Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 370

Inspecting Draco


​ As for the hot spring magic tool, well, since there was the possibility of it failing depending on where it was installed, I’d have to look around for potential locations—is what I told them. That way, even if I go to a spot outside of the dungeon’s domain, I could just say oh hey, this spot doesn’t work or something. I’ll be staying in our dungeon’s domain as much as possible, though.

​ I also got him to agree to hiding its startup ceremony as a Beddhism ritual, so that’s great.

​ Well, after getting him to agree to all of that, I had Cid start giving us a tour around Draco.

​ It looked like their fields were mostly watered through the use of magic tools. They did have some tanks in place to store rainwater, but Golen’s fields were bigger for sure.

​ They did have a bigger second-hand shop than us, but the selection available was basically the same. There were also a ton of places that sold dried fish from Pavuera.

​ I wonder if their bar’s the same? Well, there aren’t usually many adventurers around during the day so I doubt it’s even open.

​ As for their inn… they were using futons, of all things. They didn’t have a suite room or hot spring, of course, but they also had fewer rooms. They didn’t have as many guests, so I guess that makes sense. But like, you guys can lure more clientele over, you know? I really don’t mind.

​ Those were my impressions from the inspection until then, but—really, it felt like Draco was the version of what Golen would be if it dropped all of the slow life parts of itself. Live fast and die—that kind of feeling. Maybe without the whole dying thing, though? It’s probably due to Village Chief’s youthfulness.

​ And then there was the shrine.

​ It was a somewhat large white building with very sacred-feeling decorative pillars. Inside it were several shrines with some villagers who seemed to be believers of the various religions offering their prayers. From the looks of it, most Pavuerans were believers of the Trade God. (At least, that’s what Masked Maid No. 1Ichika told me.)

​ Still though, nothing for Beddhism, huh… I guess I never thought about shrines. Maybe there isn’t one because no one knew how to make one?

​ “Right, Cid-dono, could you add a Beddhism one?”

​ “… As part of the friendship deal?”

​ “Nah, I don’t mind if you don’t want to. It’s not like I want to force it… Do you know anything about Beddhism? Like how its a [Sub Religion].”

​ “I know. There have been more and more followers of it even in Pavuera, so I started to think it was some sort of cult… it’s spread everywhere, from those living in slums to Tsuia’s lord and lady. It’s even made its way around Pavueran peddlers.”

​ Oh yeah, they have been coming to mass, huh. That hero’s been doing it too.

​ Cid nodded.

​ “It’s a good opportunity, so I’ll join too.”

​ “Alright. You just need to say you’re a Beddhist to join Beddhism, so from today on, you can call yourself a Beddhist.”

​ “Isn’t that too lenient!?”

​ But that’s exactly why it’s spread about so quickly? You can even stop being one just as easily.

​ “If you want something closer to a baptism ceremony, stop by the church the next chance you get. Are you going to make your own holy symbol? Or maybe you’d prefer buying one?”

​ “Are you sure it’s alright for people to be making their own holy symbols? That seems way too lenient…”

​ “The only important part of the symbol is the way it looks, so it’s fine as long as it matches. Without people feeling invested in it, it’s just a simple, everyday coin with a hole through its center.”

​ “… Kehma-dono, you are the founder of a religion. So founders can be like you, too…”

​ I just designed it after a five yen coin. It’s not like there’s any deep meaning behind it.

​ It went through several redesigns, but still.

​ “I mean, I’m just a priest…”

​ “You’re the founder who found the Beddhist scriptures inside the dungeon, right? It’s what villagers have been saying.”

​ That’s all you have to do to be considered a founder in this world? I mean, I really am its founder, but come on.

​ “Oh, right. The prayer is [Good Night].”

​ “Good Night? Sounds like something you say when you’re going to sleep…”

​ “Something like that. Rather, that’s basically what it is.”

​ “I see… Hmm… come to think of it, no one knows what sort of design or style to use for a Beddhist shrine, so no one’s been able to make one. Apparently not even the Sisters seem to have any idea about it, but you probably know, right Kehma-dono?”

​ … Crap, so that’s the reason after all? Couldn’t they have just made something that felt right and called it a day?

​ Maybe I should let Rei deal with it? I could do with faster with [Create Golem], but still. Having our Saintess do it should be better… Rei can’t carve anything, so she’d have to make do with clay.

​ No, actually… maybe I should have it done by some craftsman?

​ Yep. Let’s go with anything being fine as long as it has the holy symbol and a bed on it.

​ “It’s fine as long as it has a bed and the holy symbol somewhere on it as reliefs, it’s fine. Beddhism doesn’t worry about something’s shape overly much, it’s gentle and carefree in many things, after all. Still though, it’d be a bit dangerous for people to be sleeping around here.”

​ “You just said it’s fine twice. Are you sure…? And oh yeah, sleep is prayer in Beddhism, isn’t it?”

​ “You’ve looked into it, now haven’t you? Maybe you should put a small shrine in the inn rather than here?”

​ Maybe even a tiny home shrine or something.

​ Just then, I heard the sound of someone’s belly grumble.

​ When I turned toward the sound, it was coming from Masked Maid No. 1.

​ “… I take it you’re hungry?”

​ Masked Maid No. 1 nodded deeply, as seriously as can be.

​ Cid saw this.

​ “… There’s a restaurant nearby, want to go there?”

​ Hearing Cid’s question, Masked Maid No. 1 shook her head in a frenzy. But you know, you’re not going to be able to eat with that thing on.

​ “Hey miss, that place serves fresh fish from Pavuera, can ya eat with that thing on?”

​ “…—!”

​ Harvey’s temptation caused Masked Maid No. 1 to swoon.

​ But she braced herself, doing her best to avoid letting others find out her true identity. You can do it, Masked Maid No. 1!

​ Just then, Masked Maid No. 1 approached me… Hmm? What? Is she wanting to whisper something to me?

​ “… Could ya remake mine to be open at the mouth? Like Meat-senpai’s.”

​ Guess she gave in to the temptation. Oh well.

​ I quickly rearranged her mask to be open at the mouth area.

​ Soon after, we arrived at the restaurant for our free meals, ending our tour.

​ The combination platter of sashimi was delicious.

​ But since all we had to season it was salt and vinegar with some hard sliced bread as a side, maybe I should bring some soy sauce and rice next time?


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