Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 323

Haku-san’s Request


​ After the tea party, the situation naturally followed into talking about that [Request].

​ Rokuko was present as well… that is, she was sitting on Haku-san’s lap.

​ And probably because of that—no, definitely because of that—Haku-san was smiling pretty widely.

​ … Well, Haku-san started looking a bit sullen after Rokuko hugged me right in front of her, so she was sitting on her lap to cheer her up.

​ But eh, what’s important right now is that request thing. It’ll definitely be something annoying.

​ “So, Ane-sama. What did you want to ask?”

​ “My request is, well, concerning a Dungeon Battle.”

​ See? Called it. And a Dungeon Battle at that… super annoying.

​ “… Ummm. You want to have a battle with us again, Haku-san?”

​ “Eh, we’re going to fight against Haku Ane-sama again? If you want revenge, weKehma accept your challenge!”

​ “Oh, that’s not what I mean. I don’t want to fight you, Rokuko-chan. To be more exact, it’s more that you won’t need to do anything at all this time, Rokuko-chan.”

​ Haku-san lovingly stroked her hand through Rokuko’s hair.

​ “I would like to ask for Kehma-san’s assistance… as an adviser—no, I suppose producer would be more correct.”

​ “Producer?”

​ Upon hearing a word that hadn’t come from this world, I parroted the word back out of reflex.1

​ To be honest, I didn’t exactly know what work that entailed. At the very least, it didn’t feel like the kind of job that was just tapping some terminal at predetermined times.

​ “A dungeon was recently found in the grasslands between this empire and the Demonlands… I first thought nothing about it, but it turned out to be a 600 seriesNewest Lot dungeon.”

​ “600 series, so they’re the same lot as me.”

​ “And?”

​ “Well, the dungeon’s core asked us for aid. To save it from someone from the Demonlands from killing it, that is.”

​ “… Eh? Asked you?”

​ I spoke, not realizing what I said until it was too late.

​ “Is there some issue with them asking me?”

​ “Umm, I mean, [Flame Cavern]’s core called you a traitor, so…”

​ “Oh, that, yes. Somehow or other, it appears that the dungeon was judged to have entered my faction by this Demonlands hooligan and has already been challenged to a Dungeon Battle.”

​ The Demonlands, huh? Speaking of Demonlands cores, the only one that came to mind was Core No. 666, Aidi.

​ She self-proclaimed herself as Rokuko’s rival (but actually best friend) though.

​ “Come to think of it, Aidi always talked about duel this duel that. I wonder if all Demonlands cores are like that?”

​ Rokuko tilted her head to the side.

​ “Right? They are all barbarians that would sooner fight than greet someone. So although the loser won’t lose their lives, there will be a rule for absolute obedience to the winner.”

​ So greeting someone turns into a battle to be a slave or not? The f*ck.

​ “… Umm, does that mean the core who asked for help wasn’t already in your faction, Ane-sama?”

​ “They should have been in the Beast King’s faction since they’re a beast-type core, but it seems as though they haven’t been able to contact them at all… And even though they contacted me, I can’t help since it’s in such a bad location for me.”

​ Oooh, well it is hard to get in contact with people here…

​ On top of that, it being directly between the Demonlands and this empire was beyond bad. If the Beast King faction took part in it, it could easily devolve into war.

​ “Which is why I am requesting for you to please help me with this.”

​ “Is there a possibility that they will double-cross us for the Demonlands?”

​ “There is the possibility of them being a spy! Who for though?”

​ “They aren’t. I know that they aren’t lying. They have a saying in that country: [Be weak and die. Or maybe die].”

​ … Isn’t that a pretty messed up saying? But actually, I guess it just means you either improve yourself to live another day or definitely die right then. Still though, you dying in the end is definite…

​ Moreover, the Demonlands has an annual tournament where their cores demonstrate their own might or something. If they expose themselves as being unfit… I guess they’d be treated as you might think?

​ “By the way, this core is a rabbit type. You could even say they have no strength at all.”

​ “… So it’s unlikely they belong to the Demonlands, then.”

​ A rabbit in that country of demons would straight up be food for the slaughter.

​ “Well, it doesn’t matter much to my empire even if that core dies. It wasn’t something I cared much about to start with, so I won’t lose anything. Nothing would change for me.”

​ “… Then why are you talking about having us help?”

​ “If it’s you, Kehma-san, I feel like you could frustrate those Demonlands guys to an amusing point. Even if you don’t win, you might bring the big picture to a draw. I believe you could produce an interesting conclusion from this situation.”

​ Oh. I see. So that’s why I’m a producer rather than an advisor?

​ … It could just be Translation Function-san having some fun though.

​ “Rabbit-type… Ane-sama, could it perhaps be No. 629?”

​ “It is. Oh, if they teased you, we can drop this whole matter. Maybe Kehma-san could put an end to them?”

​ “Oh, no, actually… No. 629 talked with me normally.”

​ “Let’s help them, then. For that, I’ll leave it to you, Kehma-san.”

​ It looked like the core was on good terms with Rokuko. No. 629, you just saved yourself.

​ “… So, the reward?”

​ “I’ve already paid you in advance. I gave you permission to hug Rokuko-chan.”

​ “Oh—yes.”

​ “I will revoke the permission if you lose.”

​ “Kehma, do your best! I’ll help!”

​ Haku-san grinned.

​ “… By the way, I was wanting to return to my dungeon first, would I have time to make it there after that though? It took a few days just getting here…”

​ “That won’t be an issue. You’ll be able to return to [Cave of Desires] instantly after first going to [White Beach]. I will simply tell Wataru and them that I sent you all back through my [Teleport].”

​ Oh, I guess that works? I forgot that that was my original plan.

​ By the way, since [Teleport] takes magical power proportional to the number of people sent and the total distance, even Haku-san would have to take a day or two of rest if she sent us all the way from here to [Cave of Desires] through [Teleport].

​ Which is why the magical power needed to send us straight to [Cave of Desires] would be a bit much, but sending us to [White Beach] wasn’t a problem. Actually, that’s where we were send for our previous Dungeon Battle.

​ “Actually, perhaps we could take this chance for you to learn [Teleport] as well, Kehma-san? I wouldn’t mind trading you a [Teleport] scroll for three massage chairs.”

​ Oooh, that’s quite a bargain. It’s normally a few dozen million DP to purchase a [Teleport] scroll, so getting one with three massage chairs is a steal!

​ “That would be great… wait, come to think of it, Haku-san, you use [Teleport] by yourself, but didn’t you say something about that being a magic skill meant to be used by a group of casters?”

​ “You should be able to manage it, Kehma-san. As a hero, your magical power capacity is nothing to trifle with. At the very least, I can guarantee you should be able to take one other person with you to something around as far away as [White Beach] is from the capital.”

​ I got a guarantee from Haku-san… still though, isn’t she doing this to make it so she’ll be able to make it easier for Rokuko to come here to the capital?

​ Also, if my supposed crazy magical power capacity is only enough to make it that far, just how much does Haku-san have?

​ “Ane-sama, what about me?”

​ “You, well… mm, that’s still a bit doubtful. Maybe in another century? But at your current growth, perhaps in the next decade… no, maybe even in the next several years?”

​ It’s a bit of a hasty generalization on my part, but she was basically saying that one’s magical power limit increased for as long as one lived. So that’s why everyone in Haku-san’s party could use [Teleport]… (except Misha)

​ “… Alright! Kehma! Let’s learn [Teleport] and go on a date in the capital!”

​ “Eh—… gu, kuh….! … Rokuko-chan, how about going on a date with me? How does that sound?”

​ “Of course, Ane-sama. I want to go on a date with you too!”

​ “Rokuko-chan…!”

​ Yep, Rokuko really was leading her around by the nose. Not purposefully though. Haku-san’s face kept switching from one emotion to the other, but I’d never point that out.


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  1. She spoke that word as the English->Japanese borrowed word.
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