Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 317

The Blacksmithing Town of Corky (4)


​ I had him make a mithril holy symbol and a mithril knife for Meat, along with performing maintenance on our equipment. I also got one of the mithril carving knives that was hanging out in the store area for Ichika. Everything was free.

​ As for the staff I was wanting just to show off, I would have had to go to a magic tools shop since his was on reserve. Well, I didn’t really need it in the first place. I gave him mithril ingots for the materials. They were a glittering silver and around thick enough that they filled your hand.

​ He had crossbows there as well, but the crossbow golem Rokuko was using had better performance. It was a self-winding magic crossbow, after all. I was still working out how to make the material for the bow portion though.

​ “Maaan, thanks to Goshujin-sama my knife’s amazin’ now, Deheheh~”

​ Looks like mithril’s a pretty luxurious material. Well, flame dragon scales weren’t exactly anything to scoff at either, so he still probably came out ahead on the trade. I don’t know how much, though.

​ I’ll have to turn the mithril knife and mithril carving knife into magic sword golems after this. Maybe even tinker around with their internal structures a bit… don’t know if there’s any room for me to fiddle about in though. It should be weak to ballistic impacts in that case, but let’s just call this the base version and get a feel for the material as-is.

​ When I took the chance to ask if he could do something for Beddhism’s holy symbol, he answered saying—and I quote—[I’m part o’ that Beddhism religion and I’m goin’ do meh part too.]. So yeah. Good Night.

​ “… Come to think of it, isn’t this trip the first time you’ve went to spread Beddhism?”

​ “Yeah, I haven’t really felt like doing it. I don’t even feel like doing it now, either.”

​ “That’s true, too.”

​ Not doing things directly with how this world’s religions put so much importance on profit is a serious failing. I’m not even doing anything with how Beddhism spread all the way here on its own.

​ … Maybe I should start selling mail-order futons?

​ After we finished looking around the smithy, we decided to look around just to see what there was to see.

​ Still though, there were a lot of smithies other than Kantra’s family’s.

​ “Wouldn’t you think they’d run out of customers with so many of them here?”

​ “Well, there’s a ton ‘a orders comin’ in from other places too, along with equipment for soldiers, adventurers, and one-off use items, so I don’t think they’re oversupplyin’.”

​ So that’s how it was, huh.

​ We saw other, non-blacksmith shops as we walked. Most of them were taverns, but we saw a few alchemic ateliers and jewelry shops.

​ “Hey, Kehma. Isn’t that an alchemic atelier? Let’s check it out!”

​ “Hmm? Does it sell magic tools or something…? Wait, it looks like the kind of shop witches would hang out in.”

​ Led forward by Rokuko, I walked into the dubious-feeling shop.

​ The walls were covered with black cloths like some fortuneteller’s shop… or maybe it just felt like darkness-type magic?

​ Everything was placed on the tables with the same noncommittal feeling—like they were neglected.

​ … The storefront was open, so they should be open? Shouldn’t they at least have things in chests or boxes or something…? And maybe they could take it another step and actually put price tags on things.

​ “Welcome. Make sure to look around.”

​ A shopkeeper in black robes spoke… Rokuko, isn’t this more of a black magic shop than an alchemy one…?

​ “Hey, what’s this?”

​ “Oh, that is our love potion… It is quite effective, and only one gold coin to purchase!”

​ “Hmm. Well, I don’t need it. Right Kehma?”

​ Ah, yeah. Yep.

​ “And this?”

​ “That… is a magic tool, it’s effect is… umm…? I think I made that one…? Oh yeah, that one is fifty silver coins.”

​ You’d want us to pay for something with an effect we don’t know? That’s like five hundred thousand yen!

​ Alchemic goods are pretty expensive… huh? Is that a pillow?

​ “Shopkeep, is this a pillow?”

​ “Oh, yeah. That is a pillow. Two silver coins.”

​ “… Does it have some special effect?”

​ “Do you know of Beddhism? It’s some religion that seeks to protect peace of mind, that pillow was blessed by its founder at its main shrine. It should make it easier to sleep on.”

​ … … … Uh-huh.

​ “Could you run that by me again?”

​ “It’s a pillow blessed by the founder of Beddhism, it’ll make it easier to sleep.”

​ Founder… so… me? There aren’t any others.

​ I don’t recall ever blessing a pillow though… maybe a merchant took one out after mass?

​ “It’s really effective though. I tried it out as an experiment and it cured my insomnia.”

​ “Heeh, it did?”

​ “It did! There was even an aristocrat that favored it. But I’ll part with it for just two silver if you buy it now.”

​ It just looks like a normal cotton pillow to me, but I guess it makes sense if it’s a pillow that some aristocrat used?

​ “I’ll even throw in some Beddhist holy water as an extra.”

​ “What? Beddhism… holy water?”

​ “If you take two or three drops before you go to sleep, it will help you sleep soundly until the following morning. All you need to do is mix the drops in with a cup of water.”

​ Saying that, the shopkeep took out some very transparent violet-blue liquid in a potion bottle. Hoh, so this is Beddhist holy water…

​ “Hey. Rokuko. Were we selling holy water? Like some sleep medicine?”

​ “We are, but it’s not this color. Ours is a relaxing herbal tea.”

​ “Ichika, what should a follower of Beddhism do at times like these?”

​ “Of Beddhism…? Goshujin-sama, ya should do what ya want, right? It’s yer religion after all.”

​ As a result of my secret back and forth the the two of them, it was decided that I’d do whatever I wanted.

​ —But wait, we’re selling holy water? Since when? … Eh, whatever.

​ Alright, let’s talk with this shopkeep. I need to hear more.

​ I put a lie detection magic tool on the counter and replenished it with a new magic stone.

​ “Excuse me, shopkeep? I’d like to ask you a few questions. Where did that Beddhist pillow and holy water come from?”

​ “I don’t know for either, I came to have them from a merchant.”

​ It glowed red. That was a lie.

​ “Hm? What’s this, a lamp magic tool? Do you want to sell it?”

​ “You don’t know? This here’s a lie detection magic tool. I suppose it’s not weird that you don’t know of them, owning one requires the Empress’ permission, after all. I have permission though.”

​ Alright, time to replenish the magic stone. The cost performance ratio of this at one stone per lie detected sucks.

​ “… Umm, esteemed guest, what’s going on? Do you have a complaint about our products?”

​ “I do. Because I am the founder of Beddhism.”

​ “Eeeh!? But you’re so young!? Ahahaha, good joke… … eh, seriously?”

​ Upon seeing how the magic tool wasn’t glowing, the shopkeep swallowed deeply. It shining read at his own lie earlier meant that what I said was the truth.

​ “No matter how tolerant Beddhism is, I don’t think it’s right for you to arbitrarily use its name for weird drugs…”

​ “N-No, that guy’s the person who said that. I didn’t know.”

​ Oh, red light. Which means someone did bring it. And that that person was no merchant. I see.

​ “Shopkeep, I am willing to say I recognize this holy water and this pillow. If they truly work and that there aren’t any ill side effects, of course.”

​ “R-Really!?”

​ “I’ll even bless the pillow if you want.”

​ “O-Oooh…!”

​ “However, you need to tell me about who brought these to you. What kind of person? When?”

​ “O-Okay! Umm, I got it from a wandering alchemist, around three days ago. I think they’re still in Corky, they said they’d bring more.”

​ It was easy to get him talking. Meanwhile, the magic tool didn’t light up even once.

​ “What does the alchemist look like?”

​ “Right! She kind of looks like, well, she was a woman, same colored hair as you, Founder-sama! With red eyes!”

​ Woman. Black hair. Red eyes.

​ I only knew of one person who could fit that description.


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