Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 391

Continuation – New Power


​ In the end, I decided to leave GP alone.

​ It’d been left unattended until now, so I figured it was fine to continue doing so… I can also just ask [Father] for more information about it once I get more. Yep.

​ I should do activities to gather faith in order to accumulate GP… but since I have nothing to compare against, I don’t know if the 25 GP I have right now is a lot or if the 100 GP I have to get is a small amount.

​ Converting GP to DP isn’t the same as converting DP to gold coins. Gold coins could be returned to DP, but DP couldn’t be converted into GP. It’s an irreversible process.

​ Eh, I’ll leave it alone for now and toss it about in my head. Let’s sleep—haaah.



​ “Kehma, Kehma! Look, look!”

​ One day, a long time after Aidi had come here to study abroad, Rokuko jumped into my room like a squirrel on caffeine.

​ “What’s wrong? Is it important enough that it’s worth getting in the way of my sleep…?”

​ “Of course it is! After I was talking with Aidi about stuff, this just appeared in the menu!”

​ Rokuko excitedly showed me her menu.

​ Instead of it being about GP… it was an entry listed as [Enhancement].

​ “[Enhancement]! It’s [Enhancement]!”

​ “… Come to think of it, didn’t Aidi mention something about that before?”

​ If I recalled correctly, she mentioned it after the third dungeon battle, saying that magic sword-type cores had an [Enhancement] entry they could use to spend DP on to make themselves stronger.

​ It wasn’t on our menu, but perhaps it was just because it wasn’t unlocked? I don’t know what caused it to unlock… but what the heck was she talking about with Aidi to do that?

​ “Apparently, this [Enhancement] thing… it’s a way for me to power up!”

​ “Hohoh, that’s right.”

​ “For example! This! Beastification! Using this would give me bestial power.”

​ Saying that, Rokuko opened up her [Enhancement] entry and opened [Beastification] from the catalog within it. It split into even more detailed [Dog], [Cat], [Monkey], and [Lion]—that’s a cats though?—within. They were all mammals.

​ The price appeared to change depending on the item… there was even a [Rabbit] listing for 150,000 DP. [Lion] was 500,000 DP… Even a [Whale] for 3,000,000 DP.

​ “There’s also something called [Dragonification]! Fufu, maybe it would be cool for me to transform into a dragon to fight.”

​ It was 800,000 DP for [Wyvern], 30,000,000 DP for [Green Dragon]… For some reason, [Red Dragon] was comparatively cheaper at 10,000,000 DP, but I figure that’s because we had a red dragon nearby.

​ Huh? It included [Alligator], [Iguana], [Snake], and [Lizardman] in that area? Isn’t this catalog too weird…? Maybe it’s like they’re just including related items, like [Reptilification] instead of [Dragonification].

​ “I like [Weaponization] and [Armorization]. Wouldn’t it be cool if you equipped me to fight together?”

​ There was also [Swords], [Shields], [Helmets]… even [Underwear]. That’s armor? Are you sure?

​ By the way, they all cost a uniform 300,000 DP. According to Aidi, each of them would allow her to transform into a low class product of whatever it was, followed by [Magic Swordification] appearing. (Though also according to Aidi it was unnecessary for her since she started as a magic sword type core from the start.)

​ … I wonder if Aidi could choose [Magic Swordification] and change into a magic sword of a different attribute? It might be possible to change from a sword to a spear or from a sword into armor. Might be cool.

​ “There’s also [Humanization], but I don’t need it. Still pretty interesting.”

​ [Human], [Beastkin], [Elf], [Dwarf]… all 100,000 DP each, huh. I wonder if they’d look significantly different? Maybe it could be used as a disguise…?

​ “Beastkin Rokuko, huh… I wonder which would look better, dog or cat ears?”

​ “What? If you’re interested, should I try picking it up?”

​ “No, it’d be enough for you to put on a hairband with animal ears on it or something.”

​ Upon further investigation of the catalog, it was revealed that there was even a [Monstrification] category that allowed us to choose from a whole range of things that could be put in our dungeon.

​ Oh, there’s a dragon in this list, too. It looks like the catalog just groups all related items together with what feels right. It’s not a paper catalog though, so I guess it’s fine?

​ “Still, it’s cheaper to just purchase them with DP, so there’s not really any need for you to transform into them, Rokuko.”

​ “That’s true.”

​ … I wonder if it’s possible to have her turn into a slime that’s resistant to physical attacks? She could use its small, amorphous form to escape through a small crack in case of an emergency.

​ “It’s kind of cool, like your [Super Transformation], huh?”

​ “It costs DP though.”

​ “Come to think of it, Kehma, can you transform into food? Like a ball of hard candy.”

​ It wasn’t in the [Enhancement] catalog, but my [Super Transformation] can transform into it…

​ Rokuko started looking at me like a treat.

​ “… You wouldn’t eat me, would you?”

​ “I could heal you. I won’t chew, so it’s fine. Right?”

​ “The heck? Licking me to death is no joke.”

​ “How about melon bread?”

​ “I said don’t eat me.”

​ Seriously, melting down inside Rokuko’s mouth would be no joke.

​ … I took a glance at Rokuko’s mouth. Rather, Rokuko was showing me it. Her tongue was moving, undulating as if rolling around a ball of candy.

​ Seeing me stare at her tongue, Rokuko smiled.

​ “Hmm? Were you wanting to be licked?”

​ “Rokuko. Let me tell you something… that’s more obscene than a kiss.”

​ “Nya!?”

​ Rokuko’s face reddened.

​ “That’s not what I meant! I didn’t mean that!”

​ “Y-Yeah. I know.”

​ She hit me with a pillow that was nearby. Hey, that hurt.

​ “… Kehma, hug.”

​ “Yeah, yeah.”

​ Haku-san had given us permission to hug however much we wanted. For the time being, I gave Rokuko a hug. She sighed in satisfaction when she let go.

​ “Well, because of that, I can use [Enhancement] now.”

​ “Right… Still though, I’m not seeing any enhancements that aren’t of the transformation type. Like that [Immortal] one Aidi mentioned.”

​ That might have been an enhancement limited to cores that were non-biological types though.

​ “It might still be locked. I don’t know much about it… I wonder if I could fight if I got it?”

​ “No, Rokuko, don’t fight. Everyone in the Demonlands fighting are the crazy ones.”

​ … Rokuko, have you been getting poisoned a bit by Aidi’s way of thinking lately?

​ I really don’t want her to get affected too badly…


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