Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 388

Aidi in Golen


​ After the dungeon tour, Haku-san reluctantly returned home.

​ She seemed to enjoy Rokuko’s hospitality so much so that she tipped her. Meanwhile, I bought her a number of cream sodas to take as souvenirs back in her [Storage].

​ … And so we’re left with Aidi. Should I satisfy her enough for her to round up her trip or should I try and squeeze our accommodations fees out of her as much as possible…

​ I suppose I won’t know how long I’ll need to stay over there, so I guess I’m better off keeping her here as long as possible? For the sake of me staying at a comfortable inn when I’m there. For the inn!

​ Assuming I go with that plan, I figure I should entertain Aidi pretty well and have her enjoy herself… wait, where’d she go?

​ Looking for her on Map-san, I found her in the open space behind our inn.

​ “Fufufu. Good puppy. Let’s have more fun!”

​ “Kuh…! I will, oblige…!”

​ When I went over to see what was going on, it looked like Meat and Aidi were having a sparring match.

​ Seeing as how Ichika was sitting down covered with sweat and looking thoroughly exhausted, I take it she had one with her just before. I sat down next to her.

​ “Good work, Ichika.”

​ “Oh, Goshujin-sama… wait, I’ma bit sweaty, ya shouldn’t sit so close, ah, [Cleanup]… There we go. So, what’s up?”

​ “What if I said I was just curious what was going on? To take a look at what’s going on with my important customer… But what’s going on?”

​ … I tried to follow Meat and Aidi’s sparring match… but like, isn’t it moving too fast to follow with the human eye? At least it’s reaching that level.

​ Actually, Meat, isn’t it because you’re stopping being human at this point? That absolutely isn’t due to the clothes golem alone. Rather, how to put it…? You’re clearly exceeding the performance of a clothes golem…

​ Either way, Aidi was even more crazy for being able to take her on without breaking much of a sweat. She’s gotta be strong enough to fight toe to toe against a hero…. even though she’s only worth 0 DP since she’s a Dungeon Core.

​ “Hey, Goshujin-sama.”

​ “Hmm? What’s up, Ichika?”

​ “I’m not a match for Meat-senpai anymore. Setsuna’s outstripped too, so what are ya gonna do about her training partner in the future?”

​ “… I don’t know what a normal beastkin’s like, but she seems abnormal.”

​ “It’s weird to be able to move like her at her age for sure…”

​ So it’d be normal for her to do that if she were older? I guess Setsuna’s a good example of that, but still.

​ “Oh, Setsuna’s also pretty abnormal, so ya shouldn’t use her as a standard.”

​ “Even if you say that, I don’t know any other beastkin.”

​ “From what I know about beastkin… Meat wouldn’t lose to adults, even with a handicap.”

​ The heck? She’s too strong.

​ Still, there being no suitable person in the village to act as Meat’s sparring partner is a fact… How should I put this? I get the feeling she’ll eventually say something like [I’m leaving the village to find someone stronger than me!] and run away.

​ What in the world’s driving her to grow so strong…

​ “By the way, Goshujin-sama. Lemme tell ya something good.”

​ “Hm? What is it?”

​ “She’s not using a golem.”

​ … What. How though? She’s doing all that by herself? She’s going so fast I think I can see actual afterimages. It’s to the point she straight up disappears.

​ “She said she’s stronger with the golem on, but she’s way faster without it.”

​ “… Meat’s amazing, isn’t she?”

​ “Yah, seriously.”

​ I wonder how strong she’ll grow? Couldn’t she already win against a mediocre hero at this point?

​ While thinking about how Meat was definitely deserving of her bestial potential, I also wondered how someone as amazing as her ended up being my slave.

​ … Is that it? Was she drawn in by Rokuko’s absolutely stupid good luck? Yeah. That’s gotta be it.

​ “C’mon! Is that all you’ve got!?”

​ “G–eh—”

​ A wooden sword suddenly thrust toward Meat. She countered it in the blink of an eye while avoiding the sword by a paper-thin margin, but Aidi warded it off with her sword. When did she manage to bring it around her?

​ “Out of breath already, huh.”

​ “I’m human, after, all…”

​ “Breathing is weakness. You shouldn’t do it in the middle of a fight.”

​ “… That’s not normally possible.”

​ “Then why don’t you throw away something as boring as being normal?”

​ No, no, no. She’s no Dungeon Core, it would be bad if she threw that away. Rather, she can’t throw away being a person.

​ Or maybe it’s that breaching the level of a hero’s strength isn’t possible without the determination to abandon the physiological phenomenon of breathing? In that case, I’m good with being human.

​ “I don’t think breathing is something you can stop doing for long.”

​ “In other words, it’s a matter of those who can being stronger than those who can’t.”

​ “I see… that makes sense.”

​ Meat’s dagger swooped towards Aidi’s legs so as to slice them, but Aidi stomped down hard on it.

​ “Attacking people’s legs is a good idea, but it has its drawbacks.”

​ “Kuh…”

​ “Watch—ah, you avoided it. Good, very good. I can’t say I like letting go of my weapon, but it saved you.”

​ Aidi attacked with her foot still on Meat’s dagger, but she released it in order to dodge in time. A good call.

​ “However, how do you expect to win without a weapon?”

​ “… By stealing my opponent’s?”

​ “Hoh, good. Splendid.”

​ Saying that, she threw a flaming magic sword out from somewhere—one that was a copy of her own actual form—and tossed it to Meat.

​ Receiving it, Meat moved to slash at Aidi.

​ “!”

​ “Sorry, that can’t damage me. The wooden sword, however, can.”

​ The magic sword disappeared as soon as it touched Aidi… No, that’s important, but even more so is that Meat mercilessly swung a magic sword down on Aidi. What would she have done if that actually worked?

​ “So that’s how it was?”

​ “Yeah.”

​ She was acting like she knew something. Huh? Was it that she figured Aidi had some sort of countermeasure for it since she handed it over? Scary.

​ Either way, it looked like the sparring match came to and end. Aidi looked over and smiled at me.

​ “Welcome, did Village Chief come to duelplay as well?”

​ “Nope, just came to check on our customer.”

​ “Oh, I was looking forward to it though? I hear you hadn’t lost to a hero.”

​ Fake news. It’s wisdom, not strength, that led to me not losing.

​ “Well, you might have a chance to see me in action if you stay for a while.”

​ “Hoh? In that case, I’ll let myself be exploited. At least I can play with Rokuko.”

​ With that, Aidi declared herself to be staying for a long while. That should be good for the time being.

​ … Right. I’ll have Wataru go through a match with her next time he comes. He’ll definitely do it if Nerune asks him to.


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