Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 357

Fate is a Thing to be Seized

(Rokuko’s Point of View)


​ After Kehma left her room, Rokuko did some thinking. She once more reaffirmed to herself that she’d absolutely, absolutely sleep with him that day and left her room in high spirits.

​ She’d had the feeling it was in the bag the previous time, but Kehma had ended up leaving. She was a bit sad about that, but what could she do!? It was obvious! She just had to do it herself!

​ That thought in mind, Rokuko made her way over to Kehma’s room in what could only be called a reverse yobai. 1

​ “I’m coming in, Kehma!”

​ “Uoh! W-Wait!”

​ His voice sounded like he was in a bit of a panic, so she decided to wait ten seconds before entering.

​ By the way, Kehma’s room was a dreary room that looked more like a storage room than a proper bedroom. In terms of the bedding, it just had a single bedroll. Even in this dreary room, it had a high quality glass window, as expected of the place called the White Villa.

​ In a room like that, Kehma was sitting down on the futon in his jersey.

​ “What’s up, Rokuko?”

​ “Umm, well…”

​ There’s no way she could just say she came to his room for that. It was too embarrassing.

​ But Rokuko had an idea.

​ “I couldn’t sleep because of you. I was hoping you’d use Siesta.”

​ Yes, now that she’d had her drowsiness entirely removed and wound up fully awake, all she had to do was get drowsy again. For that, she could rely on Kehma’s Magic Sword Siesta.

​ Even Kehma felt admiration at that.

​ “Oooh, I could do that, couldn’t I? Alright, Rokuko. Let’s head back to your room.”

​ “There’s a bedroll right here though? We can do it here.”

​ “Umm.”

​ “Is something wrong?”

​ “… I didn’t think I’d need a spare, I only have one bedroll.”

​ “…! Heeh, is that so?”

​ Rokuko clapped her hands together. The Godly Comforter’s effect was still chuggin along! God(ly Comforter) was working in mysterious ways!

​ “Kehma, get Siesta ready, we’ll sleep here.”

​ “Huh? Okay…”

​ Kehma put Magic Sword Siesta near his bedside before laying down face up.

​ Seeing this, Rokuko grinned.

​ “OhwoopssorryItripped~”

​ “Guah!?”

​ Rokuko, very clearly on purpose, fell onto Kehma. She performed a splendid elbow drop right into his stomach.

​ As yet another coincidence, his jersey was new and hadn’t yet been Golemized. He’d probably just finished making it after feeling refreshed from winning the Dungeon Battle.

​ “O-ogogogo…”

​ “Oh, sorry, Kehma! Are you hurt? You’re hurt, right!? You should recover with the Godly Comforter, then! Oh, and Siesta, maximum output!”

​ Saying that, she lied down next to the now-in-pain Kehma as if to sleep with him, followed by her pouring magical power into the nearby Magic Sword Siesta. She simultaneously did that and withdrew the Godly Comforter from her [Storage] before covering the both of them with it.

​ “Hey, you—… zzz.”

​ “Goodnight, Kehma… zzz.”



​ Which is how they ended up in the dream world.

​ Produced through the Godly Comforter, It was a dream space By Rokuko, For Rokuko.

​ “I’ve~Been~Waiting~, Kehma.”

​ “Hey, Rokuko. Could you explain what the heck just happened?”

​ “What do you mean?”

​ “Hah…. whatever. This is a dream, there’s no way I’d get the answer I’m looking for by asking the Rokuko that’s here.”

​ By the way, for this dream, as a result of having done repeated studies since the previous time, she’d decided to try out leaving Kehma just thinking that [This was a dream]. (Rokuko’s memories were left perfectly intact, of course.)

​ Therefore, this time wouldn’t turn into a Kehma Dressup Paradise. Unless Kehma decided to do it himself, of course.

​ “Still though, Kehma, this appearance…”

​ “…”

​ Rokuko’s appearance hadn’t changed from what it was before she fell asleep. Since she was officially going with the [Kehma’s Dream] setting, she thought it would have been turned into whatever Kehma wanted… but…

​ “Do you like it that much? Hey, hey?”

​ “I-I mean, sure, I guess. But what’s with you coming to my room looking like that? What if someone saw you?”

​ “I don’t really care though?”

​ Kehma’s cheeks blushed somewhat when she said that.

​ “… I don’t want anyone else seeing you like that, sheesh.”

​ He muttered.

​ What the what? Did she just hear that? Oh, how she lamented not being able to use the menu function’s record in this dream world.

​ “Kehma, Kehma, just now. That, could you say that again?”

​ “I don’t wanna, it’s embarrassing.”

​ “Eeh~? You can say it~”

​ Rokuko clung to Kehma as she spoke. Her not-so-abundant chest pressed up against him as she looked up to his face.

​ She could hear the pounding a heart ring in her ears. As for whose, however, she didn’t know.

​ Readying herself, Rokuko opened her mouth to speak.

​ “Kehmaa…. could you kiss me?”

​ “Your foot?”

Maybe I can hit him just a little?

​ “Why my foot? My lips, obviously. Are you stupid? Stupid~”

​ “But I want to kiss your feet?”

​ “…”

​ “…”

​ They stared at each other for a moment—practically glaring in a standoff. With a sigh, Rokuko broke first.

"Alright, I'll let you kiss my feet... if you kiss my body all the way down! Starting with my lips!"

​ “Got it!”

​ “Nmu—!?”

​ Just as she said that, Rokuko felt Kehma’s lips press up against hers.



​ …

​ … … …

​ “Oi, Rokuko.”

​ Rokuko came back to herself upon feeling something poke her cheek.

​ “Fuah? Did I fall asleep…? Nnn…”

​ “Rokuko? R-Ro—!? Ngu!?”

​ Hugging Kehma as if to smother him, she kissed him a countless number of times.

​ The sensation brought a smile to her face. They’d kissed in various places, but she liked lip on lip the most.

​ “… Puah… hah… so good… ♪”

​ “O-Oi, Rokuko? A-Are you still half asleep…?”

​ “… Huh?”

​ Opening her eyes after hearing his voice practically in a falsetto, she saw Kehma’s crimson red face.

Huh? That’s weird. Why would he look like that after doing it so many times?

Huh? When did we move into a bedroll?

Huh? Why’s the window sparkling?

​ …


​ As soon as Rokuko realized what she’d just done, her face turned beet red.

​ “K-Kehma!? N-No! Um, there—there was a giant melon bread!!”

​ “Y-Yeah! A melon bread, definitely! You were dreaming about eating it, yeah!”

​ “Exaaaactly! Maaan, that was a crazy melon bread! Ahahaha, that was an accident!”

​ “It was a melon bread, you couldn’t help it! Yep! Yep!”

​ Rising out of the comforter—or more like tossing it aside as she bolted up, Rokuko gave excuse after excuse.

​ Kehma accepted each and every one of them, nodded each and every time in just as much earnestness.

​ Both of their faces were bright red. Rokuko’s eyes had even started to grow watery.

​ Once she’d made her excuses, neither could look each other in the eye and had to turn their backs to each other.

​ “… I’m going to kiss Ane-sama a hundred times.”

​ “Y-Yeah…”

​ And thus was how various things related to the Dungeon Battle came to a close.


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  1. Yobai is usually sneaking into a woman’s bedroom at night to do a *thing*.
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