Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 325

The Dungeon Battle Meeting


​ Alright, now that we’d decided where to stay, time for the Dungeon Battle meeting.

​ It was a secret, so we were summoned over to the capital’s central adventurer guild.

​ We were using me being given a nominated commission after having become a B-Rank as the reason, so it wasn’t unnatural at all for me to go there.

​ I had a duty to keep commissions confidential, so that’d also be a reason to not tell anyone about it.

​ In other words, using me accepting the commission to disguise the Dungeon Battle preparation was optimal. Everyone in my party, [The Dancing Dolls Pavilion Group (Temp Name)], entered the adventurer guild’s doors. We headed straight into the meeting room.

​ “Yo, Kehma-san! It’s been a while!”

​ And since I was summoned by the adventurer guild, that effectively meant Misha had summoned me.

​ “Yo, Misha. No sleep today for you?”

​ “I just woke up, tahahahanya~”

​ “And that’s how it should be, Misha.”

​ I gave Misha a high five and shook her hand. She and I greeted each other like we were best friends. Kindred spirits~

​ “Where’s Haku-san?”

​ “Oh, pretty sure she’s gonna be a bit~. The client’s already here though, so wanna start nyow?”

​ “… By the client, you mean the rabbit-type core?”

​ “Yeah, what about it?”

​ “Did they use humanization?”

​ “They can’t…”

​ “So what you’re saying is that they’re a rabbit?”

​ “So tasty looking nya…”

​ “No, you can’t eat my client… can it talk?”

​ “Oh, don’t worry. It’s a talking rabbit, after all~”

​ A talking rabbit, huh. Oh, but I’ve already talked with a snake, frog, and a slug, so I guess I shouldn’t sweat the details?

​ Still though, I can’t help but wonder how the rabbit was able to ask Haku-san for help.

​ “Alright, guess I’ll go get your client~”

​ Saying that, Misha left the room for a moment before returning. She was carrying an orange rabbit inside a birdcage… It was an ordinary-sized rabbit, yep.

​ As soon as the rabbit saw Rokuko, he oh-so-cutely raised his front leg to greet her.

​ “Nkyuu! If it isn’t you No. 695, Rokuko! It’s been nkuuite a while~”

​ “It has, No. 629. Why’d you come in that?”

​ “Nkyuu. Becaaause this pink cat beastkin kept coming and looking like she was gonna eat me but doesn’t when I’m in this nkyuu… oooh, the blood lust…”

​ When I glanced over to Misha, she was drooling.

​ I took the time to check out Meat and she was staring at the rabbit like she was going to hunt it.

​ As for Ichika, well… you can imagine. He was already cooked in her eyes.

​ “Come on you guys, that’s our client… don’t try to eat him.”

​ “I’m ashamed nya, but it’s instincts! I can’t suppress my appetite…!”

​ “This is the only time I’ll share an opinion with her…”

​ “I-I have to deny myself? But it’s so rare I bet it’d taste outa this world!”

​ Is this even going to be possible? We’ll have to frustrate the Demon King faction before eat him out of deliciousness.

​ “Kyuaaah… save me, Rokukooo! I don’t wanna get eaten!”

​ “Alright, everyone. Come back to your senses.”

​ Rokuko clapped her hands and everyone stopped.

​ “Phewww. Kyuu saved me, Rokuko. I thought my heart was gonna stop there nkyu.”

​ “Come to think of it, I heard rabbits could die out of loneliness. That was true?”

​ “Dying huh~, dunno about that nkyuu… So, kyuu are Rokuko’s master?”

​ The rabbit did a thing with his mouth inside the cage and turned toward me.

​ “No. 629, right? I’m Kehma. Nice to meet you.”

​ “Yeah, I heard kyuu would be coming to help from Haku… sama. I’m lookin forward to it!”

​ Looks like Core No. 629 still wasn’t used to adding -sama to Haku-san’s name.

​ Well, I guess that’s to be expected since he just fell under her umbrella. Unwillingly, at that.

​ “By the way, it’s hard to say 629 all the time, can I call you something else?”

​ “Nkyuu? I don’t mind. Give me a cool name!”

​ With that, I glanced over to Ichika.

​ “Ichika, got any good ideas?”

​ “Hm? Ya want me to decide? Right… then how ’bout Orange?”

​ This world’s oranges were also the color orange. His orange fur definitely made you think of them.

​ Giving a rabbit a food-based name feels a bit like thinking of him as emergency rations, but eh, guess it’ll be fine?

​ “So that’s why that’s what we’ll call you, you good with that?”

​ “Nkyuu. Good with me, so kyuu can call me Orange.”

​ “… …”

​ “Nn? What’s wrong?”

​ “No, it’s nothing.”

​ It looks like Ichika didn’t become his master.

​ “Now that I think about it, Orange, do you have a master?”

​ “Nkyuu? Nope.”

​ And he doesn’t have one yet… I decided to give it a shot in the small chance it worked out, but I guess there’s some other requirement I don’t know about? Guess it’s not just all about the name.

​ Well, it’s not like this is really the time to talk and find out though.

​ “… Alright, guess it’s time we start talking about the Dungeon Battle. Orange, what sort of place is your dungeon at?”

​ “Ooh, yeah. My dungeon’s in a meadow.”

​ “Hoh, a meadow. Is there anything else?”

​ “There’s rabbits and nothin’ else really~”

​ So we have a rabbit-type Dungeon Core in a meadow with nothing but rabbits… uh-huh. No, no, I won’t have the full picture until I ask for more details.

​ “Where is your Dungeon Core?”

​ “Fu fu fu…! It’s a secret, but it’s in a spot underground… kyuu, I dug up a hole to hide it from hawks wanting to attack it!”

​ “What sort of non-rabbit monsters can you summon? Any traps?”

​ I decided to just exchange information about simple stuff like that until Haku-san arrives.

​ “… So you only have rabbits?”

​ “Nkyuu, I’m going with the strategy of surrounding people that trip and ganging up on them! Even if a single strike’s weak, we can beat ’em up till they die! With that, we can win!”

​ “I understand what you’re saying, but you can’t rely on that for Dungeon Battles.”

​ … I think I understand why Haku-san was saying [Frustrate Them] and not [Win].

​ At any rate, Orange’s [Rabbit Paradise] was a simple dungeon with an above-ground meadow and a single underground floor—simple enough to bring [Ordinary Cave] to mind.


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