Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 356

The Godly Beddings


​ The Dungeon Battle was over and the celebrations had finished—to be more exact, she’d managed slipped away from them this year as well.

​ From here on was Rokuko’s time.

​ “I’m psyched up for today!”

​ Perhaps it was forgotten? Forgot about the [Godly Comforter]’s effect, that is.

​ Once every 365 days, the owner could sleep with whoever else they wanted.

​ (* To be exact, it manipulates causality to make it so that nothing will hinder you until morning.)

It’s already been a year. It would be better to wait before using it… or not…? No, let’s use it! Rokuko took out the Godly Comforter and started to pat it out. Yeah, let’s do it. It’ll be fine, I can just feel it.

​ “… Last time was, umm, that, but this time… I’ll make use of the knowledge I have! Thank you Redra, today, I’ll do, do that with Kehma!”

​ Even though Rokuko was looking to the sky as she spoke in fervor, she still somehow managed to be too embarrassed to speak without stumbling over herself.

​ Knowledge. Redra. Their neighboring dungeon, [Flame Cavern]’s Dungeon Master. The mother of a girl named Igni. In other words, a strong person.

​ According to her, [I’d go so far as to say that if you can kiss, you can have a kid!].

​ Although it’s apparently safe between sisters, since Meat and Maidence—the lord of Tsuia’s daughter—were engaged, she couldn’t let her guard down around women, either. For paying attention to that detail, Rokuko’s wit was of no doubt.

​ “… Bedding-sama, bedding-sama, I want to sleep with Kehma!”

​ It shone with light as she gave the comforter her prayer. It was the same light I’d seen the year before. In other words, it had activated.

​ By the way, this time she’d managed to put on her negligee beforehand, even the black over-knee socks that Kehma fancied. They were the lucky underwear she’d prepared just for this day.

I know! Now that I’ve named these my lucky underwear, it means that my fighting spirit is necessary to decide whether they’ll work or not!—is what Rokuko thought to herself.

​ A while later, there was a knock at her bedroom door.

​ “Hyahi!? K-Kehma?”

​ “Yeah, it’s me.”

​ “It’s unlocked, come in!”

​ “Oh, really? I’m coming in then.”

​ Opening the door, Kehma walked in. He was wearing his usual jersey.

​ “Fufufu, we got another Godly Bedding this year, Rokuko.”

​ “Yeah, one for each of us, too. You finally have one of your own, Kehma!”

​ “What, you have both the comforter and blanket, what is my alarm clock compared to those?”

​ Yeah, that’s how it had turned out. Kehma felt a bit of regret over being given something that was meant to wake him up, but that was griping about receiving a luxury.

​ “Want to try them out together, Kehma?”

​ “Yeah… appear, [Godly Alarm Clock]!”

​ Kehma spoke as he took the Godly Alarm Clock out from his [Storage]. It was a round, analog clock. It had a white face and was otherwise read. On it were letters reading one to twelve in black, a simple black needle pointed to the current time.

​ There were four thin legs sprouting from its base and two golden bells to act as the alarm on its top.

​ “Here we go, this is the [Godly Blanket].”

​ What Rokuko had taken our was a beige blanket. Although it seemed to be ordinary enough at first glance, it was made of microfiber and was ludicrously fluffy to the touch. Unlike the comforter, it was heavy without feeling oppressive, making one feel a sense of security from it.

​ “… How can I put this? Between the alarm clock and the blanket, I’d say the blanket feels more like beddings…”

​ “Well, alarm clocks are used to wake you up. You don’t feel them personally.”

​ “Yeah. Maybe that’s what was up with him saying no to choosing the alarm clock?”

​ Suddenly, Rokuko’s attention was attracted by a bracelet barely concealed by Kehma’s jersey on his left wrist.

​ “Oh, is that the [Strong Mind Bracelet] you got from Ane-sama?”

​ “Yeah, it was made by Otou-sama though.”

​ “Eh? Really? It fits you, Kehma!”

​ “Think so? Well, my jersey will hide it anyway. It has the effect of repelling all mental effects.”

​ … Now that he said that, she realized that the current Kehma was acting much more [Sane] than he did the previous year.

​ She thought she wouldn’t have to worry about anything since Kehma had also gotten a Godly Beddings, but… could it be?

​ “…. … …”

​ “Hm? What’s wrong, Rokuko? You want it?”

​ “Eh? Oh, no, ummm… y-yeah! But it’s something for you…”

​ “It’s fine, it’s just an accessory. Right, how about I have you take care of it? Having you hold onto it will make me feel more at ease, anyway.”

​ “Eh? O-Okay.”

​ Saying that, Rokuko accepted the silver bracelet from Kehma. Feeling his leftover body heat passing into her wrist from it, her heart suddenly throbbed… Just then, she realized that he was staring at her.

​ “…”

​ “K-Kehma?”

​ “Y-Yeah, what is it?”

​ “Umm, you’re kind of staring…”

​ “Oh, yeah… I’m just admiring you.”

​ “Eh!? N-No wa, heeh? I-I—.”

​ Unable to look him in the eye, Rokuko had to turn away, her face beat red.

​ Embarrassed as can be, she tried to change the subject.

​ “S-So, Kehma. What does the alarm clock do? The blanket invalidates all attacks. It’s to let you sleep in peace.”

​ “That’s amazing, as expected of a Godly Bedding. Mine clears up any and all abnormal conditions.”

​ As for whether sleep could be considered an abnormal condition, recall that it could be prevented through Blackout Resistance. Since it could cancel it and leave you completely refreshed, it would allow you to wake up to the best feeling in the world.

​ “And even though it has bells, it makes an electric noise. You can designate how long you want to wait until you wake up, anywhere from twelve hours to a century.”

​ “Eh, is the dial a decoration?”

​ “You can more or less use it as a normal clock if you want. I’m told it does its own time adjustment automatically, what a convenient clock!”

​ Although Kehma said that, his gaze seemed distant.

​ “If it’s such a good clock, why look like that? Is there something wrong?”

​ “Oh, just… the effect comes from hearing its sound…”

​ “It does? So what kind of sound does it make?”

​ “Well… it’d be faster for me to let you hear it. Please ring in ten seconds.”

​ Exactly ten seconds after Kehma said that, a just-loud-enough [Pipipi, pipipi, pipipi] to fill the room rung out. It stopped when Kehma clapped his hand onto the top of the alarm.

​ She realized that the slight drowsy feeling she’d had was entirely gone.

​ “I see, so the sound itself is small.”

​ “Yeah. The sound doesn’t have to have to be that loud, since the effect will wake you up. But just hearing it will make you feel refreshed and wide-eyed. You shouldn’t use it before you go to bed.”

​ “As expected of Father, making such a work of art.”

​ Rokuko nodded, her head completely refreshed.

​ “But… can you get to sleep now?”

​ “… Ah! It’s true, I’m not tired at all.”

​ “That’s probably this clock’s only defect. It’s not a Bedding, it’s a tool for waking up.”

​ “I see. Now that you say it, it is true…”

Still though, seeing as how you’ll have to wake up at some point, it should be counted as one of the Beddings… Rokuko thought to herself. No, maybe constructing the Godly Beddings with the concept of ever having to wake back up was off the mark?

​ “Alright, I’m wide awake again, so I’m going to head back to my room. Thanks for showing me your Beddings. Cya tomorrow, Rokuko.”

​ “Oh, okay.”

​ Saying that, Kehma walked out of the room with a refreshed look to his face.

​ “… Huh? Wh-What happened? What about the comforter’s effect?”

​ The Godly Alarm Clock. An item that was constructed to be strong enough to overcome even the Godly Comforter’s effect.

​ Realizing this, Rokuko couldn’t help but to shout.

​ “… That alarm clock is not a Bedding!”


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