability for a fairy to split apart. Like a slime.

​ Their intelligence would be reduced proportionally, but so long as it didn’t divide too much, they would be able to stick to simple commands. It could even combine back into one fairy in case of emergency… Altogether, they had to be better than a human.

​ “Meanwhile, we’ll be able to save on granting it an abilities if I purchase this one for 45,000 DP…! It’ll even be Master’s favorite, economizing! It’ll only need one scroll!”

​ I’ll give it [Magical Talent] for now… and [Division]. And if [Division] is what it’s all going to be about, it has to have a certain big-ness to it… ah, woops. It went up to 50,000 DP. Let’s see, what can go… mmm, doesn’t look like there’s anything it can do without.

​ There’s also weird options like expansion and contraction, but it’s probably best to not touch strange things if I don’t know what they do. It’d be a problem if I messed up and it made everything else go to waste. After all, I’m an example of someone with a curse-like characteristic like [Attack Power 0].

​ “… Well, if it’s just 5,000 DP, I could cover it with my savings.”

​ It was just a matter of waiting a bit longer for the 5,000 DP scroll she had her sights on. Rei added her 5,000 DP savings to the 45,000 DP she’d received and summoned the [Fairy] with the full 50,000 DP.

​ “Oh, it’s here.”

​ Bowing before Rei was a large fairy—one about the size of a human girl.

​ She had bluish-purple hair and marvelously iridescent eyes. Rei felt that she would probably be good at magic if nothing else.

​ “Are you my master?”

​ “No, I am your boss, call me Rei. Could you show me [Division]?”

​ “Boss… understood, Rei-sama.”

​ The fairy suddenly split into two.

​ “”Is this okay?””

​ “… The colors are different?”

​ One of the fairies had blue hair with red hair on the other. They were smaller than before.

​ “”Because I separated my elements.””

​ “I see. Can you divide further?”

​ “”Yes.””

​ With the, the fairies split further.

​ From two to four to eight… to sixteen. At the point there were also lightball fairies with wings and tiny fairies without.

​ “This is the limit. If we divide any further, I may not be able to return.”

​ One of them spoke.

​ “I see, understood. Please return back, then.”

​ Obeying Rei’s command, the fairies merged back together and immediately returned to their original form.

​ “For now, I’ll ask that you help me in the dungeon. I should give you a name to use. Master will be giving you a proper name, so this will be a tentative one.”

​ Rei felt a bit nostalgic at that and recalled her own tentative name, [Alpha].

​ “… What should it be, hmm…”

​ The first thing that comes to mind is [Eco]. After all, I got [Division] due to it saving on costs.

​ But it would be a good idea for her to inherit my own [Alpha] pseudonym.

​ … No, I can’t just use the pseudonym given to me by Master. I could use the first syllable of my own name, though…

​ Ah, perhaps [Shadow] would be good because she’ll support the dungeon from the shadows. Oh, and she’s big so maybe [Fairy Queen]? Hm? But isn’t she smaller than Kinue?

​ She’s cute, so what about [Chris]? I don’t know the meaning of it, but humans sometimes have that name… She’s much better than humans, though, so let’s try adding [-tia]? [Christia]… hmm, doesn’t sound right.

​ I can combine [Family] with [Comrade] to get [Famrade]… hmm, isn’t that cool?

​ She’s got to have the ability to kill things on the level of trolls, so [Troll Killer] is a must…

​ No, her power itself isn’t so high because she’s meant to manage the dungeon. She should be able to be in a higher position than goblins at the least, so maybe [Hob Gob]… no, she’s a fairy. Wait, weren’t goblins a variety of fairies?

​ What sort of fairy-ish things are related to nights and months? I think there was some sort of crescent-shaped sword named [Mezzaluna]… that’s kind of cute. Alright. Music. She pops and splits so [Quintet]’s a good idea… no, maybe it’s more like [Cell Division]? I saw something like that on the bookshelf in the Beddhist Church.

​ Dang, it’s becoming less cute!

​ Cute things, cute things… baby? Come to think of it, isn’t there a [Netero] in the village? Hmm, whatever. It’s a human.

​ Oh, [Polka] sounds good too. It doesn’t mean anything though.


​ … Well, that should be enough. Maybe I’ll let her decide which one she wants? It’s just a tentative name, anyway.

​ “Choose which name you like from the ones I’m about to say.”

​ “Okay.”

​ “… [Eco], [Re Alpha], [Phantom], [Queen of Fairies] [Christia], [Famrade], [Troll Killer], [Hob Gob], [Mezzaluna], [Quintet], [Cell Division], [Netero], [Palzesse], [Doriano], [Doreano], [Polka]… so, which one? Pick whichever you want, it’s just tentative after all.”

​ “All of them, then.”

​ “Eh?”

​ “All of them.”

​ I guess I didn’t mishear her?

​ “Alright, then your tentative name will be [Eco Re Alpha Phantom Queen of Fairies Famrade Troll Killer Hob GoB Mezzaluna Quintet Cell Division Netero Palzesse Doriano Doreano Polka].”

​ “Yes.”

​ “… Isn’t it too long?”

​ “It would be a waste to not use all of the names Rei-sama thought up for me. Besides, they are all good names.”

​ “Eco Re Alpha (omitted) Polka…! Kuh, you’re a sweet talker.”

​ “Yes. I am Eco Re (omitted) Polka, Rei-sama!”

​ “Eco (omitted) Polka…!”

​ “Yes! I am Eco (omitted) Polka!”

​ “Eco (omitted)ka!”

​ “Yes! E(omitted)ka! Rei-sama!”

​ “Alright, let’s practice showing [Division] to Master, E(omitted)!”

​ “Yes! (Omitted) am Rei-sama’s subordinate! Leave it to me!”

​ It was morning by the time they finished practicing [Division] while calling out their names.


​ In the end, Kehma scolded her at how [Long] it was, so her name became [Ereka], taking the first and last syllables with Rei’s first in the middle.


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