Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 385

Touring [Cave of Desires]


​ Aidi’s visit to the forge took almost the entire day.

​ I don’t get what all she wanted to see, but maybe what took so long was her teaching Kantra so much.

​ “… That ring of Rokuko’s is amazing, isn’t it?”

​ “Oh, is that metal inside the ruby ring? It’s obviously amazing, but I have no idea how it was made.”

​ “You didn’t make it?”

​ “Kehma-dono said it came from the dungeon.”

​ “Heeh… so you aren’t processing orichalcum here?”

​ “That’s a dwarven mystery, you know? There’s no way we could do something like that here.”

​ “Right. I wonder where it is done, then?”

​ “… In a dwarven village? Somewhere near Corky… I don’t know anything more specific than that.”

​ “I’ll keep that in mind then.”

​ There were also topics like that brought up here and there, but it wasn’t a problem for us as a village. The orichalcum and ruby ring was from the dungeon, after all.

​ From the dungeon… what a wonderful phrase. Almost everything could be explained away by it. It wasn’t even a lie.

​ “Village Chief. Have you perhaps sheltered a technician in an underground human ranch…?”

​ “The heck are you saying?”

​ Aidi whispered into my ear so that Kantra wouldn’t hear. I decided to look confused with a smile for now. Please understand me, there’s nothing like that hidden here at all.

​ “Alright, I think that’s enough here for now.”

​ “You’re done with the forge then?”

​ “Yeah, I’ve seen what I wanted. Next… right, how about the dungeon?”

​ “It’s pretty late, how about we go tomorrow?”

​ “I suppose we have spent a lot of time at the forge… alright. I still have a lot of time to study abroad, I don’t mind.”

​ Saying that, Aidi and I returned to the inn.

​ … Right, I can see what Aidi’s wanting to learn from our village. Rather, I can see that she’s wanting to explore our dungeon.

​ This isn’t something I could leave to Rokuko to deal with. No, I take that back. It may have been that way for the Rokuko of old, but perhaps the new and improved awesome Rokuko might be good enough?

​ With that thought in mind, I wondered how Rokuko was doing with Haku-san.

​ After seeing Aidi off to her suite, I headed over to Rokuko’s room.

​ “Oi, Rokuko—”

​ “Funya!?”

​ I heard a strange noise come as a response from inside the room.

​ “… Can I come in?”

​ “W-W-Wait a moment! I’m going to tidy up a bit! Ane-sama, please take care of that for me!”

​ “Yes, yes.”

​ I heard rattling sounds come from inside the room. What in the world was she doing with Haku-san?

​ A few moments later, I was given the OK to come in.

​ When I did, I saw Haku-san and Rokuko enjoying tea at a round table… What did they clear away, exactly? What a mystery.

​ “Fufufu, I was able to see how Aidi’s tour went through Rokuko-chan’s monitor from here, Kehma-san.”

​ “Oh, did you now?”

​ “I-It’s not like I thought you’d have an affair or anything, you know? It’s just, just that Aidi is a customer, nothing else!”

​ “No, I’m not saying you did anything wrong. I’m actually thankful for it, it’ll save me the trouble of having to fill you in.”

​ Also, cold air started drifting off of Haku-san when Rokuko mentioned cheating… Why? Oh. Because we’d have to be dating for cheating to be a thing?

​ “Just to say it, I haven’t made any moves on Rokuko, okay?”

​ “Oh, is that so? Hmm…?”

​ “K-Kehma, k-ki… h-hug me!”

​ “What are you saying all of a sudden?”

​ Why would you want me to hug you right in front of Haku-san for no reason? That’s like asking for her to murder me.

​ “… Are you refusing Rokuko-chan’s request?”

​ “Eeeh… no, it’s just… in front of other people?”

​ “Haku Ane-sama is family, so it’s okay! Right, Haku Ane-sama?”

​ “… Certainly?”

​ Haku-san smiled coldly, forcing her response out… Haku-san had previously said that she would allow everything up to and including hugs, after all.

​ Moreover, I had to do it since Haku-san explicitly urged me to do so, right? It’s an act of god at this point, yeah. It’s fine since it’s an act of god. Absolutely.

​ “Excuse me…”

​ “Mmmm…”

​ Rokuko and I hugged each other… Rokuko, how are you not affected by that freezing aura Haku-san’s giving off!? Do you have a filter for it or something? I’m about to die from frostbite here!

​ “Mmm… good Kehma. We’re partners, so everything’s great, don’t you agree? Like how you worry about me.”

​ “Y-Yeah… that aside, Haku-san’s watching, so how about we stop for now?”

​ “Aww, oh well. There’s no helping how shy you are, Kehma.”

​ Rokuko separated from me with a smidgen of dissatisfaction.

​ I immediately felt the cold air coming from Haku-san subside somewhat.

​ “Come to think of it, Kehma-san. You promised to show No. 666 around the dungeon tomorrow.”

​ “Yeah, that’s the plan.”

​ “Do you mind if I accompany you?”

​ “…”

​ I didn’t immediately know how to respond to Haku-san’s offer, but I didn’t really have any reason to refuse.

​ “… It’s a little embarrassing for Ane-sama to see my dungeon.”

​ “Oh, nevermind the—no, this is important, Rokuko-chan. I’m an A-Rank adventurer, after all. I have to take a close look to decide if it’s the right level of difficulty.”

​ “I guess it has to be just right, like the bras from earlier, right?”

​ “Rokuko-chan, Kehma-san’s right here, so that’s a bit…”

​ “… Kehma, you heard nothing just now. Alright?”

​ “Ah, right. I heard nothing—nothing at all.”

​ What, they were talking about underwear? As a man, it’s safer for me to never touch on that topic.

​ Still though, I feel like dungeons and bras are a bit different, but I guess they’re the same for Rokuko?

​ “I’m good with you accompanying us, but I won’t be showing you what goes on behind the scenes. Please understand.”

​ “Sure, that can’t be helped. I’ll need to make some preparations, tell No. 666 that I’ll see you two around noon.”

​ “Mumumu, I’ll have Kinue clean up.”

​ “Doesn’t it get rid of the point if she doesn’t see how it normally is?”

​ It’s not like I don’t feel like cleaning up is a pain. It’s also not like I’d be doing it anyway, though.

​ “C-Cleaning up is just good manners, you aren’t saying that you want Haku Ane-sama to see me all dirty, are you?”

​ “Ah…”

​ “Right, right. Don’t worry about a bit of dirt… I mean, don’t dungeons hit different when they’re a bit dirty though?”

​ “I mind! I’ll give you the cleaning instructions!”

​ I see. Dungeon = Rokuko. It’s like her taking a shower, I guess. She likes being clean.

​ And so the members of our Dungeon Tour for Dungeon Cores by Dungeon Cores were decided.


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