Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 338

Extra: Meanwhile, at [Cave of Desires]


​ Rei was left in charge of the dungeon while Kehma and the others were away.

​ However, what normally would have been business as usual had turned into [a bit busy due to lack of manpower].

​ What about the various issues cropping up without Gozoh, the adventurers’ mediator, being in the village? All of them were taken care of by Village Sub-Chief Wozuma in one way or another. Rather, the festive mood following Gozoh and Kehma’s B-Rank promotion made it so that there wasn’t really anyone wanting to cause issues.

​ “…—Haah, every day’s passing by without anything happening even though Master and Rokuko, as well as Meat-senpai and Ichika-senpai aren’t here…”

​ “Isn’t that a good thing~?”

​ With her legs stretched out under the kotatsu in the employee break room, Rei laid her cheek down on the table. The other person with her was Nerune, who was enjoying some of Kinue’s green tea.

​ Even without creating its own heat, the kotatsu was great. At that time of year, the blanket alone was just right.

​ “… The adventurers are going fine… the village is great… neither the church nor the succubi are having any issues…”

​ “Isn’t that a good thing~? My research is progressing well too~”

​ “… … There not being anything wrong is a good thing, but I can’t show my ability to solve problems if there aren’t any problems to solve. What do you think, Kinue?”

​ “It would certainly make an impression if you solved any issues, but it would be better if no issues arose in the first place. Would Master not judge it that way?”

​ “Uuu, but I want to show my appeal to Master… but it’s only one or the other…! Like light and darkness…!”

​ Rei complained. In fact, Kehma valued Rei quite highly. It should have been clear from the fact that he’d given her DP to use for enhancing herself. There was also no mistaking that there being no issues was for the best.

​ … Moreover, Kehma himself definitely wouldn’t have felt like correcting any issue that might have arose.

​ “I’m back for a moment~. Everything going well?”

​ Just then, the person himself, Kehma, made an appearance. Kehma quickly gulped down some of the refreshing green tea Kinue casually offered him before handing back the empty cup.

​ “M-Master!? H-Huh, you’re back already? Isn’t it still only halfway through the schedule?”

​ “Just for a little bit. I’ll have to head to the imperial capital here soon.”

​ “Oh, okay. I guess you came back here to go there through [White Beach], then.”

​ “I was thinking about heading there directly with [Teleport] after since I learned it, yeah. I have to make a massage chair after all this is over in exchange, though… Rather, Haku-san keeps pushing Dungeon Battle stuff onto me. Gah, I don’t wanna work, I don’t wanna…”

​ Kehma appeared to have performed some trade with Haku, a far superior dungeon. Rei and Kinue felt awed despite Kehma’s ending remarks.

​ “M-Master, [Teleport], you mean…?”

​ “… Oh, yeah. The space-time magic… But I won’t teach you it. Nerune, even if you tried to use it on just a single person, you’d absolutely suffer from mana exhaustion. I mean, even I feel the strain. It’s enough that I think I’d probably die if I was limited to the amount of magical power you have right now.”

​ “U-Uguuu… No waaay~”

​ Nerune hung her head. Kehma once again turned to Rei.

​ “So, have there been any issues?”

​ “No! Nothing to report!”

​ “… Rather, Rei was just saying how she had so much free time since there’s nothing going on~”

​ “H-Hey, Nerune!? What are you saying!?”

​ “Hah.”

​ Hearing Rei and Nerune’s back and forth, Kehma laughed.

​ “That’s good, there’s nothing better than free time. I’ll keep leaving it to you, Rei.”

​ “I’ll to my best, Master!”

​ “Kinue, make sure to give Rei your support.”

​ “Certainly, Master.”

​ “And Nerune, I thought of an interesting idea for a magic tool during this trip. A convenient one.”

​ “Ooooh… another thing to research, huh~. It could take a long time to get through the stockpile, you know~?”

​ “Well, it doesn’t need to be a rush job. Let me know if you don’t think you can do it. Alright, I’ll be heading off.”

​ Saying that, Kehma left the room like a storm.

​ “Let’s keep going without any issues, Kinue!”

​ “… Rei, you seem quite fired up now. Well, I suppose that’s one of your good points.”

​ “Haah~, looks like I have a lot more to work on~…. I’ll have to train to increase my total magical power, too~. I’ll be sinking all of my salary and bonuses on mana potions~… Oookay, back to the lab~”

​ “Nerune. Would you like a sandwich for lunch? Or maybe onigiri?”

​ “Onigiri… no, a sandwich, please~. You can choose what kind~”

​ Each and every one of them felt their morale increase.

​ However, since what they had to do hadn’t changed—except for Nerune—there was nothing really for them to do with that morale.


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