Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 362

100 Kisses


​ After the Dungeon Battle ended, a bit before Kehma and everyone headed back.

​ To be more specific, it was the day after Kehma and Rokuko slept together.

​ “Ane-sama. Let’s kiss!”

​ “Eh?”

​ Rokuko, who was supposed to have been preparing for her return, suddenly said something explosive enough to cause Haku to jolt.

​ “K-K-K-Kiss? Kiss—you mean that kiss, right?”

​ “? Umm, is there another kind? Ane-sama.”

​ “No!! None, none at all… Huh, what? Am I dreaming? Is this a special effect of Otou-sama’s sofa?”

​ After getting dead drunk from the victory party the day before, she’d woken up on the sofa [Father] had given her. She felt very refreshed after waking up.

​ In other words, there was a small, no, a 50% chance that Rokuko suggesting they do this might be because of some sort of ability that sofa had.

​ “Nnn, nnnhm. Gehun. Umm, well—”

​ “Okay, excuse me, Ane-sama.”

​ “Nmu!?”

​ Getting on the desk, Rokuko suddenly pressed her lips against the lips owned by the person sitting at that desk—Haku’s. Lip on lip, a true kiss.

​ “…!?”

​ “That’s one. Nn~”

​ “W-W-W-Wait, Rokuko-chan! Give me ten, no, five minutes!”

​ Blocking Rokuko with her hand as she’d started to come in for the second kiss, Haku excused herself for a moment.

​ “(What what what what the WHAT!? What just happened!? Eeeeeh!?)”

​ Confused as all hell, Haku ran to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Finishing up with a [Cleanup], she looked at herself in the mirror to give herself the most important look over she’d ever done.

​ —Other then the red suffusing her ears and cheeks, everything was fine.

​ Using her fingers to make sure her hair was just right, she returned to the room Rokuko was waiting in and took a seat.

​ “… S-Sorry for the wait.”

​ “Welcome back, Ane-sama. Shall we continue?”

​ “Y-Yeah… Umm, Rokuko-chan? Why so suddenly?”

​ Hearing Haku’s question, Rokuko tilted her head.

​ “Ane-sama, didn’t you tell me I could kiss Kehma if I kissed you a hundred times?”

​ “… I did, now that I think about it.”

​ Yes, she definitely remembered saying that. In other words, Rokuko was wanting to kiss her a hundred times so that she could kiss Kehma. Haku correctly identified the situation.

​ “Which is why we have ninety-nine to go!”

​ “O-Okay, I-I get it, bu—!”

​ Haku’s lips were once more forcibly covered. What was with her aggressiveness? Haku felt like she was about to faint, but she also absolutely couldn’t allow herself to lose consciousness during this. Even if it cost her her life, she absolutely had to stay conscious.

​ “Puha—come to think of it, Ane-sama, there are kisses that aren’t on the lips, right?”

​ “Wai—nnn!! Kya—n-no, n-not theeeeere!!”

​ Once, twice, three times, Rokuko rapid fired kisses down her cheek and onto her neck. Haku wondered just where she had learned such a technique as she was forced to experience it with her own body.

​ Haku didn’t recall ever teaching her about it.

​ —The extent of what she’d taught her for her sexual education (to make sure there was no blunder in the worst case scenario) was: [The act of sexual reproduction is the release of dirty fluids for the sake of feeling good, an act similar to seeing the other person similar to a trash can. The absolute worst thing a man can do to a woman, something to absolutely be refused. To begin with, for a human, it’s a base act akin to excretion]. She’d also taught her: [Kisses are things done between people who like each other, it has nothing to do with being man or woman].

​ Where did she learn to give such passionate kisses?

​ All she could think of was Kehma or Golen. Or perhaps it was something she’d picked up from the Succubi Leona had left in the dungeon? Yes, that had to be it. That godforsaken Leona—

​ Just then, Haku felt a warm, soft touch on her ear, causing her to body to jump.

​ “Hyai!? R-Rokuko-chan, not theeere…”

​ “But it’s, mmpu, your ear? It tastes like Ane-sama.”

​ With her eardrum being tickled by the super-close-up whisper and the sound of a tongue pressing into her ear, her brain shook in pleasure. She never would have thought that her adorable Rokuko’s voice and her lovely tongue would be able to shake her like this.

My ear—aaah, d-don’t liiiick, a, haah, hguuu…. amazing…!

​ She couldn’t hear anything but the sound of her ear being licked.

​ “N-No, Rokuko-chan… M-My ears, they’re my… if you keep licking them…!”

​ “Oh, they’re your weak spot? Guess I’ll just keep going… nom.”

​ “Nyahi!? M-My eeeeeear…!”

​ She was melting. Rokuko was causing her brain to melt.

​ Both of her ears and her entire face was beet red and she couldn’t even hide any of it. Haku just kept being kissed by Rokuko.

​ “… And that’s… one hundred.”

​ “… ah…”

​ Once Rokuko finished with the promised hundred kisses, she moved a little away from Haku, looking a bit embarrassed… As for Haku, having received those kisses, she couldn’t manage to put any strength into her body. All she could do was stare up at the ceiling.

​ “… Ane-sama, you’re drooling.”

​ “Hya, hyaau. R-Rokuko-chan… wh-when did you grow up so much…”

​ “Fufufu, even I can grow up!”

​ A triumphant look on her face, Rokuko answered with what wasn’t an answer at all.

​ Just then, Rokuko seemed to come up with an idea.

​ “… Maybe I should go for another hundred? No, two hundred… no, no…! Three hundred…!?”

​ “Hyah…!?”

​ By the end of the day, Haku was completely drained and couldn’t even manage to see Rokuko off.

​ As for how many times Rokuko kissed Haku… that would forever be a secret between the two of them.


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