Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 386

Touring [Cave of Desires] 2


​ The three dungeon cores—Haku-san, Aidi, and Rokuko—gathered before the Cave of Desires. Along with me, we were about to go on a dungeon tour.

​ Though contrasting both Haku-san and Aidi who seemed to be excited, Rokuko seemed a little stiff.

​ “… I’m starting to get a bit anxious.”

​ “We are about to see your dungeon, after all.”

​ I guess inviting what basically amounted to her guardian and an exchange student to come look was about as embarrassing for her as parents’ day at school.

​ Well, we’re all gathered, so let’s head on inside.

​ The first thing was the entrance, a gate where the Adventurer Guild members are accepted and let through.

​ It was just a fence back when the guild first arrived here, but after its influence increased along with the number of people here, it was able to get reinforcements from the guild to set up a proper reception area. When you walk into it, all you have to do is show your adventurer card at the reception to be let through.

​ If you tried to get through as a non-adventurer (or as an under-ranked adventurer), you’d be stopped. Since both Rokuko and I are B-Rank and Haku-san is A-Rank, we’re good. As for Aidi… well, she’s kind of like a guest of honor, and Haku-san’s the head of the guild anyway, so it doesn’t even matter if she isn’t an adventurer.

​ “Hey. Did you become an adventurer too, Aidi?”

​ “I heard they’re going to treat me as an adventurer of similar rank to what matches my hunter rank in the Demonlands, so I’d be B-Rank—right, Haku-sama?”

​ “Yes, that’s correct. Ah, hunters are basically what adventurers are called in the Demonlands.”

​ Sooo, that means this dungeon tour has a team equivalent to a top-tier adventuring party with a minimum rank of B? Talk about a luxury.

​ As we were passing by the reception desk—

​ “Good work, let them on in~”

​ “U-Um, Village Chief-san? That person next to you, i-is she…”

​ “… Haku-san? Yeah, it’ll be easier on your stomach if you don’t think about it too hard. Just do your job by the book, that’s all that matters.”

​ “… C-Could I get her autograph, you think?”

​ Haku-san came over, likely drawn by our conversation.

​ She then simply took a fountain pen out from her cleavage and signed the receptionist’s sleeve.

​ Oh, it’s one of those permanent fountain pens sold in the Imperial Capital… and did she just? Really?

​ “I’d prefer not causing a fuss, so keep the signature a secret for two or three days, okay?”

​ “O-Of course! Thank you so much! It’ll be an heirloom! Please, go through!”

​ Passing by the now saluting receptionist, we headed into the dungeon.

​ “Was it okay to give your signature there?”

​ “I’m used to that much by now, it’s just fan service. Would you like one as well, Kehma-san?”

​ “Could I get your to sign some fancier paper so I could display it at the inn’s reception desk? It would be good appeal, showing that you support the inn, Haku-san.”

​ “Ooh, that’s good! Ane-sama, please!”

​ “Ufufu, would fifty sheets be enough? Or maybe a hundred?”

​ She really loves Rokuko… Even one or two would be enough, but I guess she’d sign however many pages I prepare for her?

​ At any rate, after passing through the reception area, we were at the cobblestone entrance.

​ “Heeeh… So Rokuko’s a cave-type, huh. Cute. I’m a mansion-type, so this is interesting.”

​ “Auu. So embarrassing… please don’t look at me so hard…”

​ “Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve been inside you since you grew up, isn’t it, Rokuko-chan?”

​ “P-Please be gentle.”

​ Is it just me, or is the way they’re talking a bit obscene?

​ I guess for Rokuko it’s like Haku-san and Aidi are taking a close look at her body. Mm, yeah. Thinking about it that way, it would be embarrassing.

​ “Ah, Aidi. Watch out for the pitfalls there.”

​ “Oh? … I didn’t notice. Hmm.”

​ “These pitfalls… how nostalgic.”

​ Come to think about it, they worked well back in our first Dungeon Battle. They’re just pits with thin plates over them that I hid in the stone tile floor. The goblins weren’t all that heavy, so they actually wound up taking a good bit of damage in the end.

​ “Rokuko, could you explain them?”

​ “Should I, Kehma?”

​ “No matter how honored our guests are, we won’t give any details about how the dungeon works. I’ll only explain things that adventurers have noticed. Please analyze them yourself.”

​ “That’s how it is. Sorry, Aidi.”

​ “Oh well. Give me a moment… Hmm, you’ve mixed in pitfalls with signs of being there with ones that don’t have any. Truth alongside falsehoods… no, they’re all real though? I’ll have to make use of that myself.”

​ Aidi started to seriously analyze them with her hands on the cobblestone… As Aidi was saying, I hid untraceable pitfalls I made myself in with the more standard dungeon-generated ones.

​ … Could it be that dungeon-generated traps send out something like a signal?

​ As I was thinking about that, Rokuko shook Aidi’s shoulders with a red face.

​ “… O-Okay! That’s enough! Let’s go, come on, stop looking at me like thaaaaat!”

​ “Ohoh, this part of Rokuko feels really great, doesn’t it Haku-sama?”

​ “It does, it really does. Rokuko-chan’s path is a bit different…!”

​ “Hyaaaah! Not you too, Haku Ane-sama!? Come oooon!”

​ Rokuko started writhing about. I wonder if this would be like having a dentist looking into your mouth in human terms?

​ … Or is more like a gastronomist…?

​ After observing Rokuko’s entrance, we went further into the labyrinth area.

​ By the way, we’re just passing the monsters on by. Goblins straight up can’t win against parties that average B-Rank, so it’s natural for them to avoid them. I’m just looked ahead for them and going around them, but I don’t think I need to explain that to the other two Dungeon Cores. Even if they came at us, it’d just be a waste of DP.

​ “So this here is the labyrinth area—well, it usually is. Today I made us a special secret route that lets us go straight through, so follow me.”

​ “Oh, too bad. I was hoping to map it out.”

​ “N-No way!? This isn’t Dungeon Battle, let alone a Dungeon Capture!”

​ That’s what she’s embarrassed about? I mean, I don’t want her to know the path either. But it’s embarrassing? Heeeh. But it’s fine when you’re seen from actual dungeon investigations? Heeeh. Yeah, I really don’t get what’s going on with Dungeon Cores.

​ “I wanted to see that [Avarice Trap], the thing that got Rokuko’s dungeon its name.”

​ “Me too. It should be in this labyrinth area, right Kehma-san?”

​ “Yeah yeah, It’s part of the direct route.”

​ “You didn’t leave it out, Kehma!?”

​ The [Avarice Trap] could be considered our most famous spot. Not showing it off would be like going to Kyoto and not seeing Kinkaku-ji1 or Kiyomizu-dera2. Of course I wouldn’t leave it out.

​ “… Uu… w-well, alright, sure!”

​ “Ufufu, let’s take a closer look at Rokuko’s wonderful place.”

​ “I’m looking forward to seeing Rokuko’s most attractive feature.”

​ “Then how about we go? This way.”

​ I don’t feel like I’m actually the tour conductor here. Maybe I should have brought a flag?

​ Like that, I guided everyone to the most distinctive and most featured facility in the dungeon.


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  1. A Zen Buddhist temple located in Kyoto
  2. A Buddhist temple in eastern Kyoto
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