Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 363

Ten-san and Kehma


​ Blue sea, white sand. Standing there was a single Tentacle Slime.

​ A Tentacle Slime.

​ As what was basically [White Beach]’s boss, it was a Slime that invalidated physical attacks. It was not embarrassed to have tentacle in its name, it truly did have tentacles.

​ Moreover, it was a named monster—[Ten]. Only the Silky that was the keeper of [White Secret] (a villa under the guise of a dungeon) called it this name, though—Recently, as Dungeon Master Kehma had learned the [Teleport] skill, he’d frequently visited the Imperial Capital and [Rabbit Rest Area] from [Cave of Desires] and he would greet it by name whenever he turned up.

​ “Oh, Ten-san.”

​ Was this that speak of the devil thing? Kehma, that very Dungeon Master, suddenly appeared.

​ Ten returned the greeting by waving its tentacle.

Will you be going to visit [Rabbit Rest Area] today as well?—Ten shook its body.

​ “Hmm? Yeah, it’s not like I have much else to do today. I just figured I’d try out taking a nap there as a change of pace.”

I see.—Ten wigged its body.

If you want to take a nap, I recommend the shade of that tree over there. It would suit your needs perfectly.—It waved a tentacle.

​ “Oh, that does look great. Thanks, Ten-san.”

That’s what I’m here for.—It swelled a part of its tentacle as if to give him a thumbs up.

​ … These two people (?) seemed to somehow be able to understand each other.

​ The only one actually speaking was Kehma. It was understandable that Ten could understand Kehma since it was so intelligent, but Kehma being able to precisely understand the Tentacle Slime’s every word (?) was out of this world.

​ Well, this slime was much more expressive than the average, every-day slime, but… still, perhaps that was what made the Dungeon Master the Dungeon Master?

​ By the way, it seemed as though he wasn’t using his Translation Function. He could understand it even without it.

​ “Jiggle.

​ “Oh, fish? Yeah, I guess we are at a sea. We could fish here and make salt, I guess.”

​ “Jiggle?

​ “How to make salt? You want to? Hmm, wouldn’t the salt dry you out though?”

​ “… … … jiggle.

​ “I see, I guess if seawater is fine… well, if you remove the water from seawater, what’s leftover is salt. All you need to do is concentrate down a large amount of seawater by boiling it or leaving it out in the sun to evaporate away.”

​ “… …

​ “Hmm? What’s wrong, Ten-san?”

​ “… Jiggle!

​ “Eh, is that possible? You want to give it a shot? O-Okay.”

​ Ten plunged one of its tentacles into the sea. Drawing water up through it like a pump, it swallowed it all. Another tentacle returned water into the sea like a water hose.

​ … It was condensing it, expelling the excess fluid.

​ This continued for around ten minutes before a crystalline square about the size of a marble took form inside it. It was probably salt… was it using magic to bind it together?

​ “Jiggle.

​ “You’re sure?”

​ Beckoning Kehma forward, it placed the crystal onto his hand.

​ After wiping the excess mucus off his finger, Kehma tried giving the slightly pink crystal a lick. Salty. Yeah, it was definitely salt.

​ “… That’s amazing, Ten-san! You could produce salt like this!”

​ “Jiggle♪

​ Still though, the pink tint it has was Ten-san’s color. Did some of its mucus mix into it?

​ Salt infused with Ten-san’s mucus… it didn’t sound like something that would be so appetizing. Still though, it’s not like it wouldn’t be eaten.

​ “Come to think of it, Ten-san, you’re a Slime, yeah?”

​ “Jiggle?

​ “No, I mean like, could you make a slime bed? I was just wondering. You’d normally just sink right into one, yeah? But I get the feeling it’d be possible with you. I mean, you’re so big.”

​ “Jiggle jiggle.

​ “Eh, no, I was just wondering. Aren’t you busy with dungeon stuff?”

​ “Jiggle.

​ “Oh, really? Free, huh… well, people don’t come to this dungeon, I guess… Do wild Sahagin ever make it inside?”

​ “Jiggle.

​ “… Too bad.”

​ “Jiiiiigle.

​ “Hahaha, I see, I see. If you insist!”

​ And thus it was decided that Kehma would try out a slime bed under the shade of a tree.

​ … It had conveyed something along the lines of [I can skip out if I play it off as being the Dungeon Master’s guard]. For some reason—really, just for some reason—Kehma was able to understand this line particularly clearly. Without Translation Function’s aid.

​ Perhaps they held a connection as fellow gacha-summoned individuals?

​ “Jiggle.

​ Kehma was picked up by Ten’s tentacle and placed on top of it.

​ It then made its way to be under the tree’s shade.

​ “Maaan, it’s so good we left this dungeon to you, Ten-san.”

​ “Jiggle, jiggle.

​ “No, I mean, you’re always helping. We’re the ones only ever using you for Dungeon Battles… right… zzz”

​ Although Kehma was entangled by enough tentacles to look like he was wrapped up in a bamboo mat, their elasticity made for a perfect bed, allowing him to easily fall asleep.

​ He’d be slimy later, but a single use of [Cleanup] would take care of that.

​ Still though, he’d completely forgotten that its mucus was great for skin health and blood circulation, so it caused a bit of a situation later on.

​ When he’d brought the salt to Succubus Village with a letter saying [Health Food for Blood Circulation: Tentacle Slime], it was rather popular.


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