Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 390

Truth – New Power?


​ “So this is the home of the rumored Beddhism, huh.”

​ Aidi, who didn’t know of the Bed in Beddhism before coming here, was acting like she knew everything about it.

​ She was visiting the church of Beddhism in the name of her studies abroad in Golen.

​ On days where she wasn’t doing anything of note with Rokuko, she would spend her time having sparring matches with Meat. That said, today she’d seemed to have remembered that she was supposed to be learning experiencing new things.

​ “What do you think of this agreeable resting area?”

​ “So, where’s the church’s arena?”

​ “Eh?”

​ “Eh?”

​ Aidi tilted her head. You didn’t hear a word I said, did you?

​ “Church isn’t a place to nap though?”

​ “Why would a church have an arena?”

​ “Eh?”

​ “Eh?”

​ Aidi tilted her head to the other side, but I think I figured out the issue.

​ “Ah, so it’s a cultural difference.”

​ “… A cultural difference. So you’re saying that it’s a difference so great that churches are places to sleep here in the empire?”

​ “Yeah. Well, just Beddhism.”

​ Rather, I wander what all Aidi’s heard about Beddhism? Probably just from stories here and there she heard about it from Rokuko.

​ “Do churches in the Demonlands have arenas?”

​ “Of course. They’ll even heal you right away if you’re injured.”

​ “So they have that sort of advantage, huh.”

​ That would be a thought unique to such a battle junkie country as the Demonlands. I can see a future where I’ll have to fight at every opportunity when I go over there… right. It’s the kind of country that you’re likely to get into a brawl every time you do anything.

​ Let’s hope that going as an emissary will mitigate that.

​ “… Don’t tell me that open space where I’ve been sparring was the arena?”

​ “No, it’s not.”

​ Though among all of us, me, Rokuko, Meat, Ichika, and the three monster girl executives can all use recovery magic, making a total of seven people. The reason for that is because of the bunch of [Healing] skill scrolls Rokuko pulled from the gacha a while back.

​ Then there’s the head of the church’s sisters, Suira, the succubi’s manager, who’s also able to use recovery magic. Rather, it also appeared that the other succubi could use recovery skills to heal things at the level of scratches.

​ “Looking at it like this, our Beddhist church is like proper church, right?”

​ “I can’t fathom a church without an arena in the Demonlands.”

​ “Use the sensibility of the empire, then. As for an arena… we have the inn’s game room instead.”

​ … Does Aidi even hear a difference between words like games and competitions? Thankfully, I haven’t introduced her to the dungeon’s arena. Let’s keep that one a secret.

​ If she knew about it, she’d demand to fight in it.

​ “Game room?”

​ “Yeah. It has rat races… you can bet on them. There are also dice and card tables. You haven’t gone to it with Rokuko yet?”

​ “Not yet. If it’s stuff like dice and card games, we just play in Rokuko’s room… What’s a rat race?”

​ “Well first there are several rats… rather, grey rats that run side by side. You bet on which will finish first.”

​ “I see, so it’s the rat version of a slave racehuman race.”

​ Looks like there is similar bets happening in the Demonlands. Judging by her words, they have slaves do the running instead.

​ “That aside, those things haphazardly placed on the shelves back there… are books, right?”

​ “Yeah, they’re books.”

​ “There were a ton cluttered about in Rokuko’s room, but books sure are cheap in this village.”

​ Saying that, Aidi picked up a book from the bookshelf and flipped through it.

​ “Hmm. I can’t really tell, but are these scriptures?”

​ “No. Our scriptures aren’t allowed off the premises. We only spread them during mass.”

​ “… I see. No matter how I look at it, this just describes agriculture?”

​ She picked up another book and began to flip through it as well.

​ “Are you speed reading?”

​ “Unfortunately, I’m just scanning through them for now. I’ll look more into them later.”

​ Ah, right. Aidi’s a Dungeon Core, so she has the ability to record anything she sees… Wait, isn’t it like she’s taking pictures of them just by browsing? Oi.

​ “At least join Beddhism if you’re going to read our books.”

​ “I’m a Demologist.”

​ “Demologist? First time I’ve heard of it.”

​ “Demology—just think of it as the Demonlands’ version of the White Goddess Faith. It’s about the same thing.”

​ … I see. So it worships the Great Demon King. Yeah, gotcha.

​ “But my Beddhism is a sub-religion that lets you worship even if you are in the White Goddess Faith. In true, we have Beddhists who are part of various faiths, including the Food God Cult, the White Goddess Faith, or gods directly, like the Blacksmith God or the Dice God.”

​ “.. Sub-religion? I’ve never heard of that concept before. Wouldn’t gods be offended by that?”

​ “Ah, that’s because Beddhism has no gods in it.”

​ “Come to think of it, I think I recall Rokuko saying something about that. I couldn’t figure out what she meant, so I dismissed it… but wasn’t Beddhism’s god Rokuko?”

​ What a novel interpretation. Why would Rokuko be Beddhism’s god?

​ “… I thought Beddhism existed to collect GP?”

​ “… GP?”

​ “Don’t tell me that you created this Beddhism thing and didn’t know what GP was?”

​ Aidi’s eyes opened in surprise.

​ Wait, what? Did I miss something? The heck’s GP?

​ “GP are credits you offer to god—to Father. According to Jiji-sama, you can exchange it for DP.”

​ “Hooh.”

​ “From what I know, it lets you request things that don’t exist in the DP catalog. I even heard a story about that’s how Haku is allowed to hunt other Dungeon Cores.”

​ Huh. Papa points are crazy. I take it that GP stands for God Points.

​ … Yeah, I definitely have to have them. Maybe I could make use of them to help when something goes wrong. I wonder if it means I’ll gain GP as long as I collect faith?

​ Just then, I heard a chime-like sound as my menu opened on its own.

​ “…”

​ “Oh? What’s wrong?”

​ “Nothing, I just got a message… one second.”

​ It was a message from [Father].

​ … [I’ll have Haku officially recognize the relationship between Kehma-kun and Rokuko for 100 GP.]

​ Wait, was he listening to our conversation? Eavesdropper.

​ Immediately after, I replied—[I don’t think eavesdropping is good. I request 100 GP as reparations.]

​ —I received his response one second later.

​ [Ahaha, it’s just a coincidence since you’re at a church. I’ll apologize by making it possible to see GP items in your menu. Also, you’ve got to earn your own GP or it’s meaningless.]

​ Yup. When I looked at the menu again, I saw [GP: 25] displayed just below our DP.

​ “Ah, right. GP just appeared.”

​ “Oh, that’s wonderful. Not even I have been able to see it yet… I’m trying hard to earn it as an apostle of Demology, but I can’t see it until I’ve accumulated a certain amount.”

​ So apostles are a thing that exist too?

​ In that case, I must be earning GP as Beddhist’s founder, resulting in this 25 GP.

​ “Well, as an apostle of Demology, I can’t believe in other religions, even if Beddhism doesn’t have a god. I’ll stop reading.”

​ “That so… Anyways, I want to check out the things I just unlocked, so how about we stop here for the day?”

​ “That’s fine with me. If you find out anything, please let me know about it.”

​ “… I can’t promise that, but if you want to learn about Beddhism, ask a sister.”

​ “Alright. I’ll look around on my own for a little before heading back.”

​ Like that, I left Aidi and headed back to the village chief’s manor.

​ I immediately checked out more about GP.

​ —Is what I wanted to do, but when I actually looked it up, there were only two free input fields other than an item saying [Exchange 1 GP for 100,000 DP].

​ [Dedicate GP: (Free Point Input)]

​ And—

​ [Request: (Free Input)]

​ —That’s all.

​ Moreover, they were distinctly separate. After dedicating GP, it would depend on [Father]’s mood on whether or not the request would go through. So I guess the name of the game is to get him into a good mood before asking your request?

​ … Seeing that it was much too open-ended, I just closed the menu in resignation.


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