Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 329

Rabbit Dungeon 1


​ “—Which is why it’ll be a shop that sells therapy through making the cuteness of rabbits its gimmick. We’re going to make a rabbit café.”

​ “Cuteness! I’m confident in that, nkyuu! I spend a lot of time on grooming!”

​ Orange took a pose as if to show off… like a kitten.

​ We just ignored him and continued.

​ “… Will it be sellin’ food?”

​ “That’d be a bit tough for rabbits to do… it doesn’t have to be a café. It can just sell time with some adorable rabbits. That’ll be enough to get DP. It’s a win-win. It might be easier to understand if I call it a [Petting Zoo]… what do you think?”

​ “Mmm, big shots’d all have pets of their own so I think they’d get the point, but adventurers’d be a bit… I mean, isn’t the first thing ya think of after ya see a rabbit its meat?”

​ Yeah, same with me. Let alone Misha, even Meat and Ichika kept looking at the rabbits hungrily. Since we first came here, even.

​ “Still though, I think it’ll work.”

​ “Hoh. Why’s that?”

​ “Just look at them.”

​ I pointed ahead of me. Rokuko and Meat were playing with the horned rabbits.

​ Young girls surrounded by fluffiness. Cute multiplied by adorable. The strongest combination.

​ Meat, who’d only been looking at them as food. Rokuko, the goblin fetishist. Both were enjoying themselves and playing with the rabbits.

​ “… Ooh… Now I’m thinkin’ it’ll work after seein’ Meat-senpai like that.”

​ “Right? But first we have to make people see rabbits as cute animals, not food. For that, we needed Strawberry-chan.”

​ “Nkyu!? Me?”

​ Suddenly hearing her name brought up, Strawberry the wererabbit perked up.

​ “I see, so yer sayin’ Strawberry’s gonna be a clerk?”

​ “Eventually. It’d be fine if she just lives normally, but first we’ll be having her register as an adventurer. After that, she’ll come with a team of adventurers to survey the newly-made rabbit dungeon and guide them in the ways of loving on rabbits.”

​ “… I see, so ya’ll be tempin’ them!”

​ In Japanese, you’d call them shills1.

​ “But how would ya get a commission put up for such a new dungeon—oh, yeah. That’s where ya’d have Misha come in.”

​ “Yep, exactly. We’ll be preparing for adventurers up to C-Rank till then. Which is why I needed to get Misha to promise her cooperation.”

​ It’s really convenient to have big shots helping out at times like this.

​ “A-Am I really enough, f-for something so important…?”

​ “… Maybe I should go with you? Actually, maybe it’d be good for there to only be one or two outsiders? Then we could set up a kind of [Let’s go to practice]—kind of feeling. That way, we can choose suitable adventurers. Ichika, Rokuko, please prepare some suitable equipment for her.”

​ “Leave it to me.”

​ Yep, Ichika’s definitely useful. It feels like she’s the person with the most common sense at our dungeon.

​ I mean, we can just throw mine and Rokuko’s common sense out the window and Meat’s isn’t much better, let alone Rei and the others’ since they’re all thinking about things from the dungeon’s point of view.

​ You’ve gotten reliable, Ichika.

​ … But for someone who fell into debt and was turned into a slave because they gambled too much to be the person with the most common sense among us…

​ Yeah, let’s stop there. I’ll lose if I think too deeply on that.

​ “Well, that’s how it is. Let’s start prepping the dungeon, Orange.”

​ “Oh, got it! Nkyuu, what should we do first?”

​ “Right—”

​ With that, we started making a new dungeon.

​ That said, what we were making was small so it went pretty quickly.




​ I had Misha put out a dungeon investigation commission.

​ [New dungeon investigation. Looking for 2 people. C-Rank and up. Reward: 50 Copper. Notes: Discoverer accompaniment]

​ With Strawberry the wererabbit as the discoverer and me taking up one of the slots, the commission was actually just asking for one person. Strawberry was a D-Rank adventurer.

​ I thought it was pretty stingy for a day’s work, but according to Misha, it was a pretty good amount that’d draw people in… [nya~].

​ And so the person to apply to this commission that was actually just asking for one person… was a—for some reason—B-Rank adventurer by the name of Tokoi.

​ It wasn’t the first time we’d met. It was an adventurer I recall meeting in the capital by chance. The guy who liked children despite his face being so severe.

​ It seemed like his reason for going to the dungeon was to, and I quote, [See if it’s safe for them youngsters so they don’t hurt themselves].

​ “Nice to meet you. I’m Tokoi.”

​ “P-pleased to meet kyuu… M-My name is Strawberry.”

​ “Nice to meet you. I’m Kehko.”

​ In order to hide my identity, I went with using [Super Transformation] to look like a so-so woman.

​ I couldn’t transform into something that didn’t exist, but I managed to transform after thinking about transforming into someone I saw in Japan. Moreover, with brown-dyed hair.

​ … Since no one would recognize her, it was the perfect disguise.

​ It’d be bad if I transformed into someone without asking and I wanted to be able to do away with any chances of coming across who I turned into. This way, I’ll just turn into another person if anyone starts having a problem with me.

​ Furthermore, Misha had also went through the preparations of making my persona be C-Rank. I can just throw this persona away when I’m done with this. Hyaha!

​ “Is this your first time surveying a new dungeon?”

​ “Sort of. You?”

​ “I’ve done it a few times. Still though, dungeons can be entirely different from what you first think of them to be. Don’t let down your guard just because you think you’re safe, you don’t know what kind of danger might wait around the next corner.”

​ Although he said that awfully gently, his scary face made it sound more like, [Oi, don’t trip up, ya rookie!]

​ Strawberry really was trembling, though. She knew that there was no danger, she’s just a great actor… wait, she’s just afraid of Tokoi’s face? Yeah~

​ Having such a nonchalant chat while riding our wagon, we made our way to [Rabbit Rest Area] (currently-self-proclaimed).


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  1. Well, English because it’s translated…!
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