Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 389

Extra: Aidi’s Breadivination


​ “Choco cornets are good.”

​ “Melon bread’s good too!”

​ That day, Aidi and Rokuko were om nomming on bread in the cafeteria. It was a common sight for these two to eat bread together recently in Golen.

​ Rokuko was recognized as the inn’s owner and Aidi was recognized as a guest.

​ Rokuko was known as a good friend to Kehma and Aidi was known to have a strength great enough to easily win in spars against Meat, the village’s strongest fighter.

​ “… I think your favorite bread reflects your personality.”

​ Aidi muttered, biting into her choco cornet.

​ “Hohoh… continue.”

​ Rokuko went along with what she was saying and urged her on.

​ “Take my cornet here for example. It has an aggressive personality.”

​ “What about my melon bread?”

​ “Its crust is shaped like a shield, indicating your defensive personality.”

​ “Huh, you have a point.”

​ Whether or not she actually thought there was some truth to it or not, Rokuko just replied saying she had a point perhaps just to respond with anything at all.

​ It was common knowledge that the sword on Rokuko’s waist was purely for decoration, so Aidi knew that she would barely be able to put up a defense at all. Still, Aidi had seen Rokuko’s true strength back in their Dungeon Battle, so she wouldn’t ever underestimate Rokuko.

​ In fact, Aidi was aware that Rokuko’s talent laid in an area that those of the Demonlands generally didn’t have: commanding her troops from the rear. Consequently, that meant she could deploy enough troops to the front lines to defend and weather assaults… If she thought about it like that, well, it wasn’t wrong, right? It was a stretch though.

​ “Bread examination…? No, maybe bread divination? Breadivination? I want to try it on other people too.”

​ “Really? Well then—”

​ Looking around the cafeteria, her eyes landed on Meat, a waitress. When she beckoned her over and called for her, she nimbly rushed over.

​ “Hey, puppy. What do you like?”

​ “…?”

​ Meat inclined her head at the sudden question.

​ “Ah, she’s talking about bread. Aidi, you have to say what you’re talking about.”

​ “Mm… what a hassle. I’ll ask again. What kind of bread do you like?”

​ With Rokuko’s supplement and the rephrased question from Aidi, Meat, who’d been wondering what exactly was going on, was able to answer immediately.

​ “… Hamburger.”

​ “Hmm.”

​ “Aidi-sensei, what kind of personality is that?”

​ “One moment, Rokuko. I’m thinking.”

​ Aidi took a few moments to come up with her answer. Hamburgers should be that kind of bread with meat in it, which meant—

​ “… A predator! How like a dog.”

​ “I see!”

​ “Unexpectedly, you might have thought she’s a domesticated puppy… but she might in truth be a wild beast.”

​ “That”s so cool, Meat!”

​ “…? Sure…?”

​ Aidi smiled a little, breathing out slightly through her nose. Meat, on the other hand, was confused as to why she was complimented and tilted her head once more.

​ “Alright, let’s go for the next one, Rokuko.”

​ “Kaaaay!”

​ Saying that, Rokuko and Aidi left the cafeteria in search for their next victim—err, their next game entry.

​ The two arrived in the Beddhist church. There wasn’t any particular reason.

​ At any rate, at that time of day, there should be either the succubus sisters or the one who held the title as Beddhist saintess, Rei, there—they spotted the saintess. They went to ask her about her favorite bread.

​ “My favorite bread? If you’re asking about food, it’d have to be blood though.”

​ A sudden outlier appeared! A person who had no particular fondness for bread! Tch, read the air, girl! But she’d likely give an even less desirable answer if asked again… was choosing this place a poor decision?

​ “Well, she is a vampireRei. What will you do, Aidi? Will you go with her favorite food?”

​ “Nay! It has to be bread, Rokuko. We have to figure it out.”

​ “Well… oh, what about jam bread? Like strawberry jam. It’s red.”

​ “Jam bread… Hmm…”

​ Aidi then gave her judgement.

​ “I got it. You’re a simpleton.”

​ “S-Simpleton?”

​ “I see, straight to the point. But why’s jam bread mean she’s a simpleton?”

​ “Isn’t it obvious? It’s because it was chosen due to something as simple as strawberry jam being similar to blood.”

​ Rei felt it had nothing to bread at that point, but she swallowed her words. She was her lord’s guest, after all.

​ Either way, Rei simply tried passing it off with a smile, but seeing as how they left the church in search of their next target, it appeared as if they were satisfied.



​ “My favorite bread? I suppose an uguisu bean paste roll1?”

​ The one to have given a much better answer was the Silky working on drying the inn’s laundry.

​ Still, given that they were practically the same in appearance, they were indistinguishable. It was probably Hanna though.

​ “Because it’s green?”

​ “No, because it’s the same color as Kinue Ane-sama.”

​ When asked why, she gave such an answer.

​ By the way, the silkies all call Kinue their Ane-sama, maid captain, captain, et cetera. It all really just depended on their mood. This time, it seemed her mood called for Ane-sama.

​ “So it’s because it’s green in the end?”

​ “The difference of it being because it’s green and it being the same color as Kinue Ane-sama is the difference between heaven and earth. Rokuko-sama, you’d understand if I said [because it’s black] versus [because it’s the same color as Kehma-samaMaster], right?”

​ “You’ve got a point. OK, I accept! Aidi, what’s your judgement?”

​ Rokuko acknowledged Hanna’s claim and passed the baton back over to Aidi. Her answer was—

​ “I haven’t eaten an uguisu bean paste roll though.”

​ “Really? … Here.”

​ It was a bread that Aidi had never eaten. Rokuko purchased one with DP and handed it to Aidi. When she cracked it open, sure enough, there was green-colored bean paste within.

​ … She took a bite, but wasn’t sure what to think.

​ “Hmm… I suppose it having a unique feeling to it is a point in its favor?”

​ “Isn’t that a bit noncommittal?”

​ “It’s fine. This isn’t my day job or anything.”

​ Even Rokuko was halfhearted about it. She might have slowly been getting tired of their game as well.

​ They then went back to the cafeteria to ask Kinue, too. They brought Hanna along.

​ “Eh? My favorite kind of bread…? Waffles.”

​ “And that’s what the Kinue in question says!”

​ “W-Well, at least it doesn’t have to do with Kinue Ane-sama’s color.”

​ That was true, Rokuko wanted to ask Kinue why she chose waffles. Waffles were things even Aidi had eaten before. They were grid-like things.

​ “So, why waffles?”

​ “Because they have many corners worth cleaning thoroughly.”

​ “So it’s because of them having many things to fuss over.”

​ “That’s what she just said though?”

​ “Divination is a vague thing, in the end. That’s exactly why being vague and halfhearted is the only way to make divination possible.”

​ “I guess there’s a point to that?”

​ Just as they were getting tired of this game and deciding to wrap it up—

​ “Heeey, Rokuko-sama. Aidi-sama. That breadivination, what about me? I like curry bread!”

​ Ichika, who’d just gotten off duty and heard about what they were doing somehow, appeared.

​ “Oh, Ichika. We just finished though?”

​ “Eeeeh?!”

​ “Oh well… Let’s give it a go. What is curry bread?”

​ “It’s this. You’ve never had one, have you?”

​ Rokuko took out a curry bread and gave it to Aidi, similar to what happened with Hanna.

​ “… This is spicy, huh?”

​ “Yeah, that’s curry for you.”

​ “I see… she’s a curry lover.”

​ “So halfhearted!”

​ Tired of the game, Aidi’s breadivination thusly ended in grace.


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  1. A particular sort of bean paste roll whose paste is green-colored.
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