Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 359

A Reward for Wataru


​ The recently discovered dungeon, [Rabbit Rest Area].

​ Of the adventurers gathered within, many were muscle-bound, grizzled, and battle-scarred. Due to this, they were also the kind of people able to easily remove any monsters that showed up.

​ Now, why were such people as these hanging out in a dungeon filled with rabbits? Wataru, filled with interest about that and receiving orders from Haku to investigate, had come to enjoy himself as well as do the actual investigation.

​ After gathering as much relevant information in the Imperial Capital, his investigation quickly ended once he’d arrived on site.

​ What he’d found was that these hard-faced, frightening adventurers there were giving rabbits vegetable sticks and just generally loving on their fluffiness. Wataru understood it right away—these men and women were [Healing].

​ A rabbit unhesitatingly came up to Wataru to be held.

Even in this other world, the power of cuteness is undeniable. Wataru thought to himself. Maybe I could try out a cat cafe geared towards retired adventurers… it’d be nice if Nerune would join me.

I’d definitely get addicted if it weren’t for Golen, I probably might never have wanted to return to the Imperial Capital… Wataru decided to stay the night while thinking to himself.

​ And thus was how Wataru got rolled up in the [Raid Event].


* * *


​ “Phew, those last ones were a bit tough.”

​ “… A bit? They were Arch Demons… so this is what a hero is, huh…?”

​ Returning to the Safety Zone once the Arch Demons were dealt with, they were all relieved that the Raid Event ended with everyone safe. Would those Arch Demons have appeared if Wataru weren’t there? That thought in mind, Renyu found herself trembling.

​ By the way, since Wataru played such an active role, tons of rabbits were floofing themselves all over Wataru in droves. While several adventurers stared on in envy, a few other rabbits went over to them an nestled up against them as if to say [You did your best too~!].

​ “U-Umm, the rabbits brought me this…! For everyone…”

​ Saying that, Strawberry brought a basket chock full of potions. It was probably the Raid Event reward. It seemed they’d given it to Strawberry to distribute since there was so much of it.

​ “There also seems to be a special reward for the hero? They keep saying their king’s coming.”

​ “King? The rabbits’?”

​ “Yes, the rabibts’.”

​ Just then, a hole opened up in the sky—the environment room’s ceiling. A basket held up by strings descended from it.

​ In that basket was an orange rabbit with a tiny crown on its head—

​ “Nkyuu! I’m these guys’ king! Ahahaha~!”

​ —-who spoke, causing all of the rabbits to bow toward him.

​ “The rabbit… talked!”

​ “Amazing! A talking rabbit! And it’s orange!”

​ The adventurers’ reactions ranged from those who bowed to the rabbit, to those who knelt, to those who stood in blank surprise, to those who were deeply moved from seeing a talking rabbit.

​ By the way, Wataru was one of those who read the situation and knelt.

​ “Let’s see, nkyuu. Ummm… Thank kyuu for what kyuu did! Everyone, kyuu saved us from those bad demons that wanted to eat us! They were really serious this time… so we should be safe for a few years, nkyuu!”

​ “Err, so we were helpful?”

​ “Yep. Partiiiicularly kyuuu! So great! So strong! Which is why I’m granting kyuu the title of the Rabbit Hero and our rabbit ear ornament!”

​ After he said that, the Rabbit King deftly grabbed a rabbit ear hairband with his forefoot and presented it to Wataru. Reverently accepting it, Wataru put it on his head.

​ … Rabbit Hero. Although it sounded a bit like a joke of a title, for those who’d spent their time here, it was an amazing thing.

​ “Amazing, Hero Wataru!”

​ “Rabbit Hero! Wataru-sama!”

​ “So cool! Rabbit Hero, so cool! Rabbit ears, so coooool!”

​ There was a deafening applause. Although the rabbits weren’t able to properly join the adventurers in the applause, the rabbits also seemed to be elated about the [Rabbit Hero]’s birth.

​ “Oooh yeah, that rabbit ear ornament’s a magic tool, kyuu can make them move when kyuu put magical power into em! It’s thanks for kyuu helping so much. We have our own ears so we dooooon’t need it, but magic tools are worth money in human towns… nkyuuu?”

​ The king tilted his head, slightly anxious. Wataru didn’t think that a magic tool only capable of moving itself would be worth much, but…. he wasn’t a man unable to read the mood.

​ Also, he figured that it would absolutely be worth a lot amongst those there with him.

​ “Yeah, well… umm, would it be fine if I gave this to someone I know? She’s someone I like… and I think this would suit her…”

​ “Nn, sure! I’ll allow it!”

​ “Haha, thank you!”

​ Wataru smiled in delight. The Rabbit King was likely smiling, as well.

​ “Hero! Thank kyuuuu!”

​ After that, the Rabbit King returned to his basket and went back through the hole in the ceiling. The hole shut once the king disappeared.

​ … Was someone rolling him back up? Imagining that was somewhat unreal.

​ “… I guess I managed to get a souvenir for Nerune-san.”

​ “Ummm, c-congratulations, Hero-sama.”

​ “Thanks?”

​ Strawberry, the beastkin adventurer who naturally had moving rabbit ears of her own, congratulated Wataru.

​ “Shouldn’t y-you use that as proof of being their hero?”

​ “Umm, I mean… I don’t really need it…”

​ After that, though, a volunteer decided to make and present a Rabbit Hero medal to Wataru.

… Honestly, while I’m not about to throw it away and it’s not like it takes up much space, err, it’s bothersome…!


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