Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 382

Inn Consultation


​ And to top it all off, all of that conversation happened with Aidi right next to her.

​ Aidi heard all of that exploit them hard conversation and took it as if it was to be expected.

​ “… So you’re saying that you will be adding on horse crap charges onto my stay here?”

​ “Oh, don’t you worry about that. They will only be fairly reasoned exploits, of course. You will just be handing money over for Kehma-san’s and this inn’s services. That’s all, understood?”

​ “Really, as expected of Jiji-sama’s rival and fellow top ten ranker, Haku-sama. But do you intend to persuade me with that?”

​ “I’ve only spoken facts, there aren’t any issues with what I’ve said. If there were to be an issue, I would never have spoken of such exploits in front of Rokuko-chan or you.”

​ “…”

​ Aidi closed her eyes and thought about it a bit.

​ “… True. That sounds reasonable.”

​ And thus it was oh so easily explained away. Oookay, then.

​ “Kehma, what sort of things do you offer?”

​ “In short, as long as you have money, you’ll absolutely feel the services are adequate.”

​ “I see, simple.”

​ Even Rokuko nodded.

​ Ah, come to think of it, there’s something that’s been on my mind.

​ “By the way, Haku-san. There’s only a single suite room in our inn… do you intend to stay in the same room?”

​ “Where else would I stay? Surely not a standard room… is what I wouldn’t say.”

​ “I wouldn’t have you in rooms normal guests stay in, but… how about Rokuko’s room? The beddings in her room are the same as the ones the suite has. As for the price, I—”


​ Just then, Haku-san took a bag of gold out of her [Storage] and thunked it down on the table… it looked like it had a hundred or so coins in it.

​ … I was planning on saying that I’d keep the price the same as usual though~. I guess she added extra huh~? Well, no reason for me to not accept it if Haku-san’s fine with paying that much. Let’s accept her offer.

​ “That should be enough for a night. If that’s insufficient, I could add more?”

​ “No, that’s plenty.”

​ “Hello, Haku-sama? You aren’t perhaps intending to add that to my inn fees, are you?”

​ “Of course not, No. 666. This is my pocket change.”

​ Aidi seemed to accept the response.

​ “Hey, Kehma, don’t go deciding that on your own… Well, I don’t really mind Haku Ane-sama staying with me, so okay.”

​ “Alright, I’ll leave entertaining Haku-san to you, Rokuko.”

​ “… Leave it to me. Alright, Haku Ane-sama, you’ll be staying in my room, so let me clean up a little.”

​ “Oh, I don’t particularly mind if you leave your room as it usually is though?”

​ “No way, Ane-sama. How cluttered it is is embarrassing.”

​ “… That’s fine with me though? I could even help you straighten up.”

​ “No! Please don’t be so cruel to me!”

​ Saying that, Rokuko’s face went beat red and she turned to go to her room. Haku-san saw her off with a grin on her face.

​ “… Oh, by the way, there were various secret agreements concluded for this studying trip, so Rokuko-can’s safety is secure. Moreover, since I’ve dispatched Misha to this village’s adventurer guild for the duration of the trip, I can guarantee the safety of the dungeon.”

​ “… Misha? Isn’t she the capital’s guild master? Is it fine for her to come to a place like this?”

​ “She just sleeps all day anyway.”

​ I’m not sure if her guarantee should put me at ease or not then… but eh, alright. There’s no way Haku-san would endanger Rokuko, let’s leave it to her.

​ —Wait. Haku-sama. You just said Rokuko’s safety is guaranteed, what about mine? No? I’ll just have to stick close to Rokuko so that I stay safe by proxy.

​ “For the time being, I expect to stay here for around two nights. No. 666, submit a message through the adventurer’s guild when you want to return, alright?”

​ “Okay, understood, Haku-sama. Still though, for an inn to charge fifty gold per night. It’s certainly interesting. I don’t know if it will it will work out or not though.”

​ “Oh? Don’t you trust me?”

​ “Oh no, I trust you Haku-sama. What I don’t know is whether or not the inn they’ll be going to for their trip will be fine… Oh, they won’t do anything of course. No guarantee for Rokuko’s Master though.”

​ Aidi smiled defiantly. That [Village] she was talking about would obviously be the human ranch that would be bad for Rokuko’s education. Don’t joke about that. And really, don’t put a hand on me either please and thank you.

​ “Kehma-san will be fine.”

​ “No, please guarantee my safety, too…”

​ “Yeah, it’ll be fine. Even I have faith that you will come to have Aidi realize this.”

​ Mmm, why am I feeling pressured here?

​ “By the way, our inn basically just has ordinary humans, will it be alright for a magic sword-type core using humanization?”

​ “… Surely you’ll be able to manage, Kehma-san?”

​ “Yeah… what do you think, Aidi?”

​ “It’ll be fine, Rokuko’s Master. Ignoring the flagrant presentation about overcharging me earlier, I’ll even judge it based on human standards.—Of course, I would add points if I could relax in my true form.”

​ “That’s good. Also, please call me Village Chief here in the village. Saying ‘Rokuko’s Master’ this ‘Rokuko’s Master’ that in front of other people will just cause a bunch of issues.”

​ “Got it, Village Chief. How about you call me Aidi then? It would be appropriate to keep an attitude worthy of a state guest like myself.”

​ “Understood, Aidi-sama. Although presumptuous, I hereby welcome you to [Dancing Dolls Pavilion] and hope our entertainment services will be to your liking. Please feel relaxed during your stay here.”

​ When I said that, Aidi looked confused. Huh? What happened?

​ “… That was unexpected. Fine, keep going with how you’ve been.”

​ “Ah, great. Formal speech is a pain.”

​ “On that note, though, you’ll actually entertain me with the inn’s accommodations, right?”

​ “Yeah, leave that to me. It will be to the standards of a human, though.”

​ …. Alright, even I don’t really know if it’ll be worth of the fifty gold fee, but I’ll do my best in making her feel satisfied for the inn’s cost!


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