Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 384

Touring Golen


​ With that, I was to show Aidi around the village the following day. Since Rokuko would be prioritizing entertaining Haku-san while she was here, it inevitably fell to be to take care of Aidi.

​ “Yesterday was fun. Rokuko really is suited to be my rival.”

​ “Really. So, what about the accommodation fees? Do you think you’ll be fine paying fifty gold coins?”

​ “The choco cornet was good, but… the bed is amazing…”

​ And so Aidi had already fallen.

​ It wasn’t just the choco cornet. It was due to the suite’s beddings as well.

​ “It’s like sinking… no, like being bundled up by it? It’d be nice if it had fire resistance, though.”

​ “Of course it wouldn’t be fire resistant… you didn’t burn it or anything, did you?”

​ “I wouldn’t do something so amateurish.”

​ Amateurish? Eh, as long as she didn’t burn it I guess.

​ “Couldn’t you make it fireproof? Alchemy should be able to grant it resistance, I believe.”

​ “Grant it? Alchemy can do that?”

​ “… That’s a basic alchemy thing though?”

​ Alchemy can do that? I thought it was just about making magic tools and stuff… wait, maybe I could think of inflammable cloth as a sort of magic tool?

​ “Blurring the boundaries between objects and transferring only certain characteristics… is what it is, but I wonder if that isn’t common knowledge in the Raverio Empire?”

​ “Heh, so it’s something like that? All I know about is magic formations, that’s about it.”

​ “… I don’t know if it’s that the empire’s alchemy is advanced or if it’s lagging behind. Perhaps the Hero Studio is holding a monopoly on its technology? I’ve been shown some of the products coming from it before, but they were amazing.”

​ Aidi spoke as she walked in front of me.

​ Back in the imperial capital, the Hero Studio was certainly producing a magic tool that could produce A4 paper sheet by sheet from raw materials, fountain pens that could be used indefinitely, as well as pots that didn’t require a stove.

​ Well, Leona also had a skill called [Super Alchemy] or something, so I wonder if that might have something to do with it…? Ah, actually, Hero Studio might even be Leona’s workshop…

​ Best to stop that. It’s no use thinking more into that. I might be able to find out for sure if I ask Haku-san, but I get the feeling that I’d prefer not knowing. Scary is scary.

​ “Let me show you around the village for now. Do you have a preference of what you’d want to see first? If not, I figure we could start at the church.”

​ “Do you have a forge?”

​ She’s probably curious since she’s a magic sword.

​ “Yeah, this way.”

​ I led her to Kantra’s blacksmith at the outskirts of the village.

​ When we arrived at the forge, I saw Kantra—our village’s blacksmith—carving a magic formation into a small copper plate. He seemed to be concentrating as he didn’t appear to notice us entering.

​ “Oi, Kantra. Kantra!”

​ “… … Hmm? Ooh, if it isn’t Kehma-dono! Huh, who’s the girl?”

​ Kantra finally responded and smiled at Aidi after I called out to him. Aidi smiled back amiably to the dwarf-like bearded smile.

​ “She’s a young lady who came to our village to study. She wanted to check out the forge.”

​ “I’m Aidi. I’m from the Demonlands, nice to meet you.”

​ “Kantra. Ah, well if Kehma-dono vouches for you, I’ve got no problems with you visiting the forge. So, the Demonlands? Really?”

​ Hearing that she came from the Demonlands, Kantra looked at her in a bit of bewilderment. It was a rare thing to see someone from there, apparently.

​ “What’s wrong, Kantra? Do you need to use the toilet? Is it that whole ‘I have to pee as soon as I lose concentration’ thing?”

​ “No, it’s just that the Demonlands is a country with advanced magic tools, right? I mean, I was sort of hoping I could learn a bit from her. Err, how about it, Aidi-san?”

​ “I see. I like the way you’re willing to ask so diligently to learn. Sure, I can advise you on whatever I know.”

​ “Really!? Thank you! Kehma-dono, let me borrow the young lady.”

​ “Ah, sure. Go for it.”

​ If Aidi was fine with it, I wasn’t about to say no. Rather, it would be a great thing for the village if our blacksmith improved… I wish I could go back to the inn to get some sleep, but it’s not like I could right now. Let’s just watch and see how this plays out.

​ “This is the magic circle to use here. That’s what my alchemy master taught me.”

​ “Hmm… so you learn directly here? There are textbooks for it in the Demonlands.”

​ “A textbook… I wonder if I could ever see one…”

​ “The Village Chief could probably manage it.”

​ Kantra looked over to me. What are you saying, Aidi… oh, I guess I could buy one as a gift while I’m studying abroad there as an exchange student. Yeah, I could buy one for Nerune as well while I’m at it.

​ “Alright, I’m planning on heading there soon, so I’ll buy one when I do.”

​ “As expected of Kehma-dono, I can always count on you!”

​ “That’s good… oh? I’d thought it was just a crude forge, but was this furnace constructed with phoenix eggshells?”

​ “Oh! So you could tell, young lady! That’s right, this baby has the phoenix eggshells that Kehma-dono gave me mixed into it, so it’s a top of the line furnace!”

​ “Heeh, Village Chief… I’d like some too, alright?”

​ Aidi looked at me. I don’t mind since I have plenty stocked up… but Haku-san said to squeeze everything I could out. Let’s try for some money. It has to be at the right price, though, so that I don’t have a hard time shopping in the Demonlands.

​ “I’ll sell some to you for a reasonable price.”

​ “Oh, even though you could double it? … I’ll take it on credit.”

​ Yeah, yeah, I’ll let Haku-san know.

​ And thus was how we spent over half of the day’s tour at the forge, Aidi’s first stop.

​ It might have been a doppelganger, but Aidi asked Kantra to service a sword that looked incredibly close to her true form. They seemed to get along pretty well, maybe even becoming friends?


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