Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 379

Anti-Leona Dungeon Reinforcement


​ Figuring that we’d have good relations with Draco from here on, I decided to start reinforcing the dungeon with Leona and Rin countermeasures.

​ “Which is why I think we should add some kind of brutal gimmick.”

​ “It’s true that we need to get stronger if Leona’s so close… Kehma, do you have anything in mind?”

​ “Right…”

​ It’s not like I don’t have anything… I don’t not not have nothing… but it’s doubtful whether they’ll be effective against both Leona and Rin.

​ Seriously, no amount of force alone would be effective against Leona. She’s a cheat character with way too many hero skills. I’m pretty sure she even has some kind of hero skill that invalidates all traps.

​ Not to mention that she has Rin to act as support. It’s even has that whole ‘when slimes are raised, they, the weakest race, become the strongest’ thing every Japanese person believes due to a certain influential game going on—it’s a black slime. (Though in truth this world’s slimes are actually pretty strong, jellies are the weak ones.)

​ … Assuming that Rin’s received some of Leona’s magic modifications, I guess we should assume it’ll be even stronger than I’m thinking?

​ What kind of traps would work against an opponent like that?

​ “… Hmm.”

​ “Really, Leona countermeasures feel like they’d have to be out of the box even for you, Kehma.”

​ “Right? Not to mention Rin being with her.”

​ Yeah, I get the feeling there’s no kind of offensive trap that would be effective.

​ I guess there’s no choice but to go with mental attacks.

​ When Leona came last time, I let her play and have fun in a variety game show to satisfy her before driving her far away. I wonder if using the same strategy again would work? I’m sure that it’d be bad to use the exact same material though, maybe I could come up with some new material…

​ “Maybe we could go with keeping her in place with riddles…? Leona wouldn’t break the rules.”

​ “… Yeah, she doesn’t seem like someone who would.”

​ Given the results of her last visit, I feel like she respects rules like that a lot.

​ … I might’ve been a bit worried if it was just me saying that since I’d wonder if I was brainwashed to think that, but Rokuko was saying it as well, so it should be fine.

​ “Which is why I’ve decided to reinforce the riddle room.”

​ “Hohoh. How so?”

​ “I’ve prepared a riddle.”

​ I read out the riddle I’d prepared.

​ “[In the case you answer incorrectly, you may re-challenge it in twenty-four hours. There was a brutal trap within a dungeon. Falling for the trap would surely result in death. The treasure could not be taken without surpassing the trap. However, a certain adventurer managed to obtain the treasure even while falling for the trap. Now, by what means did the adventurer surpass the trap to obtain the treasure?]”

​ Rokuko tilted her head to the side.

​ “…? They died from falling for the trap right?”

​ “Yeah. They died.”

​ “Then they obtained the treasure in exchange for their life or something?”

​ “Yeah, and now I’ve earned a day.”

​ “… So you’re saying that they didn’t exchange their life?”

​ “Something like that.”

​ “So the door opens if they’re correct and not if they’re wrong. I see.”

​ Although there’s a chance that she could make it through in one try if she already knows the answer, I’ll be preparing several gimmicks that take a large amount of time like this. With that, I’ll focus entirely on gaining time. As for the cooldown time, I’ll have an hourglass setup for the increased amount of time like in the [Avarice Lodge]. I can just have it automatically flip itself when an answer is given.

​ I even prepared something as a freebie.

​ “Let’s put this up in front of the room.”

​ “… Japanese, is it? [Under Construction]—wait, Kehma, why?”

​ “People won’t enter something under construction. As for why, well, because it’s under construction.”

​ “Hmm. Is that so?”

​ It being in [Japanese] is the important part. Although normal adventurers would entirely disregard this even if it’s put up, Leona—someone who understands Japanese—would be incredibly interested. She might even think there’s an incomplete gimmick or riddle inside.

​ My only concern is that other than Leona, Wataru can also read [Japanese], so he might react if he comes in the meanwhile… but oh well. Right now, having measures against Leona is what’s important. I’ll be able to think up some sensible explanation for Wataru if need be.

​ … I wonder what would happen if Wataru and Leona met each other? I mean, Wataru’s also a fountain of Japanese jokes and references, so maybe they’d get along… Leona’s fussy about dungeons and heroes, after all… Maybe it’s useless even if I expect it? There’s also the possibility that they already know each other.

​ “I’m going to make other riddles, too.”

​ “By the way, Kehma. What’s the answer to that riddle?”

​ “I’ll reward you if you can get it right. Maybe a cream melon bread?”

​ “Could I ask for another reward~?”

​ Rokuko… doesn’t want melon bread…!?

​ “Alright. A goblin then.”

​ “Mmm, Kehma, I keep telling you you’re wrong… Besides, I could get melon bread or a goblin with DP if I ever wanted, couldn’t I?”

​ “…! R-Right, you could.”

​ What? Rokuko’s already grown up into a woman who isn’t swayed by melon bread or goblins…!? I mean, I’ve already noticed, but still.

​ “Which is why I want to ask you to do something as my reward.”

​ “Alright, if you get it right.”

​ By the way, even though it’s a single answer question, a feature of this form of riddle is that it could have a different answer from the same riddle. I could earn another day by replacing the answer if the first correct answer is given. Although the problem with playing that hand is that it’s foul play, I’d be doing everything through a golem, so even if I end up having to, I’d be able to do it stealthily.

​ “Do you promise?”

​ “… As long as it’s something I can do.”

​ “I know. As long as it’s something you can do. You won’t dislike it much either!”

​ I was a bit uneasy about it, but let’s trust Rokuko’s common sense.

​ “So, any other Leona countermeasures?”

​ “… Those are pending.”

​ … Yeah, I’d be very uneasy relying on that alone to be enough, but I can’t think of anything other good enough ideas. And that’s not even thinking about dealing with Rin at all. I mean, I figure Rin would stop since it’d be together with Leona. Like a pet or something.

​ I get the feeling that Leona would manage to get past the orichalcum golem, too… I’d love to think that’s just my imagination though.

​ “Oh, Kehma. I think I figured out the answer to that riddle.”

​ It was decided that we’d wait a day until I heard Rokuko’s answer in accordance with the rule.


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