Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 31

Dungeon Battle, Onset of War


With that, three days after we decided to have a dungeon battle, came the day for war.

“… W-we somehow made it in time…”
“No, we weren’t able to actually do it, but… we used so much DP in one go…”
“We didn’t put together our war strength huh…”

We stocked up on a lot of stuff. Not just defense, but also for offense.
At any rate, my aim’s set on the opponent’s dungeon core… well, I made sure to use the DP properly. I was being economical but still spent somewhere around 80,000. However, they were necessary expenses.
I already miss the times when I was troubled over 100 DP and 200 DP things…

“I mean, Kehma… that pillow, what is it?”
“Eh? This? It’s the [Heavenly Pillow (10,000 DP)], what about it?”

10,000 DP of the 80,000 DP was used on this.
No, this wasn’t a waste you know? Isn’t it essential to take an efficient rest to work optimally? Therefore, this [Heavenly Pillow] was a necessary expense.

“… What do I get? We still have DP left over right?”
“For now, although the left over DP is to deal with what happens… how about summoning 10,000 DP worth of goblins?”
“Why goblins!? I don’t like them that much you know!”
“Then after the battle’s over, Rokuko can use 10,000 DP however she wants. Be it gachapon, goblins, or dragons, or goblins… or goblins.”

At any rate, through the major renovations, we serviced the majority of the cave that was bare rock and ground. It already couldn’t be called an [Ordinary Cave] anymore, it was an imposing dungeon. I should think of a new name… eh, I won’t do it so soon now that I feel like it.

“Meat also did a good job.”
“…. Hahi…”

I patted the completely exhausted her. Though she seemed tired, her doggy tail was wagging back and forth.
It seems like we could make it. I can’t remember just how many golems I made in these past three days… I even made golems that weren’t hybrids. Yep. Rokuko even said something impolite like, ‘Eh— you’re making normal ones too?’ Well, that’s because ordinary golems were golems that became our labor force. They were mixes of stone and clay though. Dividing it up would have been troublesome so I just used it without bothering. It looked like a clay golem though I guess?




“How were the preparations? Chloe.”
“Everything went smoothly.”

The imperial capital’s [White Labyrinth]’s derivation dungeon, [White Trial]. The dungeon suddenly appeared slightly away from the outskirts of the Imperial Capital. Of course, this is Dungeon Core No. 89’s… Haku’s dungeon arranged for this time’s dungeon battle. Of course, it was named by Haku herself. She decided to register it using that name at the adventurer guild once the dungeon battle finished.

This dungeon made with more than 50,000 DP had five floors in all. Minotaurs wandered, spears popped out from the floors and walls, and arrow traps were planted all over. Furthermore, lizardmen would patrol around.
And, amongst the monsters, here and there were a few armed with magic weapons around 10,000 DP each… right, several.

“Incidentally, Chloe. It feels as though my weapon stockpile has diminished?”
“Perhaps they were withdrawn by the 17th Knight Division the other day? We should punish them severely.”
“Ah, it can’t be helped then. Though I feel like I remembered something like a Minotaur axe, it surely should be something else.”
“Axes are often like that.”
“… Oh my, it seems that Lizardmen came in.”
“This area was originally a Lizardmen rookery.”
“But didn’t those primitives have nothing to do with us when we came here?”
“There’s nothing to do about it since they came in on their own.”

… Obviously, she was concealing that the 50,000 DP didn’t cover everything.
Of course since she didn’t use DP for them, there was no problem with the rules. As for the 17th Knight Division that had their crimes increased… let’s pray for their happiness in the next world.

Even though it was newly made, this [White Labyrinth] would be hard for new adventurers to return alive from. Even C-Rank adventurer parties, known as middle class ones, would find it difficult to clear.
Even B-Ranks would have to call it difficult due to the mass of monsters eagerly awaiting the start of the battle at the entrance.

For their offense, she had prepared fifteen minotaurs (3,000 DP), fifty lizardmen (200 DP), and one hundred goblins (20 DP).
Haku deliberately chose them, they were DP-efficient monsters.
She at least had a minimal conscience. None of their offense were equipped with magic weapons.

“So then, how about we begin soon? Chloe, give the signal.”
“Yes, as Ojou-sama commands.”

Opening the menu, she signaled the [Ordinary Cave].
She was used to doing heavy expenditures like this.

“No. 695-chan, can you hear me?”
[Ane-sama! Yes, I can hear you! Please treat me well today—]

A cute voice was transmitted through the menu. A smile peeked through onto Haku’s face.
To this child… she would be attacking relentlessly after this… it was hard.
However, she would take care to not overdo it and be hated. Haku was thinking about that.

“Fufu, I wonder if your preparations are complete?”
[Any time is fine!]

“Then… we’re coming. Dungeon battle, start!”

Haku’s words signaled for the curtain of the battle to rise.




A Gate appeared at the dungeon entrance when it began.
Golems prepared by the [Ordinary Cave] crowded at the opponent’s gate, which was plenty wide enough for even a group of knights to pass through.

“I see, golems… he chose high-efficiency monsters for the vanguard, then. It certainly is cheap to prepare quite the number of clay golems.”

Golems had the characteristic of being able to move as much as they need inside of dungeons, which were filled with mana, so their maintenance costs were excellent. However, their reaction time for attacking and defensing was slow and they weren’t fast at all.

“Have the Lizardmen attack.”
“Lizardmen, charge!”

Both armies rushed the gates. Haku, who had judged that the golems would just smash the goblins she had summoned, had the lizardmen lead the assault. The goblins’ turn would come after the dungeon capture started as scouts. It wasn’t time to meet a loss.

Leaping through the gate, the Lizardmen slashed the golems. Though some were crushed underfoot against the ground, due to their superior speed, the majority were able to turn it into a one-sided battle… meanwhile, the [White Trial] was being invaded.

“The enemy has invaded!”

The Lamia reported enemy forces on the map. This person was also one of Haku’s retainers. This day, five of Haku’s retainers were in the Core Room, Chloe included. The living armor was in charge of giving directions to the lizardmen’s assault just a moment before.

Though their introductions were delayed, the [White Trial]’s lineup for the dungeon battle was as follows.
Amelia the lamia, in charge of defense.
Dolche the wraith, in charge of reporting damages.
Sally the living armor, in charge of offensive combat force.
Misha the werecat, in charge of offensive scout force.
Then Chloe the succubus, general assistant to Haku.
Haku would make overall judgement calls and supervise.

“Number of intruders… approximately two hundred!?”

Her retainers shuddered from Dolche’s report.

“You’re kidding right!? There’s no way there’s that many! You can even see there isn’t that many…—”
“It’s not that! The enemies, they aren’t golems! … They are rats!”

Surprised, Haku reflexively raised her voice.
Apparently, the invading golems were burdened with boxes filled with rats. Of course, there was a hostile reaction to each of them, so they were specially summoned and put under control. Unquestionably, the rats were enemies. If even one reached the dungeon core…. the dummy core for the [White Trial]’s side, it would be defeat.
The [Ordinary Cave]’s golems opened the boxes that burdened them, allowing the rats to overflow out.

“Quickly, exterminate them!”
“It’s no use, the minotaurs can’t deal with them since they’re so small!”
“Send half of the goblins to exterminate the rats! It’ll be bad if we leave this alone!”
“They’ve broken through the first floor! The enemy is invading the second floor… e-enemy total… around five hundred!”
“The traps!?”
“They’re no good, they’re too small and aren’t getting hit! The amount being hit by the arrows is like shooting fireballs at a lake!”
“Direct the Lizardmen in the dungeon! Exterminate the rats! Exterminate the raaats!”

Her retainers rapidly became hurried.
Haku, on the other hand, regained her composure.

“I think… the rats are used to scout.”
“Eh, that’s… it’s just a matter of time until they’ll finish. Excuse me, they’ve arrived at the straight leading to the first floor’s staircase.”
“It’s fine Chloe. This was honestly unexpected, I wonder what’s next? This is the first time it’s been this hard… ah, Amelia, install some flame traps in the third floor’s passages, they should gain us some time.”
“Ah, thank you!”

If the floor was different from the one the invaders were on, traps could be set up. The trap was a bit expensive, but it couldn’t be helped.
But it calmed Haku.
Though rats were certainly excellent as scouts, they couldn’t clear.
Since the boss room was set up in front of the core room, the core room couldn’t be reached without defeating the red minotaur, which was the boss.

“The golems seem to have been settled with. Our invasion can continue.”
“Yeah. The faster we get to their core, the sooner I can see No. 695-chan…”




“Oooh, niiice.”

Watching them steadily move through the constructions before me on the map, I muttered while moved.

“Hey, they’re filling the map with an amazing force… but why are their troops going so far that way? Is there some advantage for No. 89 Ane-sama?”
“You could say that. Though I don’t think a win is possible with this.”

As expected, the enemy dungeon’s map won’t appear in the dungeon battle.
That was natural, since making a maze would have no point if they could see the map of the place from the start. If they knew where the dungeon core was, it would’ve been boring.
Though on the defending side, the map was displayed as usual with the enemies indicated to see how the invasion was going.

“Goshujin-sama, the advance party golem corps, all fifty. Annihilated.”
“Yeah, right on schedule.”

By the way, that group of golems were almost entirely clay golems created with [Create Golem]. Summoned golems were placed at the vanguard, a gift of being economical. It could also be called using scraps. Very economical. Above all, being cheap with DP was good. Though I used magic stones so they wouldn’t suspect anything, it was still a tenth of the normal cost.
Moreover, their broken bodies could be recycled by collecting them if they were in the dungeon. Likewise, their magic stones weren’t destroyed.

“So then, next is the pitfall traps that Meat dug. I wonder what’ll happen?”

I gently brushed Meat’s head, watching the battle progress.



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