Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 3

Figuring out the Situation


“Fuwaah, that was a good sleep… is hard to say. Ugh, my body hurts.”

When I woke up and stood, my shoulders popped loudly.
Though the floor wasn’t cold and was slightly warm, it was hard and dimly emitted light. Not a good place to sleep in.

“Gu—, f-finally you woke up Kehma!”
“Oh Rokuko, how long was I asleep?”
“You don’t know!? Six hours! Aah I can talk again.”

Though I don’t know if time flows the same, but it seems that I slept for six hours for now.
The 4 DP that I saw before falling asleep became 34 DP.
… What’s the timetable for the bandit’s DP? I should probably give up on calculating the exact income based on their strength.

“What time is it outside?”
“Seven in the morning! By the way, one day is twenty-four hours! Wait, why am I answering you!”
“I see, thanks. Say ‘nya’ at the end of your sentences.”
“Stop joking nya!”

One day is twenty-four hours. By the way, it seems that one year is twelve months, three hundred sixty-five days in total. It’s good that it’s the same so it’s easy to remember.
Though I checked to make sure, I heard that what I can order the body to do on its own depends on my level.
Despite this being another world, since little girl does whatever I say if I were a lolicon there would be R-18 developments about right now.
I canceled the order for her to add stuff to the end of her sentences and for now reviewed the current situation once again.

“What’s the state of the bandits?”
“They got up and left a bit ago. One person is staying here right now.
“Well then, I’ll just summon a goblin then. Summon! 20 DP Goblin!”

A glowing magic formation appeared on the floor.
The magic formation’s light grew stronger and the moment it flashed a small person with an ugly green face appeared.
I wonder if it felt like this when I was summoned? Probably.

“It’s not alright!”

I hit Rokuko’s head with a thump.

“W-what was that for! The endurance value doesn’t lower! I’ll break!”
“What are you using DP for on your own, idiot!”
“Hah? What’s wrong with me using my DP?”

Ah, so this person is an idiot.

“It’s not your DP anymore, it’s my DP. If you want to use it you need my permission, if you don’t want to die that is.”
“W-what, is that a threat!? If I die, Kehma also dies!”
“That’s right, if the dungeon core is destroyed I die as well. That’s why I said to not do things at your own convenience!”
“Ugu—… th-then, what now?”
“For now, teach me about the area around here… And can this goblin be returned?”
“It can’t. Well, it’ll give 2 DP if it’s killed in the dungeon though.”
“One tenth huh… I got it, let’s keep it for now.”

First of all, I decided to give the goblin the order to wait in the corner of the room for now.
… Rather, this room is pretty big. Couldn’t it fit something about the size of a gymnasium in it?
No, if you consider that you can summon a dragon isn’t that much natural?

“Well, let’s see, first of all this place is called the [Tsuia Mountain]… Incidentally, this dungeon is called the [Ordinary Cave]! Adventurers said so.”

Is this place even considered a dungeon. Oi.
Thinking about it, this seems to be the dungeon for a name like that. It’s misleading.
Well, apart with the room lines with bricks, it does look like an ordinary cave…

“You said something about adventurers?”
“It seems the humans made something called an adventurer guild. Though I don’t know how they’re different from knights, I don’t know.”

There appeared to be knights as well. As for the difference, isn’t it just between being an individual and being part of a peace keeping group?
… If Rokuko only knows that general of information from hearing about it, don’t I know more about it?

“Are there human towns nearby? If there’s a map show it to me.”
“You can see it on the menu.”

I looked at the menu to check.
It seems that there is a nearby road going down the mountain. Perhaps the bandits’ aim is that?
When I fiddled with the scaling, topography information for the mountain appeared… However, at most I was able to understand the surroundings of the mountain. There’s a slightly large town nearby the Tsuia Mountain, and some distance beyond the mountain a sea.
Ah, so it seems in addition to the town there’s a few villages sprinkled about.
… By the way, this map felt very lackadaisical. No, more precisely I wished it provided distances. Well, it’s fine. It seems to be a map of the nearby area.

“Hey~, not going to kill the bandits? It’ll be a ton of DP if you kill them you know? I feel that if you do it now, let’s see~, wouldn’t 200 DP come in?”

That would be approximately like them staying twenty four hours for ten days, I’m told.

“No, I still can’t handle the bandits yet.”
“Why? If it’s just one bandit… about ten goblins should be fine?”
“To gain 200 DP I’d have to invest 200 DP huh… in the first place aren’t you doubting that’s enough DP?”

I mean, goblins look weak. Ten for a single bandit?

“I’ll store up DP for a while. It would be a waste, there are better uses for it. Right now it would be better to not move clumsily and provoke them… Clumsily sending out goblins, wouldn’t they say [A goblin came out, let’s destroy the dungeon core!] ?”
“…! I didn’t think of that, Kehma is smart!”
“Rokuko is just stupid. So long as you understand what I say, it’s fine.”
“O-okay. Got it.”

Now then, with this she won’t do anything on her own. Since I ordered her.

“… Let’s see, next is the labyrinth? Making a room is… though it depends on the size, if it’s a small rock-faced room it’s 200 DP huh. Passages depend on the length, and traps are separate?”
“Yes! It’s better to summon monsters than to make rooms. That’s why I didn’t do it.”
“You can also obtain and place treasures with DP huh… ah, that’s why the pillow was in the treasure category.”
“That’s right, but is there any reason to place them? I would rather summon a monster to beat away intruders than use DP for something like tha-… wait, what’s with those eyes? They’re unpleasant.”

Oops, I gave this person making an idiot of herself a disapproving gaze.

“Yeah, well speaking of dungeons, rather than monsters you’d picture the image of traps and treasures.”
“Is that so? The other cores didn’t say anything like that you know?”
“… Now that you mention it, Rokuko said she was Dungeon Core No. 695. Are there 694 others?”
“I think the number decreased from lots of them dying from their cores being destroyed… the dungeon core is our heart.”
“It’s amazingly risky to leave your heart in nothing but a single room dungeon.”
“After all, the other cores said the amount of rooms didn’t matter!”

“Fufun,” the blonde-haired loli boastfully threw out her chest that she didn’t have. That flat chest… maybe I should pat it?

“You’re able to contact other cores?”
“Well, there’s a gathering. Though I wasn’t able to be there this time because of the intruders… we’re called together once a year… well, it’s like a party. A place to gather valuable info.”
“Heeh, so because of that you heard those things?”
“Yeah, Dungeon Core No. 89 Nee-sama said them. Since 89th Nee-sama is an amazing person with a dungeon in the middle of the imperial capital despite being a humanoid like me! Her number is two digits, her DP ranking is in the top ten, and always cares for me.”

Isn’t she just cheating this girl?

“Come to think of it, 89th Ane-sama got a dragon from 1000 DP gachapon.”
“That so~. Rather, I’m more interested in her being in the imperial capital or ranking though. For now we need deal with our current crisis somehow though.”
“That’s right. We can’t do—”

“Guuu,” a sound rang out.
… Now that I think about it, I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday.

“Duck, or rice… do you have food?”
“Eh? Ah, I see. Monsters eat huh~. I forgot since I don’t need to eat to live.”

By the way, it seems that whenever a monster came she would always use all the DP she’d stocked up to summon goblins. Once or twice a month, adventurers would come to exterminate the goblins, mincing up their corpses and heading back.
And I seem to be treated the same as a monster. How rude.
I used 5 DP to summon bread and water, dividing it a bit with the goblin that was behaving itself in the corner of the room, then ate peacefully.


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