Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 365

Level Up


​ Alright, we’re done with the Dungeon Battle and are back in Golen.

​ Let’s go through our rewards.

​ Let’s see, first off is around 70,000 DP we have remaining from Haku-san.

​ We didn’t have to use any of our DP in that Dungeon Battle, thankfully.

​ As another reward, Haku-san made Orange our subordinate. That also included Core No. 564 since he was Orange’s subordinate, but I guess that’s just another matter so eh.

​ I don’t have any way to contact him… Aidi asked for [Father] to include a [System to Exchange Messages], so here’s to hoping we can use it, too.

​ Next would be the two Godly Beddings we got as a reward from [Father].

​ The [Godly Blanket] and the [Godly Alarm Clock]… with the [Godly Comforter] we already had, that means we had three of the Godly Beddings set.

​ Since I know that the pillow and mattress was managed by the Tsuia Lord’s daughter, Maidence, and the disappointing elf, Shikina, that means that the only ones left to find are the night cap and the pajamas1.

​ And then there’s the whole Boss Monster Spawner thing. I got two of them. These will let me constantly restock Orichalcum Golems… fufufu…! I’ll have to make a miniature version to figure how long the respawn is first, though. I’d be troubled if it said it would take a century or something to respawn something made from orichalcum, after all.

​ After that comes the Dungeon Core, but I don’t think I should use it yet.

​ To be more precise, since breaking a Dummy Core would just raise the level of the [Super Transformation] skill I have now, I was thinking it might be better to wait until after I learn a new skill.

​ Dummy Cores don’t teach new skills, they just raise the level of existing skills, after all.

​ … The Rokuko Hugging Right? Yeah, I guess I got that, too.



​ Alright. All of that has lead me to coming deep into the dungeon, the Arena Area.

​ I should be fine experimenting with [Super Transformation] here.

​ “Alright, let’s get two Dummy Cores—there we are.”

​ Two Dummy Cores popped into my hand, 10,000 DP each. I immediately broke them with my orichalcum sword (The one from last year. I’d taken some from it to use for materials.)

​ … Come to think of it, Rokuko got a purple Dummy Core from the gacha a while back, didn’t she? I wonder if that one would work? Let’s use it next year if I remember.

​ Still though, what’s up with it being purple? They’re normally white? … Maybe it’s not a Dummy Core? Yeah, it’s scary so lets keep its time stopped in my [Storage] as I’ve been doing.

​ Oh, I also have those Gravity Bombs I’d gotten from Rin… what was the trigger word again… [Round Plate]? No… [Black Plate]? [Red Prate]… did I just say Prate? Let’s experiment with one of them next time.

​ By the way, I’d also put the Dungeon Core I’d gotten as a reward in my [Storage]. Same with the Godly Alarm Glock. Let’s put the orichalcum sword I just used back inside, too.

​ … Yeah, so my [Storage] is turning into a treasure trove of dangerous stuff… like some pandora’s box. I don’t plan on doing anything with them though, so eh.

​ Ah, my [Super Transformation]’s level started to rise while I was thinking.

​ I don’t feel any mental pollution, good. I’m not sure I’d be able to tell even if I was affected, though.

​ … Level 5, huh. It went up two levels, likely once per Dummy Core, but I can’t say for sure it’ll always be like that. I wonder what the max level is?

​ The results—yep, they appeared in my mind. Let’s see the new effects along with the ones I already had.

Super Transformation’s Effects:

– Can transform into what is imagined Lv X times per day (5 times for Lv 5).

– Lv 1 Effect: Can transform into something that exists.

– Lv 2 Effect: Can partially mimic the abilities of what has been transformed into.

– Lv 3 Effect: Once every 72 hours, even if you die, the transformation will cancel and you will revive.

– Lv 4 Effect: Can transform into something that existed in the past. (NEW!)

– Lv 5 Effect: Post-Transformation restrictions lowered. Can use Inherent Abilities. (NEW!)

​ Yeah, what?

​ First off, I can now transform five times a day instead of three time.

​ That’s nice. Just a straight up increase in the number of times I can use it. Next!

​ The fourth level’s effect was that I could transform into things that have existed in the past. Until now, I wasn’t able to transform into things that don’t exist.

​ This was easy to understand if we think about me transforming into Rokuko. Up till now, I couldn’t transform into loli Rokuko if she was in her adult Rokuko form. The reason for this was that loli Rokuko wasn’t a thing that was currently existing in the world. Now, however, I would be able to.

​ It doesn’t seem to be unlimited, though. For example, in order to transform into [A Letter Before it Burned], I wouldn’t be able to do the transformation without having seen the letter before it transformed.

​ … I’ve only been able to transform into things I’ve seen with my own eyes, after all.

​ If it were unconditional, I’d be able to transform into [Young Version of XX] or [Original Version of Rotted Inscription] or something…

​ And the effect from level five. It feels like an upgrade of the level two effect.

​ Specifically, level two’s effect meant that I couldn’t just transform into a Gargoyle to fly. Level five’s meant that I could. Their wings relied on the [Flight] skill, after all.

​ I haven’t been able to fight too well after transforming… all I could do really was use some weak magic skills. Although level two let me [partially mimic] them, this meant that [I could use any abilities they naturally had, within limits].

​ Since I couldn’t use the middle class earth-attributed magic skill [Create Golem] even when I transformed into myself, I was able to see how low that upper limit was.

​ All of this is why I could only use [Super Transformation] to mimic something’s appearance, but now I’d be able to fly if I transformed into a monster with the ability to do that.

​ But now, although still not perfect, it was at a [Usable Level].

​ If I had to compare it, it’d be similar to [Having a bike but never having practiced it before]. Like I wouldn’t be able to copy something experiences or intuition.

​ Which meant that I’d have to practice if I wanted to fly. Man, so troublesome.

​ Still though, as a result of me testing it out a bit, I was able to use [Create Golem] even after transforming into myself, so I should be able to use at least up to middle class magic.

​ I couldn’t use the upper class space-attributed magic [Teleport], so I guess middle class is the limit.

​ Still though, who decided on the demarcation between elementary and middle class magic…? It’s a mystery. Maybe the magical power expenditure?

​ “Kehma! So you were down here?”

​ “Hmm? What’s up, Rokuko? Something happen?”

​ Just then, Rokuko came to the Arena Area.

​ “Village Sub-Chief Wozuma’s looking for you, he heard you’d come back and has been trying to find you.”

​ Huh. Come to think of it, I still haven’t reported that I’m back, have I?

​ The village seemed peaceful enough and Rei and everyone’s report said nothing really happened, but maybe there’s some emergency?

​ “I noticed it a while ago, but there’s a village now. Maybe it’s about that?”

​ “Huh? We’ve been a village for ages, what are you talking about?”

​ “No, not that.”

​ “Huh?”

​ Rokuko showed me the map.

​ There, on it, was definitely a settlement large enough to be called a village.

​ —On the other side of the tunnel.


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  1. I have no idea why Kehma didn’t mention the underwear here. Father definitely mentioned underwear as part of the set.
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