Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 374

The Guy Who Didn’t Look Like His Return Was Triumphant


​ As a result of Dyne’s rental fee negotiation for the hot spring magic tool, it was decided that we would receive [Eighty Percent of the Profit].

​ I heard about Cid starting with something about how all fees such as water fees and bathing fees would need to be taken into consideration, but Dyne supposedly insisted that he would take no less than that eighty percent.

​ Let alone eighty percent of the profit, getting more than an equal split’s way more than I ever thought would’ve been possible. As expected of Dyne, he’s a great negotiator. It’s a good thing I left it to him.

​ … Uhhh, that’s really a fair price, right? You didn’t take too much, right? I don’t want to earn any grudges. What’s that? [It’s a price that’ll make ’em more indebted to us], you say? Alright then, if you say so. Well, I guess it is just taking away from the profit, so both sides’ll be earning… yeah.

​ He even managed to make it so that we won’t have to pay anything if they go in the red, but like… he didn’t have to do something so annoying.

​ Well, just as we decided that I’d be heading there to install the magic tool the following day, Gozoh & Roppu, as well as Shikina, arrived at Golen. Ah, Maidence too.

​ “Man, getting back was pretty hard since we didn’t have Wataru with us… everyone feeling good? We’re finally back!”

​ “We didn’t have Kehma-san or the others with us, either… that made it take much longer. We’re back now, though.”

​ “I am finally baaack! Back to the birthplace of my soul, Golen!”

​ “Has Kuro-sama returned yet? I’d heard Kuro-sama had returned some other way?”

​ Gozoh and everyone clamored about at the village’s entrance, speaking their minds.

​ … Oh yeah, come to think of it, I didn’t even tell anyone at Tsuia that I returned, huh. Maybe I should say I returned on a carriage? I’ll make sure to say something next time if I remember. If I remember.

​ Moreover, even though Gozoh and everyone were B-Rank adventurers returning in triumph, the villages all just treated it as nothing by saying stuff like [Oh, welcome back~], [Oh yeah, you haven’t been around lately huh], or [Alright, let’s get hammered!].

​ I guess they’ve gotten used to Hero Wataruan S-Rank hanging around, so B-Ranks aren’t much of a surprise anymore. Not to mention the fact that all of us came back ahead of time, crushing their chances at a return banquet.

​ … Maybe I should welcome them back like the good little figurehead of a Village Chief I am?

​ Although I left Maidence to Meat since she’d headed off to go find her, I showed up at the usual bar to find Gozoh and party plus Shikina having another round of drinks.

​ “Yo, welcome back everyone. Sure took your time.”

​ “Oh, Kehma. Ye got here before us, eh… Aye but [Teleport]’s quick. We went an’ took a detour on the way back, so ye’d probably have made it back first either way.”

​ “Masteeeer! I worked hard! Oh, I don’t have to pay the monthly tuition for the time I wasn’t with you, right Master?”

​ “That’s fine with me, but you’re getting pretty drunk there, huh?”

​ I exchanged a quick greeting with Gozoh, who was holding a wooden mug in his hand. The disappointing elfShikina was just drunk.

​ Isn’t that too fast? Like, didn’t you guys just get here a few minutes ago?

​ “But really, it feels like everything’s back to normal now.”

​ “Really? I be hearin’ that those Setsuna and Nayuta girls’re gonna be leavin’ the village here soon enough. Then something about three girls that look like little Kinues joined ye?”

​ “Oh, yeah. They’re Kinue-san’s relatives, they came since we’ll be losing our part-timers. If we start educating them right now, they should be strong enough for when Setsuna and her sister are gone.”

​ “So that’s what’s going on… but strong enough? Ain’t that somethin’ for us adventurers to be worryin’ about? Well, Kehma, ye’ll probably handle their share at the dungeon. Doubt there’ll be any problems there.”

​ Come to think of it, from the point of view of an adventurer, Setsuna was just about as influential here as Meat. He though of her as part of our war potential, huh…? Too bad, I was talking about it from a Dungeon Master’s point of view and it kind of just slipped out as from an adventurer’s.

​ “… I mean, I could always have them go clean up the dungeon? They seem awfully great at cooperating.”

​ “The heck’re ye talkin’ about—those teeny little lasses’re just girls. What sorta brute would throw ’em into a dungeon?”

​ “Gozoh. Did you forget who the strongest person in Golen is?”

​ “… That Kuro lass is special—is what I’d like to think… but are ye telling me there’s something’ to ’em?”

​ “Oh, no. They’re probably exactly what they look like.”

​ The fact that they could walk through the entire dungeon without getting into any danger is something better off not said.

​ “Right, you hear about that village on the other side of the tunnel yet?”

​ “Aye, I did! Draco or somethin’? Ye headed right off to see what it was about and did somethin’, eh?”

​ So Gozoh’s already heard about what I did? Well, I guess the bar’s owner is the Village Sub-ChiefWozuma. Gozoh’s part of the village’s management as well, so it makes sense.

​ “I think I overdid it a bit.”

​ “I doubt ye actually think that. But ye know, they’re the ones who started it all. Don’t go worryin’ about it.”

​ “Mashtaaah, I’d like to have a fight with that Pavureaaaan knight Harvey, toooo!”

​ Don’t muscle your way in on our conversation, Shikina. And don’t bring your face so close, you reek of alcohol.

​ “… I’ll let you do it next time, then. I managed to bind us together with [Friendly Relations], though, so I doubt there’ll be another problem. Oh, right. I’ll be heading there tomorrow to set up the hot spring magic tool, you interested in tagging along?”

​ “I will go with you! I’ve grown from my travels! I’ll shoooow you what I’m like now, Mashter.”

​ Really now? Sure, but I’ll pass if it seems unpleasant.

​ “Oh, could Setsuna-dono go too? I don’t know if—if she can make it though?”

​ “Sure, that battle junkie would probably want to go as well.”

​ Shikina would be alone if I refused, after all. Having another person come along would help them kill some time.

​ “Hey, Kehma-san. What sort of thing is that hot spring magic tool? It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of one.”

​ “Oi oi, Roppu. It’s obviously a magic tool that lets out a hot spring, aye Kehma?”

​ “Yeah. It’s how you said, it’s just a magic tool that emits a ton of warm water. If you think about it like one of those pitcher ones, it’s not so unusual. This one’s just from a dungeon.”

​ “Hmm, I suppose it isn’t so unusual if you think about it like that.”

​ It’s really a [Riverhead] dungeon object, but there were a few options to let me mess with the kind of water it emits a bit, so it’s basically a [Hot Spring].

​ The worst thing I can do to it is make it a [Riverhead (of Laxative)], apparently… but let’s just make this one a proper hot spring.

​ “Alright, I’m going to head back. I’ve gotta prepare for tomorrow.”

​ “Aye, but ye could also just drink with us. Ye’d just sleep anyway, just us instead.”

​ “Yeah no.”

​ I’m afraid I might accidentally leak something about the dungeon if I got drunk. And I don’t like bitter things. Juice is way better. Sugar is better for the brain, too.

​ “Kehma, I dunno how ye manage… but I’m not one to force someone to drink, it’s bad for the alcohol.”

​ “Yeah, it’s probably best for the alcohol if the person drinking it actually wants to.”

​ “Aye. We’ll drink your share, too!”

​ With that, I finished my greetings and returned to get back to sleep.


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