Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 35

I’ll Be an Adventurer Even Though I’m a Dungeon Master!


We got 150,000 DP from Haku-san.
We had 30,000 DP left over from the Dungeon Battle… 20,000 DP from Rokuko using 10,000 DP however she wanted. Those put together gave 170,000 DP on hand that could be used freely.

Let’s use this easy money (it’s DP though) for a few things.
First of all, I got ten [Beetradish (10 DP)] for forest area around the cave… Radishes could become a source of sugar. Adding a field to plow wouldn’t hinder dungeon affairs and could make some high quality sugar for us.
Though I could buy some with DP to sell, that wouldn’t be sustainable. This way I could get money without losing DP. Ah, it seemed that 5 DP was fifty copper but it might be more.
I’ll try it out if the beetradishes don’t work out.

Then, I bought some magic scrolls.
Low class earth magic [Scroll of Stone (700 DP)].
Low class water magic [Scroll of Water (500 DP)].
Low class wind magic [Scroll of Air Voice (400 DP)].
Low class fire magic [Scroll of Fireball (500 DP)].
Low class light magic [Scroll of Light (400 DP)].
Low class dark magic [Scroll of Blind (500 DP)].
Bottom class space-time magic [Scroll of Safe (600 DP)].
Enough for three people. Me, Rokuko, and Meat’s shares. I should memorize the basic attributes. I might be able to use them somehow… Eh, the space-time magic one was bottom class, but how was that a safe? From the name it seemed that it would make a different dimensional safe for stowing things in. I wonder if Translation Feature-san is doing that… 1

Then was Haku-san’s recommendation, the widely convenient middle class space-time magic [Scroll of Storage (10,000 DP)]… it did cost a lot, but I got three of them since it was such easy money.
I immediately stored the [Heavenly Pillow]… It seemed to have around as much space as a closet. I put my bedding in, too. Like this, even if the inns have hard beds I won’t have to worry.

With that done, I’ve used around 80,000 DP in total with 90,000 DP left. There’s still a lot left over, but let’s try and use it to reconstruct the dungeon.

… It doesn’t really feel like I could use the DP down to a single digit.
A small fortune huh.

Ah, right. Since I expanded the dungeon’s area, our daily DP income turned into 100 DP before I knew it. I guess it comes from the veins of the ground?
… Ten times huh… Well, extensions don’t compare to ten times the single-room dungeon though. I wonder if there’s spot that increases the DP income? Like a power spot.
It should be fine to get to sleep now that I’m getting 100 DP a day. Even if I don’t do anything I’m getting 10,000 yen a day you know?

Well, when I took a good look at the menu after the dungeon battle, there was [Spawn Monster] as a trap… or rather a facility, it was added into the DP Catalog.
Although it needed a hundred time’s the monster’s specified DP cost, it was a facility that regularly brought out the designated monster.
… As for [Spawn Monster]’s condition, it’s probably that it can’t spawn more than a certain number of monsters?

And although the dungeon had been improved, from here on, I will restructure this dungeon into a ‘place that people will visit regularly, staying while giving me DP and money’.

Right, I’ll turn this dungeon into an [Inn]. That’s my plan.
Fufufu, double earnings of DP and money.

… Eh? Cheating? This much is fine.
I can’t stand out much with god’s vanguard around you know? Oi, I don’t want to die. I can’t sleep if I’m dead. I don’t consider death to be an eternal sleep. 2

Anyway, since I want to somehow get to the level that I can rest easy even with god’s vanguard, my goal is [White Labyrinth] in the Imperial Capital. It was an obvious success case.
People gather in the Imperial Capital, giving it DP.
The dungeon expands with the collected DP.
More and more people come to the Imperial Capital for the treasures in the dungeon.
From then on it became an infinite loop.

In order to repel god’s vanguard, we have to become as gargantuan as the [White Labyrinth].
[White Labyrinth] is already dungeon with currently ‘more than one hundred floors’. That’s a difference of two digits.
In addition to that, [White Labyrinth] is holding the Imperial Capital itself hostage. Namely, ‘if [White Labyrinth]’s dungeon core is destroyed, so will be the imperial capital, involving countless innocents’.
And even with that, Haku-san still had the knights hunt other dungeons to protect herself from god’s vanguard.
It appeared that was the level we had to get to in order to not be attacked by god’s vanguard.
Seems too far away to get to in my lifetime.

And for that reason.

Though it would be small-scale, I thought about making an inn.
More accurately, I thought about putting myself into the inn.
I want to seclude myself in a room and sleep for a while.
In order to do that, I think I’ll build an attractive inn and use it to sleep for a long time.
Having said that, people won’t go out of their way to come to an empty place… This was more or less a dungeon though.
If I remodeled the dungeon into a crowd puller… yep, I should install a [Spawn Monster]-type facility.

Well, if my life span turned into two hundred years or five hundred years, or even immortal, after becoming a dungeon master, I’ll aim for that [White Labyrinth] with that time.




“Crap, I completely forgot.”

Two days have passed since the dungeon battle. I remember that I said I’d return in two or three days to that gatekeeper at Sia… W-well, nothing to do about it now. There’s no problem if I’m just a bit late.
Hmm? Do I still need to be an adventurer…? I thought about that, but having a social status and going to the town as an adventurer is convenient. The various information Haku-san gave me wasn’t enough either.

That and I don’t have enough hands to establish the inn.
By ‘enough hands’ I don’t mean manpower, I could just leave that to the golems after all.
I need [People]. [People] to serve customers.
As of right now, we have ‘one man, two little girls, a lot of golems, and a lot of rats’. Not enough personnel to serve customers.
I don’t want to do something like sit and work at a reception desk. And guests might not listen to little girls at the reception desk. Serving customers was too complicated for golems to do, and the rats definitely couldn’t.

Along with those reasons, the dungeon had a lot of odd secrets. I couldn’t employ general people due to those secrets. Then what should I do?

Buy slaves. Though it’d be necessary to look after their food, clothing, and housing, slaves were bound contract magic and wouldn’t embezzle, play hooky, or reveal secrets. Meat was proof that they could become excellent employees as long as they could be educated.

“And so, I’ll be going to town. While I’m at it I’m going to buy some slaves this time.”
“A-am I not enough!?”

W-woah, Meat was being incredibly assertive for the first time.

“Characters, even magic, I’ve memorized, I-I’ll do more, more for Goshujin-sama—!”
“No, uh, thanks. You’ve done your best. I’ve seen how hard you’ve worked.”
“Fue, y-you won’t sell me?”
“I won’t. Calm down, why are you undressing?”

I had to stop Meat, who was calming down from her light confusion, from undressing.
Listen, don’t take them off. Don’t take off those stockings. Taking those off is the signal to commence night warfare.

“I didn’t say I would sell you if you didn’t learn magic in the first place… You know about our dungeon… you can’t go back to being an ordinary person anymore anyways.”
“… Th-then I’ll be a slave until death.”

Yeah, though that’s how it is… well she looks happy so it’s ok.

“There’s a way to be a slave even after you die you know? Using the emperor class dark magic [Necromancy].”
“Yes, please do!”

Rokuko-san, please don’t say unnecessary things like that.
… Looking through the catalog for the [Scroll of Necromancy], it was 800,000,000 DP. Looong way to go.




I turned 10,000 DP into one hundred silver, putting it in the [Safe]. It was a gold’s worth, so that was enough… probably? I’ll put what’s left of the bandits’ inheritance in as well.
Even so, I took a cloth bag to cover up invoking the [Safe] skill for money… Eh? The chant would expose me? Nope, [Safe]’s chant wasn’t needed at all. Completely chant-free. Therefore, it doesn’t stand out so I can use it. Though I have no idea why it’s like that, it can’t be helped. It could have become chantless from people who didn’t want to say ‘safe safe’ every time they wanted to take their money out working hard, it was a possibility.

At any rate, there’s 80,000 DP remaining. G-gotta use it prudently.

Well, I left Rokuko house sitting and went to the town of Sia once again.
Though Rokuko was saying that she wanted to go as well, I didn’t feel like leaving the dungeon with only golems and rats. Though people probably wouldn’t come and immediately conquer the dungeon, the only people with the authority to activate Castling to evacuate the core at a critical moment are just me and Rokuko.
(Still, I’ll put the core in that small room on the other side of the riddle door that’s under construction right now)

“Oh, you’re still alive?”

Despite the gatekeeper calling out to us, we paid one copper each to enter Sia.
It seemed that adventurer schedules weren’t really counted on. It was a world without trains after all.

“For now… you should make an appearance at the guild. Silia-san’s been worried.”

… Huh? We had enough of a good impression to be worried about?



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  1. The scroll’s name is ‘Safe’ in kana, which Keima took to mean as a safe instead of the wallet that it was… probably. Note that can be the same thing in JP
  2. Word play here of ‘death/eternal sleep’ being the same word. Had to retool sentence for it to fit in English.
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