Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 343

No. 564’s Attack


Core No. 564’s Point of View

​ [… Alright, begin!]

​ A gate expanded upon Core No. 6-sama’s signal.

​ “March!”

​ Core No. 564 immediately sent out twenty skeletons, ten gargoyles, and three succubi.

​ He felt that it was overkill for that rabbit, but Core No. 666 was taking part in this battle. The gargoyles would be able to damage her with their magic while the skeletons kept her busy. The succubi would use their charm to—well, they wouldn’t work against Core No. 666, but they could just use their weapons against her instead of their charm.

​ However, there were no opponents to be found on the other side of the gate. Not even a single rabbit.

​ “Hm? What is going on… are they afraid of My Magnificent Self?”

​ However, Core No. 564 still had not left his mansion-style dungeon.

​ He was using his monitor’s view to look for enemy monsters. He had them advance while being cautious for traps.

​ “Mm, a staircase up…? Are they beyond this?”

​ He has the gargoyles advance while being vigilant for Core No. 666’s attack.

​ With that, there was an open room. It had a sky but was not outside. There was a hut inside the [Meadow] environment room—with humans.

​ “Huh? A human ranch—!?”

​ Moments later, the leading gargoyles were destroyed by the humans’ attacks.

​ Their movements were as if they were trained—no, they likely were trained. Trained for this day.

​ “Kukaka! That No. 629 brat, that rabbit set up a human ranch!? No, no, these humans are adventurers! I’ll praise him on collecting such fine specimens!”

​ However, these humans would easily fall to the succubi’s charm. With that, it would be a complete reversal as they betrayed their allies. Core No. 564 judged that his enemies did not understand this information.

​ “Now to supply more gargoyles, twenty more… no, make it forty! It won’t be any fun if the succubi make it there too soon, so go slowly! Kukuku, My Magnificent Self must show off to Great Demon King-sama. Even if I’m against a 600 series core, some highlights will be necessary… ah, how kind My Magnificent Self is.”

​ Thinking about how he would please Core No. 6 with the spectacle of these adventurers falling from a confident stance against the gargoyles to one of despair once the succubi joined the fray, a grin crept its way to his face.

​ Still, though, just where was Core No. 666?

​ “No. 564-sama, there is an intruder.”

​ “Mm?”

​ Immediately after he sent out another forty gargoyles, an intruder made its way into Core No. 564’s dungeon. He opened a monitor.

​ Core No. 666. A red-haired girl in a red dress was making her way toward the mansion through the open gate at the end of the garden. In her hand was her doppelganger magic sword.

​ “You’re coming here, No. 666? Coming to visit the garden on your own—My Magnificent Self will provide you a grand reception!”

​ Core No. 564’s subordinates, skeletons, ghosts, and other devilish existences surrounded Core No. 666. However, Aidi felled each with individual sword slashes as she mowed through them like water.

​ Using proper swordplay against them would have been sacrilege, so she treated them virtually like garbage. They may truly have been that as far as she was concerned, though.

​ “Ku ku ku, not going to talk with the small fry? Succubus Summoning Brigade, provide her with more gargoyles!”

​ Just in case, he had his Succubus Summoning Brigade use [Summon Gargoyle] to send more gargoyles at her from within his dungeon.

​ As an aside, the DP required by a mana potion was much less than what was required to summon a gargoyle, so it was much more profitable in the long term to have the succubi learn and use [Summon Gargoyle].

​ Although it took quite a number of years to recover the scrolls’ cost, this was something Core No. 564 had realized with his years of experience. It was Core No. 564’s secret information (that basically anyone could figure out with a little math) that bore this fruit.

​ However, gargoyles would not be enough to hinder Core No. 666. She’d become an assistant instructor in the Demon King Sword Style, so she was more than capable.

​ Still, the path forward from being an assistant instructor would lead her to a body that required neither breath nor replenishment. Therefore, the assistant instructor Core No. 666 could still become [Fatigued]. It was a weakness. Disposing the skeletons and gargoyles would still slowly make her feel fatigued.

​ “Kukuku. Receive My Magnificent Self’s welcome with your body and My Magnificent Self will be your opponent once you are exhausted. Don’t say it’s unfair—this is the way of the Demon King Faction’s warriors!”

​ Furthermore, true warriors in their faction would have allowed their enemies to recover before fighting, but Core No. 564 didn’t have the allowance to do that. He and Core No. 666 were both assistant instructors. The difference between them could be easily overcome, so he had to overcome that by some means.

​ —Another world’s hero might even say something like [They’re letting me recover here, so I guess that’s the boss room].

​ “No. 564-sama, the succubi will soon arrive to the humans.”

​ “Oooh, alright. That’ll be a sight!”

​ The humans were managing to repel the gargoyles. Core No. 564 exchanged his monitor to see how his succubi would turn the situation on its head.



Wataru’s Point of View

​ “Ooh, so this is one of those [Raid Events]?”

​ He’d heard about a strange dungeon where you just played around with rabbits back in the capital. Wataru was guided to that dungeon, the [Rabbit Rest Area], by a pair of female adventurers that managed it—Renyu and Strawberry.

​ Haku had even said that the dungeon seemed interesting when he decided to ask her about it, so he readily decided to go check it out.

​ And so Wataru was observing how it played out this time. To be more precise, he was keeping watch so that no one would steal.

​ “Right, Hero-sama. This is how we get attacked… but could you keep watch?”

​ “Eh, sure. Still though, who started calling it a raid event?”

​ “I think it was Strawberry that started it? Raid event… well, it really is like an attractionevent.”

​ “E-eh, did I? I don’t remember… I think I heard it from someone else?”

​ Strawberry spoke as she held a frightened rabbit. Wataru thought there was a chance it was Kehma… a month before this, he’d said something about heading out because of a job. It was possible. Very possible.

​ “Still though, this one’s a big one… Seriously, a second group of forty gargoyles appeared after that first group of skeletons and gargoyles.”

​ “I-It’s definitely influenced by the people here, maybe….?”

​ “Yeah. We’ve got Hero-sama here this time.”

​ “Eh, it’s my fault? Sorry then.”

​ “Oh, no, I-I didn’t mean that. I’m not saying that it’s your fault, Hero-sama. Just, umm, I think they were triggered by how excessively strong you are. I should be the one apologizing if it sounded like an insult. My apologies.”

​ Wataru had just meant it as a joke, but Renyu bowed in apology out of full seriousness.

​ “Haaah…”

​ Wataru let out a sigh. Then, in response to his sigh, Renyu trembled. Even though she was an adventurer—no, perhaps it was because she was such a strong adventurer? Excellent adventurers were sensitive to power gaps.

​ “Sh-Should I kiss the dirt? Undress?”

​ “No no no! You don’t have to. I don’t mind at all. See? You don’t need to worry about stuff like that, okay?”

​ “Oh, thank you for your generosity, Hero-sama…!”

​ Wataru once again realized just how different he was treated compared to how Golen treated him. That village and its village chief, Kehma, were likely just special cases, though. As he was thinking about Golen, the rabbits snuggled up against him. They were frightened by the ongoing attack, though.

​ “So, is this the end of the raid event?”

​ “No, these ones are still afraid and the Safety Zone hasn’t reappeared yet. There should still be another wave coming… will you be participating as well, Hero-sama?”

​ “Yeah, I’ll join for a bit.”

​ “Everything should go easily then! Right, Strawberry?”

​ “Eh? Oh, umm, yeah! Rather, please do!”

​ With that, Wataru walked up to the front, everyone else practically bowing out of his way. The door where the raiders entered was right in front of him.

​ He didn’t like to bulldoze things with his strength, but there was no helping it. He’d quickly put this in order and get back to loving on the rabbits. Pulling out his sword, Wataru took his stance.

​ Then, with a creak, the door opened.

​ “Oh~?”

​ From behind it, Nerune—wearing clothes that covered about as much as a micro bikini—appeared, causing Wataru’s eyes to widen in surprise. W-Was she the stripping type…!?

​ “A-A succubus! She’s an enemy!”

​ Wataru was surprised by Strawberry’s shout. There’s no reason Nerune would have been at a place like this. Based on that judgement, Wataru immediately gave himself a shallow cut on his thigh to keep a hold of his sanity. Nerune’s appearance seemed to weaken as the succubus’ original appearance returned. He recalled that he had an anti-charm magic item he’d received from Haku in his waist pouch and quickly equipped it.

Are the other adventurers alright?

​ Wataru quickly looked around.

​ “Hmph! You may look like rabbits but you all are enemies!”

​ “Bunny girls? Hahaha, real rabbits are much cuter! Try again!”

​ “G-Guoooh, that kid’s so… amazing…!”

​ “Oi, get a grip! Look closely, she’s got one of those giga racks you hate!”

​ “Gah! How could I not see those mountains!?”

​ … It was going to a questionable area, but they seemed to be roughly alright.

​ There were three methods to oppose charm without the use of magic items.

​ Charm resistance… in other words, having a strong will. Being attracted to other things more than one’s sexual desire. Blocking one’s eyes and ears to block information coming from a succubus (it was an out if one was touched).

​ Out of those, the adventurers there seemed to use go with the second—they overcame the succubi’s charm with their love for the rabbits.

​ “You all love rabbits that much…”

​ “Of course!”

​ “I spent my savings to come here.”

​ “You can’t beat the floof!”

​ By the way, Strawberry had covered her eyes with her ears and put her hands over the base of her ears. An impregnable defense only rabbit beastkin could manage…

​ “Well… I guess you’re an enemy.”

​ “Gyaan!?”

​ Wataru quickly cut down the succubus standing before him. Once he judged that it was merely a humanoid-type monster and not a human, he cut her down. As expected, heroes who’d resolved themselves were different.


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