Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 340

Core No. 564’s Preparations

(Core No. 564’s Point of View)


​ This has become quite the annoyance.

​ Why should My Magnificent Self have to wager anything on a Dungeon Battle as inconsequential as this?

​ My Magnificent Self merely went to dabble around in the empire’s domain as a member of the Demon King Faction.

​ On my way to the Imperial Capital—rather, to the human ranch that No. 89, the betrayer who was given the name Haku by Father, My Magnificent Self fell into a pit.

​ A pit in the middle of the countryside. Lo and behold, My Magnificent Self had stumbled upon Core No. 629, a rabbit-type Dungeon Core.

​ For such rabble to create a pitfall trap located so close to the Demonlands to hinder My Magnificent Self—it must be due to that betrayer and her faction.

​ What followed was simply a matter of course. I declared war.

​ Although Core No. 629 is simply too far below my station to take notice of otherwise, as he is part of that betrayer’s faction, he must be disposed of.

​ My Magnificent Self has doubts that such a gnat could possibly provide any entertainment, but nevertheless, My Magnificent Self shall deign to swat him and his dungeon aside. Be that as it may, perhaps My Magnificent Self will say a few words to that betrayer… perhaps it would be amusing to construct a dungeon of bones brought about by the betrayers hands?

​ … Speaking of which, it is nearly time for the assembly. My Magnificent Self shall allow him one final meal, although it is more than he deserves.



​ … Was thinking that a mistake? My Magnificent Self was summoned by Core No. 6-sama at the assembly.

​ It appeared that that Dungeon Core was not part of the betrayer’s faction. Was he not effectively part of it now that he had done such a thing to My Magnificent Self? Incomprehensible. Such matters are best left to be crushed and ignored.

​ When My Magnificent Self said as such, Core No. 6-sama sighed as if tired for some reason. My Magnificent Self was of the opinion that he should have taken this assembly as a chance to rest if he was so tired.

​ Core No. 6-sama told My Magnificent Self that should My Magnificent Self not prevail in this battle, My Magnificent Self would not have a future…—!?

​ Although it was surprising to be told that by Core No. 6-sama directly, the Dungeon Battle would be between My Magnificent Self, a baphomet-type 500 Series Core and a meager rabbit-type Core, and one from the 600 Series at that. There would be absolutely zero chance of My Magnificent Self not coming out of this Dungeon Battle triumphant.

​ In fact, being unable to defeat an opponent of this caliber would lead to anyone’s future coming to an end in the Demon King Faction. He had merely stated a fact.

​ However, the princess—Core No. 666, who received Core No. 6-sama’s affection—chimed in. She gave counsel to Core No.6-sama, to which Core No. 6-sama appeared to be agreeing with.

​ Upon hearing Core No. 6-sama say something along the lines of [Surely you don’t believe he won’t win?], all My Magnificent Self could do was nod.

​ … Was this an excuse for us fellow members of the Demon King Faction to polish our skills? To test the resolve of My Magnificent Self in not backing down by putting the princess on the line?

​ That was likely what Core No. 6-sama was intending.

​ However… however. Even among the Demon King Faction, the princess was a genius—no, she was a truly skilled person and a well-known disastergenius.1

​ If that princess were to lend her aid to the rabbit, the chance of My Magnificent Self succeeded would drop from 100% to around 70%… My Magnificent Self shall have to take this more seriously.

​ The future will be closed to My Magnificent Self if, in the one in a million chance, My Magnificent Self is defeated… Isn’t this Dungeon Battle only demerits!?

​ It is of no matter. My Magnificent Self will win. Even if it ends with the princess becoming an enemy—rather, because she will be my enemy, there will be no issue with making her mine afterward.

​ Hmm? Does that not make her into a reward for My Magnificent Self? My Magnificent Self could do whatever My Magnificent Self pleases with that brazen princess. There is no mistaking My Magnificent Self’s logic, as My Magnificent Self is the most excellent demon-type core of them all!

​ My Magnificent Self expects to be stopped by Core No. 6-sama after the first night, but—

​ … Hohohoh. Anything My Magnificent Self pleases? That does not sound bad. Those succubi are becoming tiresome.

​ Thinking about it like that, My Magnificent self is becoming eager for this annoying Dungeon Battle. Eager in various ways.



​ “No. 564-sama, what will you be doing for the Dungeon Battle?”

​ My Magnificent Self’s succubus asked me on the bed. This one was one My Magnificent Self had enhanced to be an adjutant and was a favored pet of sorts. She had acquired a number or irreparable wounds recently, however, and was becoming tiresome to deal with.

​ “Your opponent is effectively No. 666-sama, right?”

​ “Kukuku… yes. We can’t let down our guard. However, the rest of them are ignorant rabble. All My Magnificent Self must do is counter No. 666’s summoned skeletons with My Magnificent Self’s own… Right, perhaps you succubi could use [Charm] to have them betray each other?”

​ “Fufu, that sounds amusing. Animal-types have low intelligence, so [Charm] is often successful.”

​ Yes. Although it was another story if low-willed monsters such as spawned monsters were operated directly from behind the scenes, most demons would use [Charm].

​ As a demon, My Magnificent Self, a baphomet, ruled over [Charm]. Mere animals would prove to be little better than feathers. My Magnificent Self had no need to even view a mere rabbit-type core as an enemy.

​ “Will there be no issues with [Charm], even with No. 89-sama’s reinforcements?”

​ “… Oh, you remembered. Even My Magnificent Self had forgotten. Yes, even with the famed Core No. 695, the eternal bottom-ranker, it will end the same… It is a shame that she is not a Demon King Faction Core and will not even stand on the battlefield as one should.”

​ My Magnificent Self would have the opportunity to teach her a lesson directly if she did do so. It would have been enjoyable seeing her be unable to change from human form no matter how much My Magnificent Self tormented her… mm?

​ Did the room just grow colder? That won’t do, peak physical condition comes from a proper environment. My Magnificent Self cast [Fireball] on the fireplace to heat the room.

​ My Magnificent Self paying attention to details such as these is exactly why My Magnificent Self is such a magnificent core. My Magnificent Self was even able to realize that Core No. 6-sama was providing My Magnificent Self with a reward.

​ “… The monsters a useless human-type core would be no better than a minotaur as best.”

​ “Perhaps some goblins or orcs if there were a group of them?”

​ “Kuhahaha! What an impressive lineup!”

​ There was a chance that would be the case! If so, My Magnificent Self would be able to win even without sending out any monsters.

​ “Also, since Core No. 89-sama is helping, perhaps she would bring adventurers into it?”

​ “Hoh. Still though—”

​ “—Yes. They will make for great [Charm] targets.”

​ Humans were especially greedy animals. They were filled with self-illusions, so [Charm] easily affected them. That said, if they were all equipped with magic items that covered up their magic resistance and they had some will to them, even they could put up a modicum of a challenge.

​ However, items that provided resistances were expensive and a human’s willpower was barely a candle flame that would go out if blown on at all. None of them should be able to put up a fight.

​ In other words, regarding any of them as enemy forces were be foolish.

​ “In short, My Magnificent Self’s victory is all but assured. My Magnificent Self just needs to focus on the princes—on Core No. 666. If My Magnificent Self has a chance of losing, it will be due to her.”

​ “You are as magnificent as ever, No. 564-sama… So, shall I prepare a bed in advance for you and No. 666-sama?”

​ “Ku ku ku, My Magnificent Self has recently heard of something called Beddhism spreading among humans recently. It teaches [Don’t do today what can be done tomorrow], don’t you think that’s a good quote?”

​ “Fufu, even humans can occasionally say some good things, too.”

​ Like that, My Magnificent Self elegantly prepared for the Dungeon Battle.


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​ Furthermore, there’s also a quote saying [Let’s tidy things up today so that we can put our minds at ease to sleep].

​ Beddhism’s teaching of [Don’t do today what can be done tomorrow] is basically saying [Don’t push yourself, don’t do overtime, and just get some rest]. A very Beddhism-like teaching, right? Kehma and Core No. 564 abuse it to just sleep all day though.

  1. Genius and Disaster are phonetically the same.
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